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  1. Chris


    tell us how you would like a war to go then
  2. Chris


    they dont have weapons at all, not even a shop. The gangs organize flame wars themselves and hold them in The Pit (thats there version of our WarZone). They work there extremely well as they have very big gangs, and smaller ones, with great layouts and experienced members biggamer can tell you more, he is an active member there i'm not
  3. Chris

    Active people

    his name is Martin and he's polish, he goes by the name of killer_wormy and if you go to VCWorld, he was the one that stole there layout, ImVision has changed his layout now anyway
  4. Chris


    we are still considering a shop and decent gang wars can happen without a shop, just take a look at how gtaforums do it, having shop makes it much more complicated
  5. Chris

    Active people

    yeah i know you will stay, i know quite a lot of people will stay, i think everyones annoyed with the hacker, everyones now lost there posts and had to re-register hopeully this forum will pick up where it left of and we can be a popular forum again
  6. Chris

    Ad Banner

    yeah its not exactly hard to see cc17, everyone else sees it fine
  7. Chris

    Okay great i'm leaving

    yeah he's right, damn, i'll have to close down or something
  8. Chris

    SA or SC?

    Its obvious its gonna be San Andreas, everything points to San Andreas! why is Las Vegas called Sin City anyway? im not american so i dont know
  9. Chris

    Okay great i'm leaving

    actually no its not becuase your all the active members :'(
  10. Chris

    Kill the hacker

    killer_wormy was the guy who deleted the forums and stuff
  11. Chris


    well now you'll just have to get it up again
  12. Chris

    Phils Stunt Vid

    yeah its just over 1 minute but still you got some cool stunts in there
  13. Chris

    Chrisz VC Stuntage

    yours has some cool stunts in it tis a little short though
  14. Chris

    Where Am I

    i think but im not sure that is a poster on the side of one of the huts on the beach am i right?
  15. Chris

    Cool Screenshots

    great you just deadened my topic with a negative comment, now nobody's gonna make this forum active after reading that
  16. Chris

    Okay great i'm leaving

    Well i can assure you we wont be changing hosts again and i highly doubt we will get hacked again, and if we do i have regular backups we can revert to anyway if your leaving why did you bother registering again and making a topic about it? and yeah you probably will be back next week loads of people do that on forums, bl0ss0m did it twice on GTABoards
  17. Chris


    well i just got all the smilies added again oh yeah what skin are you talking about, GreeyStyle is this darker one which is default and OrangeGreey which is the lighter one for the mentally challenged greey is German for grey (or gray as you americans like to spell it )
  18. Chris


    oh yeah i forgot oops, i'll go start adding them now *sighs* it takes so long adding them one by one
  19. Chris

    Music Genre

    I like mostly Rock and Metal types of music
  20. Chris


    yeah if you do seriously want a name change then just PM an admin to change it for you
  21. Chris

    Favorite Gang

    lol i like killing the golfers to, also the street wannabes since theyre totally pointless
  22. Chris

    SA or SC?

    Topic moved to San Andreas forum
  23. Chris

    Download GTA Free and Legally!

    Just a note to people that GTA London isnt the actual GTA London its a little addon pack they made for that version of GTA1
  24. Chris


    no we're not gonna have a shop Morpheus, it just causes loads of forum arguments and spam for money etc. sorry
  25. Chris

    The Great GTA Auction

    I'll let you off this time, your supposed to have at least 30 posts but you did before the hacker came