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  1. Gotta love wet races! #F1 #HungarianGP

  2. Destiny is a gorgeous looking game. #PS4share http://t.co/6HOf9GijLD

  3. RT @reuterspictures: Amazing picture Williams Formula One driver Felipe #Massa crash at German F1 Grand Prix Hockenheim, July 20, 2014 http…

  4. And another god awful trophy. Why are Santander replacing all these beautiful trophies with their ugly plastic logo? #F1

  5. As it was trending… YSK the subtle difference in spelling & pronunciation makes a difference #lightning #lightening http://t.co/UwVP8KxGJt

  6. BBC News - In pictures: Lightning storms hit UK http://t.co/pNDzUmgLe6

  7. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes: http://t.co/RJ2nffHIeE via @YouTube This should be required viewing for all internet users.

  8. Congrats #Germany, well deserved win. Great #WorldCup for the most part too, nice to see a European team finally win it in South America.

  9. #GER 7-1 #BRA. Unbelievable. Chances of #NEDvsARG tomorrow giving us that many again?

  10. Take a shot of your favourite drink every time a pundit/commentator refers to #GER as a "well-oiled machine"

  11. Wow, @GeoChallengeApp 1.2.3 update approved in under 1 day. Only 6 hours - fastest ever. Wish Apple were always this quick! #iosreviewtime

  12. Agree with @LewisHamilton that is literally the worst trophy I have ever seen, Silverstone used to have the best!? #F1

  13. Dirty game, shitty ref. #BRA #COL - Injured Neymar out of World Cup http://t.co/EPrWa6hjxH

  14. RT @Wimbledon: WATCH: Shot of the.. tournament? year? @NickKyrgios hits a "tweener" winner. #Wimbledon http://t.co/12W675AcUY

  15. The USA's Independence Day is coming up this Friday, celebrating that time when we finally let them play by themselves. Rockstar are celebrating with a special seasonal update with loads of fun stereotypical American stuff for you to play around with. Here are all the details:
  16. RT @JeremyClarkson: Well done Liverpool. You beat England.

  17. Put a throwaway £2 bet on #CHI beating #ESP and didn't see that happening. Wish I put more on, Chile were amazing. #WorldCup #SpainvsChile

  18. The latest free update for GTA Online is now available. Title update 1.14, known as the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update, allows you and your online buddies to look like a unique individual (read: massive twat) with new clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, masks and more. But it also features seven new vehicles, a couple of new weapons, 12 new jobs, and lots of little tweaks and fixes. As usual you'll be prompted to download the update next time you login to your PS3 or Xbox 360. Source: Rockstar Newswire
  19. #F1 legend Michael Schumacher 'out of coma' http://t.co/EreO1Orw99

  20. RT @AndrewBloch: That awkward moment when The Guardian accidentally tweet a photo of an aid worker's sex toy... http://t.co/FZXKqmmC6i

  21. RT @GeoChallengeApp: Update v1.2.2 is out! Now available in Spanish, Swedish & Turkish + new quizzes incl. #WorldCup2014 flags challenge ht…

  22. It has been announced by Sony at tonight's E3 conference that Grand Theft Auto V will indeed be headed to the PS4 after all, and soon too, later this "fall" (that means Autumn in case you're not American). It was later confirmed that the game will also be coming to Xbox One and PC too. So finally all the idiots can stop whining with stupid and pathetic online protests, and instead go completely mental over this wonderful news! Also here's a new trailer for the upcoming release.
  23. RT @AussieGrit: Bloody fantastic @danielricciardo GP winner get in there!!!1st of many....

  24. Platinum'd Watch Dogs. My first on #PS4. Fun game apart from the stupid drinking minigame. http://t.co/wxIOIVZSxu

  25. What It Would Be Like If England Actually Won The World Cup http://t.co/XRpVFLup33 / Buzzfeed actually posted something funny

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