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Status Updates posted by Bulletproofboy

  1. why did you move - curious

  2. dont see you around here anymore

  3. When did you move to the netherlandz

  4. what did we do to be restricted

    it sucks now i cant change SHIT on my profile

  5. why are we restricted?

    have we been bad boys or somethinh?

  6. is enjoying the Christmas Holidays..

  7. come back to the forum when your older (what huckleberry pie said).

    your too young you dont know what duke theft auto is and all your posts are irrelevant to the topic

  8. i know copexterminator from school

  9. you finally signed up... Eh?

  10. What was your old user name 123robot? and you should change your username lol

  11. this was test account, lol.

    Hi Webmaster, er webninja,

  12. hi not you haha,

    do u have xbox live so we can play?

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