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  1. Thats not what Platonic Love means. I wont go into details but Platonic Love esentially means, a non-sexual but affectionate (ie, not just a friendship, there is love involved) relationship between two people.

    DANNYELL, I do understand what you are thinking of, but i dont know if there is a proper term. So on topic, lets just say Rihanna would be my perfect woman, she is fecking beautiful :D

    edit: more on Platonic Love here


    Thanks bro, i know that this isn't called platonic love :P , and it would be cool that it would be a proper term for this, lets call it: "Dream love".

    PS: Rihanna is super hot!!!!

  2. Who is you platonic love, the woman or man, that you love or you are obsesed with, but is not possible to be with her (him), because her(him: is a famous person or whatever, i think everybody has a platonic love, so it would be cool to share it.

    Mine is an actrees, model, of my country (mexico) , She was born in france, but she lives here in mexico , her name is: "Angelique Boyer", so here is a video of her:

  3. The ending is like a soap opera ending, XD lol , no, im just kidding, i liked the ending very real life stuff, not everything roses, but anywhay . GREAT STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I pretty much got into the story as I started taking people out as friends or on dates. At first I didn't understand what made Niko tick but the story was slowly played out by the dialoge between characters as you drive people around. It was really a good story and for people that just bum rush the missions they are going to miss out on it. As I started to understand Niko more and more it make me want to play him as I thought he really would act. The war had hardened him and make him capable of inhuman acts but inside he wanted something more. He also wanted revenge for the betrayal in his past. As for dating I went out with Mallory a few times because at the start I wanted to see what all would happen but after that the only person I dated in the game was Kate. I wanted to see what would become of them in the story line. As it played out I could see that Roman and Kate were falling in love with each other. If you play it that way there are lines in the story that let you know that. I never saw it as a thing of conquering Kate. I wanted to see if R* would really put in a serious relationship instead of the usually wham bam thankyoumaam relationships the main charactes usually have in the games. Even Packie starts making comments to Niko about seeing something between Niko and his sister.

    As the game nears its' end I enjoyed the fact they gave you the choice to basically choose whether you would take the money and go with Roman and riches or cut off the past and move forward with Kate. Roman had already proposed and had his future bride in hand so that part was taking care of itself. He would be happy even without the money. Roman even says so over the phone after Niko kills Dimitri. Then Kate actually accepts Niko as a serious relationship and Niko says he will take care of her and that was really exciting to me. So I spend most of the game fostering this relationship between the two being careful about dates and doing them just right, wearing the clothes Kate likes, not doing anything to hurt the relationship. And in the end when she got killed it really made me sad. In the way I played, Niko had done a lot to make his life better. He even let the guy go that he so badly wanted to kill for revenge. That guy was going to suffer more by living than he ever would with a bullet in his head. Besides that, it was time to move on, to let the past go. But Kate's death just put him right back where he started, living in the past, dealing with more pain. I would really hate to be Niko. I felt sorry for him more than ever.

    I'm sure it seems stupid to some to get so into a game but that's what makes it fun for me. It really was a good story. Too bad so many won't ever experience that part of it. If you don't date or go out with friends on a regular basis a lot of the main story plot goes totally unnoticed. I'm sure that's why I see people saying that the story has no depth. It does, they just missed it in their rush to 100%.

    I thought i was the only one that get into deep into a game, But for me its more fun like that , to enjoy everything in the game!!!!!!

  4. This is a really stupid question, How do you Download Songs !!! ???? XD

    The song should be sent to your Social Club profile if you've linked your PSN or XBox Live! user names.

    I'm not sure, but you might have to save the game in order to have it successfully be sent to the Social Club. Not positive about that.

    Cool, THANKS MAN

  5. stupid question, once you have phoned Zit, does the number store on your phone in contacts?????

    Yeah it Does Bro ¡¡ :P

    This is a really stupid question, How do you Download Songs !!! ???? XD

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