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  1. Oh, you're name history. :P

  2. Dude, you play too much.

  3. When are the forum awards coming?

  4. I was dared to say this via PM.

    Hey,hey,hey... Smoke weed every day. lmao

  5. Husky

    What happend to my sexy GTA fanboy who loved to play GTA Trivia? :P Whats up mate?

  6. rofl. instead of saying " Locked " in that topic. You should of said " bitches "

  7. I'd love one thank you XD

  8. What you mean by got sucked?

  9. lol ICE CREAM!!

  10. wat? joo zux. :P

  11. What does it mean lol?

  12. lol. where are you getting those " wat " piccys from?

  13. I iz going 2 kick jour mawd azz lol. :P

  14. When did you become mod?


  15. I dared Him to say it :D

  16. The (GTA IV Quiz ) which wich lead to a rick roll page. :P

  17. looks at siggy and jacks off lol i didnt notice it was changing. :)

  18. Hey man sorry for that dumbass topic you locked. Sorry i just felt doing that for the lulz. Well its great you didnt Warn me and got the flaim of my life.

  19. No It was a compliment not offensive :)

  20. The new movie featuring Steve Karel

  21. You remind me of the guy from " Get Smart "

  22. What would you prefer? A universe full of titties? Or the earth full of hot hot women.

  23. Hey man GTA IV Online works for me now you wanna play?

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