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  1. I was wondering is that Didier Sachs a store where you can actually buy stuff or is it just some cm thing? If it's not a real store, is zip the best clothing store?

    P.S. is there a way to buy military suit or anything that looks like it without using mods?

  2. this is what i do:

    1. Climb up, u-turn, go down.

    2. find the freeway to san fierro.

    3. fly over airport (do it really low)/

    4. fly over water, under [golden gate bridge]

    5. fly over the village

    6. through the canyons.

    7. land.

    I still can't believe it took you a whole year o.O I can understand maybe that delivery boys mission of Zero but ok... :bashhead:

  3. i am stuck help out on my bro

    moutian cloud boys misson

    woozie never seems to get into any car

    And i'm stuck on mike torno i save him blow up the car go to the yellow dot and it dissapers and no talking and on the map it says its still there

    restart the game? >.<

  4. To beat that level you should know what obstacles are ahead of you; first remove the barrell, then get a plank to make a bridge. Then get a bomb and start bombing all the tanks until Zero says you need to remove obstacle/get a plank. Once you've destroyed all tanks it's really easy to go through. I made it in 3 trials.

  5. i first went and got the person closest to were u spawn then i got the ppl northeast of the building then flew all the way back andgot the other ppl

    it did take me a while thats what i did to make it oh and also get high altitude and coast it will save fuel

    But then when you go shoot you go down and afterwards you have to go up again :bashhead:

    What game version are you on?

    If it's version 1, attach a save file and i'll give it a shot.

    FYI it's on a PSP ^^;

  6. Hiya,

    I have been attempting one mission which drives me nuts: it's the one where you have to fly the mini plane and shoot down the "villains" and return. I can shoot down all of them but then I don't have enough fuel to come back to Zero's store. What should I do in order to succeed? Also, I see all the time the option to self-explode, but would that work? I haven't tried it since I feared that I would fail the mission...

    Thank you all for helping me~~~ :clapping:

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