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  1. i've never heard of that, i know a while ago last year after vice city was released they brought out a triple pack consisting of

    GTA1, GTA London and GTA2, all for £19.99, 20 quid for 3 games isnt bad is it?

    do a search on ebay and see if you can find it, someone must be selling it somewhere

  2. Hey if you have got bad eyesight then you wont have noticed i put a new ad to replace the 3d glasses one

    but now you know

    Please click on it and preorder San Andreas so i can use the commision to support the site, i know its a shop in the UK but they ship to anywhere in the world so you might as well buy it

    Thank you very much if you do buy it from there, i appreciate it, it will be delivered to your door on morning of release which is cool

  3. alright cool, i'll probably make the boards on the weekend or on friday night sometime

    they will be for

    real life racing discussion like:

    Stock cars

    single seaters such as cart and formula 1

    le mans

    super trucks


    etc etc

    and for racing games like:







    etc etc

    miller and cam you can probably get staff positions there

  4. Lots of people have trouble installing software such as forums and cms'

    so i've decided (like Cam) to help you guys and i'll install most popular products for you

    here is the services i offer

    Content management systems (CMS) otherwise known as portals

    PHP Nuke - $900

    PostNuke - $750

    Xoops - $700

    e107 - $750


    Invision Power Board - $500

    PHPBB2 - $500

    YaBB SE - $500

    vBulletin* - $500

    ikonBoard - $400

    OpenBB - $400

    I will also install mods for all these boards, price depends on how big the mod is. I do install other mods other than the ones listed below, those ones are just popular ones. If you want a mod installed which isn't listed here please PM me for a price

    Popular mods for IPB:


    IBStore - $300

    Usershops - $150

    Lottery - $100

    Shadow Arcade - $350


    ibProArcade - $350

    Online/Offline Mod - $100

    Skin Chooser - $200

    IBReferral (works with shop and store) - $230

    Downloads Module - $300

    Garage Mod - $350

    IBShop (discontinued now):

    IBShop - $270

    Usershops - $150

    Clans - $150

    Popular mods for PHPBB2:

    Shop, Bank, Lottery - $350

    Attatchments - $500

    Sub-forums - $350

    Admin and Moderator Logs - $200

    I will install mods on the other forums too its just i dont know any popular ones becuase i havent used the forum for myself

    If you want me to install something not on the list just ask as i can probably do it for you

    obviously for me to install these things you will need a host with PHP and MySQL installed on them

    I will also require access to a MySQL database and an FTP account

    * I will only be able to install vBulletin if you've already payed for the liscence to install the download

  5. cool you like GT too

    im making some forums for racing and racing games so if you like you can admin there with me but if you wanna stick with the site you just made thats fine but i just thought maybe you wanna work together

    good work anyway

  6. Welcome To The Trading Stalls

    This is the place where you can sell and trade items from our store. The store obviously only has a limited stock, if something you want isn't in stock, you'll either have to wait along time for it to restock, or some here and browse member's shops, or make a request. Please read this mini FAQ before posting/reading this forum.

    How Do I Buy An Item?

    • Simply post "SOLD" followed by the item name(s) and amount of each you want to buy, and if you want to be helpful the total price, for example: SOLD 5 AK47's @ $10000
    • Wait for the member to confirm he has the stock to sell, either in a post or by PM'ing you
    • Send him the 'points' through IBStore
    • Wait for the member to send you the items

    Making a Request

    • Please browse though other member's topics before posting a request, you may find someone has the item you want and your topic will be a waste of time.
    • Please prefix your topic with [REQ], so people can see you're making a request and will see your topic easily. Make it clear what you want as well.
    • Try to keep all your similar requests in one topic, don't post a new one for every item you need.

    Member Shops

    • If you were lucky enough to purchase items before the store ran out of stock, you did well. However, you may be left with a bunch of stuff you don't even want/need. So here is where you can sell it.
    • There is a limit of 1 shop per member
    • Name your shop - this could just be "Chris's shop", or if it's specfic items, "Chris's weapon store", for example.
    • List all your items, the number you are selling, and the price
    • Keep your first post updated with the items and number of each you are selling
    • TIP: Make your shop post layout attractive and easy to read, so members can easily see what you have for sale

    I Never Received The Items I Paid For!

    • If you've sent money to someone and they haven't sent the items, let the [sHOP MODERATORS HERE] know and we'll investigate the matter.

  7. as a matter of fact I am adding items right now, refresh the shop every now and again to see whats been added

    oh yeah and please people, dont buy all of one item, i've put item limiters on the items to stop you doing this becuase loads of people were complaining last time of how all the rich people would buy all of one item so they had none left

    the items will also restock 2 days after they have gone out of stock

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