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  1. oooh you mean that sorry, my friend had an extractor but im not sure if it extracts the WCTR but if it does ill give it to ya

    omg, thank u very much!! :worship:

    im collecting every talk station from every GTA game, i even have LCFR and VCPR 1984 from the console version, pls get me that extractor! :lolbounce:

  2. NO!! you see you replace the ones in your folder with the ones you downloaded and then theres no radio!

    but you have to figure out which is which

    no dude, u don't understand, by "get it out" i meant to be able to listen to it when i'm not playing the game, u know, play it like songs in winamp or something like that, u know what i mean?

    but i only need the WCTR, and only THAT I cant get out no way...i downloaded that music extractor and guess what-it only extracted songs..shit..

  3. can ANYONE help me get the TALK RADIO out of the game...u know, like an extractor but not the one that can extract only music from the stations bur also WCTR(West Coast Talk Radio)...plz, can any1 help me??? :bashhead:

    i would be most grateful! :clapping:

  4. hey guys, i was wondering...how can i download GTA San Andreas WCTR, couse i dont have the game anymore and i really want to listen to that talk radio...the talk radios are my favorite radios in every GTA game! :bashhead:

    i already have every talk station, even from consoles but i cant find San Andreas's anywhere...pls help!!!

    PS I would also appreciate if u could let me know when will i be able to get GTA IV talk radio stations!THX

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