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  1. Chris

    999 posts 99 topics

    w00t we hit our first milestone, i took a print screen of when this board hit 999 posts in 99 topics, this one should make that up to a 100 which i will also take a p screen of this can now be a milestone thread if you like
  2. Chris

    Okay, this might seem a bit stupid, but...

    that happened to me once but when i restarted my comp it was fixed i think it must be something wrong with your keyboard settings though for the symbols you want goto Start > Programs > Accessories and open up Character map and you can find the Alt codes for them press Alt + #### to get them you have to press the left Alt button and the numbers on the number pad
  3. Chris

    Im starting my stunt vid !

    oh yeah i forgot about that tutorial i made, damn i'll make it tomorrow sometime good luck with your vid though
  4. Chris

    999 posts 99 topics

    i actually saved both print screens in photoshop so i also have them in perfect quality but there like 1mb big
  5. Chris

    Where Am I

    yeah your right phil do another Joyrider
  6. Chris

    999 posts 99 topics

    here is t3h pic i got of 1000 posts in 100 topics
  7. Chris

    Shop installed

    look at the top where it says IBReferral click that and you will see your link http://forums.thegtaplace.com/index.php?act=referral
  8. Chris

    Referal Mod added

    Hey I've added the referal mod, now if you refer a member it will show up in your profile and elsewhere on the boards. Once we get the shop mod installed you will get money for each referral (they have to be active though) When people register they can type in your name manually or if you give them a link like this http://forums.thegtaplace.com/index.php?refer=Chris (obviously replace Chris with your username) when you give a person this link and they click it it will automatically fill in the referrer field with your name. If you have already referred some members and want them to show up please PM me with the names of the members you referred ( i will check with them ) and i'll edit it so it says you referred them
  9. Chris

    Referal Mod added

    out of the ones you referred, which ones are active?
  10. Chris

    Shop installed

    its pretty self explanitory, every time someone clicks your referral link you get $10 whether they sign up or not If they do sign up then you get $500
  11. Chris

    Referal Mod added

    yeah if you were a guest and you signed up but if you are already a member it wont work becuase it checks IP's and email's to make sure they arent the same
  12. Chris

    Referal Mod added

    yeah thats right btw i just removed that referral mod and put a different one on that works without a shop too, this time the referral link takes you to the forums main page and stores a cookie on there computer, then if they signup you get the referral added
  13. Chris

    Introduce Yourself..

    hey its nice to see all of you here, i know most of you from somewhere hope you all enjoy your stay here and continue to stay active
  14. Chris

    Ad Banner

    Ok check in your internet browser settings somewhere that allow animated gifs or show animated gifs is checked it should be something like that
  15. Chris

    Ad Banner

    You've probably noticed the ad banners on the site. (one here and one on the main site) Please click it and take a look around their site. If you buy something from there its gonna help support the site, they have a UK and Europe department too so people here can order too If your wondering what the hell they are then i'll explain They manufacture 3d glasses, but these are no ordinary plastic ones. These are real ones made for playing games with. The glasses work with nearly all games on PC and PS2 or whatever console and they make it appear in fully 3d like its coming out of the screen. So if a cop is shooting at you then it will look like you yourself is actually getting shot! Any more questions just ask.
  16. Chris

    List down your computer spects

    My Computer Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/ SP1 60GB HDD Intel Pentium 4 1.70GHz CPU (1703Mhz) 512MB RAM nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440 with AGP8X and Video Capture Creative SoundBlaster Live! Other Stuff: Standard Floppy Disk Drive Pioneer DVD-ROM Yamaha CRW-F1E CD Re-writer IOMEGA Zip 100 Drive 6 USB Ports (two 2.0's and four 1.1's) I also have a 40GB HDD with Win2K Pro on it
  17. Chris

    How many Mp3's do you have?

    I dunno how much i've got, i think i've only got like 150 or something my Winamp seems to be buggered up so i cant do a generated html list right now, i'll post it when it works again
  18. Chris

    Ad Banner

    i dont i have teh silver ones also i am getting one from themexp i love Toms, i saw it on his deviant art site tis awesome
  19. Chris

    Burnt Cat Hair

    LMAO, omg i do hope that isnt true, if it is then your are a dumb shit for not getting it out hope your cats ok, i hope it attacks you for revenge, take pics of the scars you get
  20. Chris

    Active people

    yeh they will be big again, the forums were going for 5 months when we got over 300 members but its quality we should be going for not quantity
  21. Chris

    Active people

    yeah dont bother getting those members back they probably left for good and dont advertise too much it will get us and mainly me a bad reputation
  22. Chris

    my sig...

    lol, hes got a point there, he didnt spam cc17 anway great sig small
  23. Chris

    Active people

    [emails removed]
  24. Chris


    well there is a limit to what you can do on a forum, if we did it like last time then i'll let you guys sort it out becuase you obviously know how it should be done, then i'll edit it to make it acceptible