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  1. 180,738 scanned files

    48 Infected Objects

    9 Adware.

    Thank you Thomas your advice really help me allot you are the best!

    ***** r8ing!

  2. I was dared to say this via PM.

    Hey,hey,hey... Smoke weed every day. lmao

  3. When did you become mod?


  4. ? What do you mean?

  5. ... oh and nice fireplace dude ^^

  6. ...even if I throw those GTA Missions in your face? I promise you that they're coming soon. Im getting the things together. I try to be less annoying. :/

  7. 'Sup dude, was you looking for me?

  8. 'Sup Urban! I'm getting a Elite next month (depends on my progress report)! So I've been in GameStop and bought myself a 12 month paid subscription.

  9. "I've decided to get breast implants!"

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    2. EvoLuTioN


      Husky used to have a pizza fetish, or is that from a movie?

    3. Spider-Vice


      Wasn't one of his names about pizza aswell, iirc? Or he's been always Husky?

    4. Ivan


      Husky masturbates using a pizza wrapped around his penis and he's pretty open about it.

  10. 1,115 friends? lol

  11. 3rd person least likely to get laid... Do you guys do it like, first place gets the prize thingy?

  12. 69 = sexual position

  13. Arrgh!!! Every day I take a look at the " Who's been on line in the past 24 hours" I always see yo name next to ma name! LOL I see you here almost everyday dude.

  14. Back to Grove Street!

  15. Barack '08 Dude!

  16. Boom! Head Shot! lol

  17. Bossman do you have XBL?

  18. Bro, if your YouTube name is GTAsoilder16, then I seen your comment on the Day after tomorrow movie part 3. If that's you then oh shit..

  19. Can u cum without jacking off or getting a blowjob?

  20. Can u send me sum tewn porn lol

  21. Can we have a multiplayer event for EFLC?

  22. Chris my mate :) Just to get this out of the way... Did you add the achievement for the Lost and Damned museum piece mission?

  23. Chris you use to be cool

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    2. Chris


      I still am cool.

    3. Gerard


      Only in the sense of not being hot =D

    4. Nate10


      Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the burn :D

  24. Cool, you must of hated the packing and moving from England.