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  1. 1,115 friends? lol

  2. Husky

    Whats up, havent spoken to you in a while.

  3. Can we have a multiplayer event for EFLC?

  4. What's on your mind?

  5. I meant how's NY.

  6. I don't even remember why I wrote somethig about a "sausage fest preventer". I don't even think it made any sence, by the way how's the ol webmastering job going?

  7. Bro, if your YouTube name is GTAsoilder16, then I seen your comment on the Day after tomorrow movie part 3. If that's you then oh shit..

  8. I would ban you if I had the powers

  9. I use to watch that show personally. And I still do. I really didn't know though it showed in different countries other than Australia and the British region.

  10. Is the show "Thomas and Friends" air on Cartoon Network in the Philippines?

  11. gud 4 u sexxi botyman.

  12. Husky

    HMMM. I might try, I'll get a pc version of this though. I dont know. I'll just copy your system specs.

  13. Husky

    Yeah, I'd rather play it online without mods anyway. Plus there will be alot of people using TLAD OR TBOGT on the PS3. Including yours truly.

  14. Husky

    See you on TBOGT...

  15. Husky

    happy birthday mate.

  16. Scion TC = Toyota Camry

  17. If you are talking about N.C scion owners then I know what you mean lol

  18. Husky

    What the hell, on your ps3 it says you've been online for about 3 days now.

  19. Husky

    lol. Remember a coupla weeks ago my cousin was playing with you online and I was controlling the sound board of Martin Lawrence Voice? "Oooooaahh!!!" lmao.

  20. Cool, you must of hated the packing and moving from England.

  21. Holy balls, I was at a Military School. lol.

  22. Yellow, i had a dream about your hair and i cummed blood. wtf.

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