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  1. First #FormulaE race was interesting. Racing was great but production needs improvement; unreadable graphics, awful music and presenters.

  2. Rockstar have just revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on 18th November, 2014, while the PC version will follow later on 27th January, 2015. All three versions will feature a few upgrades and technical enhancements over their PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts. A summary of what you can expect is as follows: Greater draw distance and higher resolution New weapons, vehicles and activities Additional wildlife Denser traffic New foliage system Enhanced damage and weather effects Over 100 new songs and DJ mixes on the radio stations Rockstar have also said there will be new exclusive content to find within the game. GTA Online has also had some improvements. The new versions will be able to hold up to 30 players per server, and will contain all the free DLC and bonus content that has been released on the PS3/360 versions so far. And, if you're upgrading from PS3 or 360, you'll be able to transfer your progress to your PS4, Xbox One or PC version of GTA Online - to do that, see rockstargames.com/V/bonuscontent. Finally, Rockstar has shown off 16 new screenshots taken from the PS4 version of the game at 1080p. Enjoy.
  3. Apple Watch is impressive, shows just how awful all smart watches have been so far.

  4. Well this #AppleLive event stream is an unmitigated disaster. Access denied, freezing video, 3 audio tracks at once, Chinese narration…

  5. #F1 Michael Schumacher leaves hospital for home care http://t.co/cOKiBc7UlT

  6. Chris

    R.I.P. Yeardley Diamond

    We are sad to report that Fernando Agapito Jr., better known in the GTA community by his alias Yeardley Diamond, passed away from cardiac arrest two weeks ago. The news was broken yesterday in a Facebook post made by his brother. He was just 28 years old. Our condolences go out to the Agapito family, his friends, and his fans. Yeardley rose to fame in the GTA community with his highly entertaining videos made in GTA IV, a number of which we featured here in the past. We'd like to end this post remembering a few of what may be his most well known works, including remakes of Korean superstar Psy's "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman" hit songs, and of course he didn't want Niko to miss out on doing the Harlem Shake. You can watch Yeardley's full set of works on his YouTube channel.
  7. Dreadnoughtus! New Dino May Be Largest Land Animal Ever http://t.co/ksyEc19cwK via @PopMech

  8. By far one of the best iPad stands available: YOHANN - the different stand for the iPad on @Kickstarter http://t.co/pjO9Va0sZJ

  9. Sad to hear Richard Attenborough has died. RIP. http://t.co/4M2PT9ftav

    1. BlackListedB


      Yes, that was sad to hear, he was getting up there in years, so much more alarming Robin Williams decided to leave us

  10. Rockstar have released yet another surprise free DLC in the latest 1.16 update patch for GTA Online. This update includes a whole host of general improvements including: But the main new feature in this update is the addition of the San Andreas Flight School. As always you can find the complete list of changes in this update over on the Rockstar Support site.
  11. Anyone need a betacoin for Mailbox for Mac? I still have a couple left…

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      Mind if I have one? :P

  12. Finally got an invite to Google Domains beta...> Please note that our current beta is U.S. only.Typical Google... Thanks.

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      And it's very typical of them to restrict access to Google Play gift cards to US residents. :/

  13. Chris

    Xbox Live Gamertags

    In this thread you post your Xbox Live gamertag, browse through the topic to find friends on this forum to play GTA IV with, when the game is out you could also say what game modes you play the most, then you'll get people adding you who also play the same modes. My gamertag: ChrisJP88 If you add me, please don't expect me to play with you all the time, and also, let me know who the hell you are if your gamertag is different from your username here. This forum has thousands of members, I don't actually know all of you, so don't expect me to. Please leave random discussion out of this thread, you should just post your gamertag and if you like, what game modes you mostly play.
  14. RT @IGN: Atari announced RollerCoaster Tycoon World. http://t.co/UOFlvnioIW http://t.co/apnPxtfPLm

  15. Sad that such a legendary actor and comedian is now gone. Was able to pull off both funny and serious roles flawlessly. RIP #RobinWilliams

  16. RT @GeoChallengeApp: Fancy helping us translate GeoChallenge? We'd love to add support for more languages. Details on how you can help @ ht…

  17. Perfect. This will make it really easy to follow up correspondence with you, Apple. http://t.co/EL28PfTjoQ

  18. Race of the season. Amazing drives all around #HungarianGP #F1

  19. Gotta love wet races! #F1 #HungarianGP

  20. Destiny is a gorgeous looking game. #PS4share http://t.co/6HOf9GijLD

  21. Hey, A bit of a random request here, I realise the forum is very inactive now but perhaps some of you still browse and might come across this thread. I was wondering if anyone here speaks a language other than English fluently, preferably as your native language, and if so, would you be willing to help translate some simple words and phrases for one of my iOS apps? The app I'd like translating is GeoChallenge, a flag/country/geography based quiz app I made last year. As you can see it's very basic, but I'm planning a big update for it, and I would like to include more translations in it. Although most players are currently English speakers, I have had a few requests for it to be put in other languages, and I think that in doing so it will increase its appeal in those countries and make it more popular. Currently the only translation I have is Romanian, which is great, but not a big market for iOS apps and only 2 countries speak that language. I'm particularly interested in getting it translated into Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. There are of course loads of other languages, if you speak one I didn't mention then that is awesome too so let me know! Note that you would do this probably for free (although perhaps I'll gift you a game on Steam or something to thank you for your efforts if you do a good job), there's actually only about 100 phrases you need to translate, and some are just single words, so it shouldn't take too long. So, if you speak another language fluently and are interested in helping me out, please reply here and let me know which language you speak. I would greatly appreciate any help. Also you must legitimately know the language... no using Google Translate, it's not accurate enough for many things, if it was I would be using it myself and not making this post! Thanks. P.S. Apologies to anyone who wants to help whose language is not supported on iOS - there's a full list of the 30 languages that iOS does support here: http://www.ibabbleon.com/iOS-Language-Codes-ISO-639.html
  22. RT @reuterspictures: Amazing picture Williams Formula One driver Felipe #Massa crash at German F1 Grand Prix Hockenheim, July 20, 2014 http…

  23. And another god awful trophy. Why are Santander replacing all these beautiful trophies with their ugly plastic logo? #F1