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  1. Good news everyone! Next week will see the release of yet another FREE DLC for GTA Online, this one being all about lowriders, car customisation, and new vehicles and weapons. Compared to some previous DLC for the game, this one is packing a lot more content that has been widely requested by players, but it will be the first DLC unavailable to those still playing on PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles. Rockstar previously warned about this on the Newswire, explaining that "future content updates such as this are only possible on the newer and more powerful systems. As there isn’t enough memory available to add to the game on the older systems, we cannot make any more meaningful content updates without putting the entire game at risk." Read on below for full details of what's coming in this feature-filled DLC. Source: Rockstar Newswire
  2. Chris

    San Andreas cheats

    Short answer: no. Long answer: Well it's a modified port of the PC version, so it does have the PC cheat codes in it. The problem is you have no way to actually enter them. On standard Android devices you may be able to use keyboard apps such as GameKeyboard + to enter them, but I'm not sure there's anything like this available for Amazon devices.
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    A little survey

    Hope everyone's had a good Christmas. While we're getting a lot more traffic than usual I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask a you all a few questions. I'm currently debating whether or not to develop a mobile/lite/portable version of The GTA Place. However, I don't know if it's worth it or not. To find out if it is or not, I'd appreciate it if all of you could take a minute or so to answer the poll attached to this topic. Please answer honestly, it's no help to us if you vote dishonestly. Even if you don't give a shit about a mobile version of this website, please vote that way so we are aware of your opinion. If you have any additional comments to make you may post them here. Thanks!
  4. Had a go at baking #Skyrim Sweet Rolls today. I think they turned out quite well considering I'm not… https://t.co/Ql3PmFGhNh

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      Cool bro. Hope you had fun!

  5. BBC News - Jenson Button burglary: Gas suspected in #F1 driver break-in http://t.co/SPtz6qhGdr

  6. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), responsible for assigning ratings to video games in North America, has now rated GTA: San Andreas for the PS3. Back in June, ratings were spotted for PS3 versions of both GTA III and Vice City, since then only GTA III has been released. This rating of San Andreas practically confirms existence of the game, and one would assume that both this and Vice City will be released in the near future, with Vice City logically arriving first, possibly alongside its release for iOS and Android. Permalink to the individual certificate. For anyone who wasn't following the news, the games are being released on the PSN Store as "PS2 Classics". What this means is they are direct ports of the original PS2 versions, and thus they unfortunately don't benefit from any remastered HD graphics or the addition of any trophies. That said, this is still great news for anyone who wants to play the games again and no longer has their original PS2 copies, or for those of you who are new to the franchise and perhaps never played these truly classic games. GTA3 is available on the PSN Store right now for just $9.99. There is currently no word on release dates for either Vice City or San Andreas, but we'll let you know whenever Rockstar or Sony give us an official announcement regarding these.
  7. RT @JeremyClarkson: [email protected] now saying I can't be their chief drone pilot. Apparently they want us to make a car show.

  8. BBC News - Top Gear's Clarkson, Hammond and May making show for Amazon http://t.co/LLWljp0LBx

  9. Bianchi dies from F1 crash injuries http://t.co/Nx46YTgkv4

  10. RT @NASANewHorizons: Hello #Pluto! We’re at closest approach. Congrats to all! Follow our story & view new images using #PlutoFlyby. http:/…

  11. Part Two of Rockstar's Ill-Gotten Gains update for GTA Online will be arriving next week on the 8th July for all platforms. In addition, the previously PC-exclusive radio station 'The Lab' will become available on all four consoles. You can check out the Newswire article for screens and details of some of the new things that are coming, including the return of a personal favourite of mine, the Firework Rocket Launcher. To summarise, new content will include 4 new cars, a new motorbike and a new boat, plus 2 new weapons and bunch of new clothes and accessories. Cars: Coil Brawler, Invetero Coquette BlackFin, Progen T20, Vapid Chino Motorcycles: Dinka Vindicator Boats: Lampadati Toro Weapons: Knuckledusters, Marksman Pistol Clothing/Accessories: a lot
  12. RT @jsnell: Daring Fireball, Markdown, Overcast all cited in keynote. Apple knows the developer audience.

  13. RT @marcoarment: They fixed the Shift key by lowercasing the other keys. Nice.

  14. The first content update for GTA Online post-PC release is due out next week, on the theme of ill-gotten gains. The update will bring new vehicles, weapons, clothes and vehicle wraps - so you can show everyone your incredible taste - or lack thereof. Highlights of part 1 of the summer updates include: Cars: Enus Windsor, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Stirling GT, Pegassi Osiris - the latter two both featuring gull-wing doors. Aircraft: solid gold Buckingham Swift Deluxe, solid gold Buckingham Luxor Deluxe. Weapons: Combat PDW. Clothing/Accessories: "hundreds" of new items, in addition to 8 vehicle wraps. You can see some new HD screenshots of some of these new things over on the Newswire.
  15. But my little nostalgia trip ended rather quickly after I realised my character and all progress seems to have been deleted.

  16. Rockstar have just posted up a new Asked & Answered article in which they answer some pressing fan questions to do with some very hot topics right now. There's also one new screenshot that's been released teasing a forthcoming GTA Online update. Below that is a short summary of each of the big questions and Rockstar's answer to each. One thing of note is the absence of anything about the single player DLC that was announced last year, this is likely to have been pushed back a bit because of the recent PC release. GTA Online Updates Rockstar say Heists are not the kind of things they can just go ahead and keep adding to the game, they're a "huge undertaking". However, there are some new updates coming to Online which will include some "very cool new toys" to spend your cash on - see the new screenshot above for a glimpse of what's to come. On a related note, it was also asked if the last gen consoles (PS3 / 360) would be seeing future updates. Rockstar acknowledge that at some point they'll hit a technical limit and simply won't be able to add any more, but they're doing their best to optimise the game in every way they can, and are currently working on the next big update. Rockstar Editor on PS4 / Xbox One A lot of people have been asking for Rockstar Editor to come to consoles. It's a powerful tool best suited to PCs, but Rockstar say they are working on a version specially tailored to the less powerful PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTAV, hoping to release it in the summer (read: whenever it's actually ready). The Lab radio station Another PC exclusive feature was new radio station The Lab, fans have been asking if that will be coming to consoles too. Yes, it will. Rockstar plan to add it to all four consoles, including the last gen ones, in a forthcoming update. Self Radio on consoles The PC version of GTAV allows players to curate their own radio station from MP3 files on their computer. Console players want this functionality too, but unfortunately, according to Rockstar, it is not technically possible on consoles at the moment as it requires more than they allow. Will I get banned for modding GTAV PC? Nope. Not in single player. But if you use mods in GTA Online that might give you an advantage over others then yeah, you're probably gonna get banned. Joystick / Steering wheel support for GTAV PC? They make no promises, but Rockstar say they are currently investigating what additional support they might be able to add. GTA V for Mac? Nope. But you can of course install Windows 7 / 8.1 through Boot Camp and play it that way. An article on R* Support has been added with instructions for those who don't know how to do this. Cracking down on money/RP/vehicle dupe glitchers on YouTube Rockstar obviously say they don't support or condone people doing this to get an unfair advantage, and have updated their copyright policy to reflect this, and these sorts of videos will be getting flagged for takedown now. Rockstar continue to thank players for reporting bugs, glitches, cheaters etc. via the support site. Cracking down on Godmode/invisibility/unlimited ammo in GTA Online Rockstar are doing all they can and are regularly rolling out hot fixes and patches for things like this, they believe they are making significant progress towards combatting most of it. And that about sums it all up. If you want to read all the questions and answers in full, head over to the Newswire article.
  17. Finally! The day has come. Grand Theft Auto V is now available on all platforms. The PC version officially unlocked at midnight (UK time), and hundreds of thousands of gamers were already playing on Steam within hours. The PC version offers many enhancements and new features over the console versions, and Rockstar have today summed that up in a nice overview. The highlights: Huge range of graphics customisation options Play up to 4K resolution at 60fps Dual and triple monitor support, controller support, and 3D compatibility GTA Online available from day 1 including all previously released free DLCs and the Heists update Rockstar Editor Soundtrack includes new radio station, The Lab FM, as well as the ability to create your own completely custom radio station Check Rockstar's summary for more info, and remember if you're having any technical issues with the game you should use Rockstar's Support site. As always you have a multitude of channels from which to discuss the game, including our own forums. Be sure to let us know your early impressions of the game and how it's performing for you.
  18. RT @oliverwaters: Eidetic for Apple Watch is now available. Find out more and upvote at http://t.co/xfVoW4Y0Q8 http://t.co/MS1AOVmoB8

  19. Jurassic World - Official Global Trailer (HD) https://t.co/9vwQ1yyGfu

  20. We're mere hours away from the launch of long awaited launch of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, but Rockstar has one more thing to show off before we get to play, and that is the Rockstar Editor. Remember the video editing tools in GTA IV? Forget them. Rockstar has massively improved upon that and has basically developed a powerful in-game video editing tool, best explained in the video below.
  21. Rockstar Games have just sent us an exclusive new screenshot from GTAV for the PC! Cheers guys! Other fansites were also sent exclusive shots, you can check them out at their sites: GTAV.net GTAInside GTAJunkies GTAGames.nl GTAGaming GTANext.de GTAPlace.hu GTAPro.com GTASite.net GTAtheGame.net GTATurk.com GTAVision GTAWarehouse GTA-Xtreme.de GrandTheftAuto5.fr Rockstar Network Rockstar Nexus Rockstar Universe Rockstar World GTASeriesVideos.com GTA Base @GTASnapmatic @GTAonlinenews @GTAV_Informer @RockstarGTAV
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    GTA V PC Hands-on Previews

    The wait is almost over... With less than a week to go until the release of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, today we have been treated to a round of hands-on previews from some major gaming sites. PC Master Race advocates have rightly had some concerns over this game, worrying that it may be a half-arsed port of the console versions (GTA IV's poor PC port didn't do much for Rockstar's reputation in this department), but the truth is, according to these previews there is no reason to be concerned at all. Hands-on Previews The following sites have hands-on previews of the game, which include some new screenshots too, so check them out if you wish. We've plucked a couple of choice parts from a few of them with regards to what's new or improved from console versions below. Game Informer Gamespot (and you can watch them talk about the Video Editing and Director Mode) Games Radar (also, GTAV O'clock share their hands-on impressions on YouTube) IGN PC Gamer PC Games N Tech Radar GTAV for PC is already being called the "definitive version" of the game, and although it's arriving over a year after the console versions, it's sounding like that could certainly be a fair summation, and that it will all have been worth the 19-month wait. So why is it the definitive version? What is so much better about this version of the game that the PC Master Race will get to experience and the 45 million people who bought the game for a console didn't get? Firstly, unlike console gamers, players on PC will have access to GTA Online from day one, including all the free DLCs that Rockstar have released over the past year, and the recent heists update. Players on PS3/PS4/X360/XBOne who are upgrading to the PC version will have the ability to transfer their console character's progress, so you'll be able to continue seamlessly on PC and won't have to start from scratch unless you really want to. Whether the servers hold up to demand on day one remains to be seen, but at least the game itself will be much less aggravating than it was when console gamers first experienced it. Secondly, graphics. GTA V on PC will look far superior to the console versions, assuming your computer is powerful enough (minimum/recommended specs are below). You'll be able to make full use of your 4K monitor/TV when playing, on which you'll also see improved textures and animations at up to 60fps. PCGamer have an article up listing all the possible graphics options if you're curious. PCGamer also have some very reassuring words for skeptical gamers... The ability to have a custom radio station has long been a feature exclusive to PC versions of GTA games. Once again you'll have this ability, however this time you'll even have the option to have some of the hilarious adverts play in between your tunes. As GameInformer explain: Lastly, Rockstar have massively improved the built-in video editing tools they gave us back in GTA IV. GameSpot got John Macpherson, lead gameplay designer at Rockstar Toronto, to talk a bit about what's new. Preload In case you hadn't heard already, GTAV PC is available to preload on Steam right now if you've pre-ordered it. And you'll probably want to preload ASAP, it's a whopping 60.4GB! For those of you on slow or transfer-capped plans, you'll probably want to opt for the retail version instead, which is apparently comes on 7 discs! While many skeptics declared they wouldn't be buying GTAV on PC due to all the delays and the belief that Rockstar didn't care about the platform, Steam's bandwidth graphs paint a different picture. The image captured below shows that demand for the game is still absolutely huge, with an enormous increase in data transfer occurring as soon as the ability to preload went live. Will I be able to play it? Probably... Rockstar have tried their best so that even those with average PCs will still get the definitive experience. Of course, the game won't look as good as those playing it on super computers, but the important thing is it should be playable. If you're not sure, feel free to post your specs in our forums and we'll make educated guesses as to how it will perform for you. Minimum specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS) Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz Memory: 4GB Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11) Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible HDD Space: 65GB DVD Drive Recommended specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1 Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs) Memory: 8GB Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible HDD Space: 65GB DVD Drive
  23. In a somewhat surprising move from Rockstar today, a big update for the mobile version of Chinatown Wars was released on iOS. The app is now universal - previously Rockstar had separate iPhone and iPad versions - and new features have been added bringing it in line with the company's other mobile releases in the GTA III trilogy. These include support for MFi controllers, retina display, customisable controls, and the app is now optimised for the new iPhone 6 and 6+ devices. And for the first time ever, Chinatown Wars is now available for Android devices, including Google Nexus Player, Amazon Kindle tablets and Fire phones, and Fire TV. The app is priced at £2.99 ($ 5.99). Initial app ratings from users appear to be largely positive! Links to all versions are below. App download links: iOS Android Amazon