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  1. @brewyorkbeer Hi, https://t.co/JCT9a4fTZk and https://t.co/0TNULJ5rOm sound identical. Are these actually the same beer? I will merge if so.

  2. @deyabrewery Very Hoppy Caterpillar is on at @ThePilcrowPub as "Hoppy Little Caterpillar"... Did you actually rename or is this a mistake?

  3. @cloudwaterbrew I hate to be 'that guy' but it's Ekuanot, not Eukanot

  4. RT @GeoChallengeApp: It's finally here! GeoChallenge 1.4 is out now. Also… 50% off Pro upgrade - just £0.79/$0.99/0,99€ (limited time) http…

  5. RT @GeoChallengeApp: It's finally here! GeoChallenge 1.4 is out now. Also… 50% off Pro upgrade - just £0.79/$0.99/0,99€ (limited time) http…

  6. Hey @TheBeerHawk will you be getting any of @cloudwaterbrew's DIPA v8 in stock? If so, when?

  7. .@BeersofEurope selection of “back in stock” beers is just one out of stock beer… lol #firstworldanarchy https://t.co/pdAgzzxoXM

  8. Might give it a go anyway and see if it improves in time.

    1. Nate10


      what do you mean chris?

    2. Chris


      Hmm... I think this was probably in reply to someone on twitter, I actually forgot the forums pulls statuses from there.

    3. Nate10
  9. RT @GaryLineker: The worst defeat in our history. England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. Well playe…

    1. JustADummy


      That looks like a really interesting type of beer.

  10. Been drinking #craftbeer for a couple of years now, this is definitely the weirdest... #abashiri #beer https://t.co/id9O9i6CRW

  11. Top quality local journalism with important "news" from Cheltenham today - https://t.co/ZQXwufWcdc #NotTheOnion

  12. We've ranked the UK's four digital challenger banks https://t.co/ZXVNdMGBCh via @techworldnews

  13. Mondo card arrived today! Excited to start using this. The colour is... interesting @getmondo #GotMondo

  14. RT @getmondo: 1 minute, 36 seconds - the fastest @Crowdcube round ever! Thank you everyone

  15. RT @MomentoApp: Introducing Momento 3 — now available to download on the @AppStore! — https://t.co/uG36v6pXtK https://t.co/fNjLStgyBd

  16. Had a go at baking #Skyrim Sweet Rolls today. I think they turned out quite well considering I'm not… https://t.co/Ql3PmFGhNh

    1. Sadnan Sami

      Sadnan Sami

      Cool bro. Hope you had fun!

  17. BBC News - Jenson Button burglary: Gas suspected in #F1 driver break-in http://t.co/SPtz6qhGdr

  18. RT @JeremyClarkson: .@AmazonVideoUK now saying I can't be their chief drone pilot. Apparently they want us to make a car show.

  19. BBC News - Top Gear's Clarkson, Hammond and May making show for Amazon http://t.co/LLWljp0LBx

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