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Status Updates posted by Chris

  1. Why did you wanna know about my Vista?

  2. lol wut you have everything. And people still use ICQ wtf? :P

    I'll add you on everything for the lulz. I'm on msn most though.

  3. Thanks. Yeah I'm not a huge fan but I do like them. Got a few of their songs on my playlist. I should really listen to their albums all the way through and find out how much I actually like them. I'm sure there's a lot of songs that are great and I don't even know about yet.

  4. I heard from Rockstarrem that you offered him sexual favours.

  5. @joelzaar: He offers sexual favours to admins.

  6. I saw your comment on Spaz's profile, which is why I randomly sent you that link :P

  7. Hello guilty.by.ASS :)

    Feeling better yet?

  8. Chris

    I'm fine, what about you?

    Haven't been up to much at all lately except for a few days in London. You?

  9. Chris

    Rawr. It's Daniel who is 17 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. He lives in the best place in the world. And he knows it.

    ... Apparently.

  10. Aw that sucks. Hope you get better soon :)

    Probably due to you watching too much crappy NZ soaps... best stick to your neighbour country Australia's stuff, Neighbours and Home & Away... as in... soaps that are actually still broadcast over here :P

  11. Not bad thanks. Yourself?

  12. Ah right. Was just reading about it on wikipedia. Looks like they're currently airing series 2 in NZ. Seems they're having almost completely different characters in series 3 though... dunno if I can be bothered to watch it anymore :P

  13. In Flames and RJA, nice, the rest are all just.. meh :P

    Oh and they show Skins in NZ? Lol, they shown both series? I thought the first was alright but the second was just weird :/

    Oh and hi btw. :P

  14. They've got the hots for me that's why. Also, imagine if I commented one of the commenters back. You'd feel so special if it was you wouldn't you?

    I do check my profile every few days just to see what people are saying.

  15. I should disable commenting on my profile. I'm so popular, 85% of comments here a pure ass-licking ones.

    Everyone leave me alone or I'll ban you lol.

  16. What are you doing back here btw?

    I thought you hated us?

  17. I know :P

    So are you.

  18. I'm good thanks, and yes the forum is pretty sweet isn't it ;)

    You're fine too I hope?

  19. Charlize Theron

  20. Sup Sky. We got the skin back today :)

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