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  1. Wow, they came out with a cool phone too.





    ^Can somebody translate that?


    Upside down doesn’t work-A display with a clock is installed in the upper part of the flip lid. The numbers rotate 90° depending on the angle the phone is turned.
  2. :drool: I can't believe I can use that.

    It looks awesome. :dribble:


    English Lower-case





    Holy shit that is so awesome. The game thing is unbelievable. No more having to continuisly look at the manual. And that photoshop thing is pretty tight to, this is like revolutionary.

  3. We refuse to accept you into the a.r.r.. Genocide has said no many times.

    So please stop wasting our time.

    (im in a bad mood today*

    Shut up, hes asking how he can improve.

    First of all, I think its awesome that you want to improve. But you need to start typing correctly. This is a message board, there is no rush to how fast you need to type. So type with correct spelling and punctuation, that was the main problem I see, I dont' know about your posts, but I'm too lazy to look.

    Welcome aboard D. :gappy:

  4. You just did the exact same thing in the other forum... :mellow:

    I figured that the Invision Power Board creators added in the option to put your messenger username(s) for all to see was so that topics like these were not needed to be made. And it is much easier to search a member than to search through a topic like this.

    And the funny thing is that you filled out the option to show your messenger username(s).

  5. ::waits for one of Geno's many bitchs to come in and over-exagerate::

    Their nice, the template is awesome. And they are all yours because their so aggresive and such.

    And the text in my sig is frolicking awesome, what font is it?

    SPEED!!! :w00t:

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