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  1. Chris

    Stunt Video Tutorial

    no you import the video files into windows movie maker .MSWMM files are MicroSoft Windows MovieMaker files, they are the file extension of your saved projects when i've got time all add pictures to help guide people through
  2. Chris

    Respect List!

    ok this is weird and pointless topic closed
  3. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    I think everyone will like this mod, its a games arcade and you get points for submitting your score you can only submit your score once per day so make sure you get a good score before submitting in the next versions of this mod there will be more games added too the amount of money you receive depends on how many points you get in game any questions?
  4. Just to let you know if you didnt already that daylight savings time is in affect, im not sure if all countries do this but im pretty sure they do if they dont then you can ignore this anyway you may want to go into My Controls --> Board Settings and check the box that says 'Is Daylight Savings Time in effect' now the times will appear correct
  5. Chris

    Your piccys..

    i dont have a picture to hand right now. i'll try and find one, although i dont wanna scare people off
  6. its where (in England) the clocks are set 1 hour forward this is so that farmers can give there crops as much daylight as they can thats why they did it in the 'olden days' so i was told and then it became a tradition
  7. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    whenever i play it it seems to restart randomly so thats why i cant get a very good high score i think the actual game is messed up
  8. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    yeah, well not me personally but Outlaw did
  9. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    Notice to the people who managed to find cheats and glitches on games: including kick up, flash poker, monkey punch your scores have been deleted for fairness to other players you have also had the points taken away that you earned from them so thats why your points maybe in minus numbers you probably bought expensive items with your 'extra' points, if you want i can sell them back for you for full price sorry i had to do this but some people found it very unfair that now these games are fixed they cant use the glitch to beat you
  10. thanks a question that Spasmod asked was what is the price to uninstall thing if we decide we dont want them answer: the same price as it is to install them
  11. Lots of people have trouble installing software such as forums and cms' so i've decided (like Cam) to help you guys and i'll install most popular products for you here is the services i offer Content management systems (CMS) otherwise known as portals PHP Nuke - $900 PostNuke - $750 Xoops - $700 e107 - $750 Forums Invision Power Board - $500 PHPBB2 - $500 YaBB SE - $500 vBulletin* - $500 ikonBoard - $400 OpenBB - $400 I will also install mods for all these boards, price depends on how big the mod is. I do install other mods other than the ones listed below, those ones are just popular ones. If you want a mod installed which isn't listed here please PM me for a price Popular mods for IPB: IBStore: IBStore - $300 Usershops - $150 Lottery - $100 Shadow Arcade - $350 Misc: ibProArcade - $350 Online/Offline Mod - $100 Skin Chooser - $200 IBReferral (works with shop and store) - $230 Downloads Module - $300 Garage Mod - $350 IBShop (discontinued now): IBShop - $270 Usershops - $150 Clans - $150 Popular mods for PHPBB2: Shop, Bank, Lottery - $350 Attatchments - $500 Sub-forums - $350 Admin and Moderator Logs - $200 I will install mods on the other forums too its just i dont know any popular ones becuase i havent used the forum for myself If you want me to install something not on the list just ask as i can probably do it for you obviously for me to install these things you will need a host with PHP and MySQL installed on them I will also require access to a MySQL database and an FTP account * I will only be able to install vBulletin if you've already payed for the liscence to install the download
  12. actually ibProArcade is much better, better interface and more games but it doesnt work with IBStore and Shadow Arcade doesnt actually need IBStore to run though person123: you PM'ed me and want me to install PHPBB boards, well PM me your FTP details, website url and mysql details so i can install them for you
  13. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    yeah well i dont make the games anyway plus half the stuff on that poker game is italian
  14. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    4 new games added flash poker simpsons shooter monkey punch hexxagon i havent played them yet also Kick Up has been fixed so now nick_kang you wont be getting anymore HUGE scores, so im also gonna delete them to give the other members a chance
  15. Chris

    Pre-order San Andreas

    stay on topic please
  16. Chris

    Questions about the shop.

    i've reduced the stock of all the stuff in the store so it will go out of stock sooner so you guys can make some profit on your usershops, i'm gonna buy some random stuff to make it go down more
  17. Chris

    Gran Turismo Forums

    meh, what a stupid thing to do anyway these forums run by millermagic and I are now here: http://RacingForums.TheGTAPlace.com
  18. Chris

    Pre-order San Andreas

    spasmod you have some of the corniest jokes ever anyway the actual name of our currency is Pounds Sterling, and you can you use your United States Dollar to pay and google ads are for US residents only so theres no point me getting them
  19. Chris

    Pre-order San Andreas

    in the shops GTASA will be £39.99 like most games by pre-ordering it from game it is costing you £32.99 so you save £7 i get comission for every person who clicks the ad and actually pre-orders the game
  20. Chris

    gta1 - gold edition

    i've never heard of that, i know a while ago last year after vice city was released they brought out a triple pack consisting of GTA1, GTA London and GTA2, all for £19.99, 20 quid for 3 games isnt bad is it? do a search on ebay and see if you can find it, someone must be selling it somewhere
  21. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    yes we had one on the old forums and it was great to start off with but then it was constantly spammed in so we decided to remove it
  22. Chris

    Gran Turismo Forums

    alright cool, i'll probably make the boards on the weekend or on friday night sometime they will be for real life racing discussion like: Stock cars single seaters such as cart and formula 1 le mans super trucks drag etc etc and for racing games like: GT CMR NASCAR TRD/PRD NFS F1 etc etc miller and cam you can probably get staff positions there
  23. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    yeah you just follow the instructions and edit the files it says to
  24. yes you would need to have your own host
  25. Chris

    Gran Turismo Forums

    cool you like GT too im making some forums for racing and racing games so if you like you can admin there with me but if you wanna stick with the site you just made thats fine but i just thought maybe you wanna work together good work anyway