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  1. Sorry bout this guys but I seriously think its best to change to IBStore this time

    please dont get mad at me just yet ok lemme explain

    Tom (not our Tom) has given up with IBShop so no future version are likely to be released unless someone takes over

    This means it will most likely not work with IPB 2.0 when its released

    So i thought this...

    IBStore is being made better and some really cool addons are being made

    It will have the same kind of shop as what we've got now

    A bank

    user shops mod is available and has no bugs (the one we have now is quite buggy)

    a clan hack the same as we have now is 75% completed

    it has a better quiz system

    and finally, hopefully this will persuade you to like it :P

    A games arcade addon is being made, it will have a range of flash games you can play and you get points for setting the high score and such

    Note: When/If we change shops you will still keep all your money, nothing to be worried about there. If you bought a name glow I will refund you the money as thats the only thing you will lose

    it thought i better tell you this before i add all the items and stuff otherwise then you would all go mad at me i know

    So what do you think :?:

  2. this Karma hack isnt the same as karma you get at GameFAGS or whatever

    it is basically a replacement for the warning system, we give out karma to the decent members, maybe they did something significant to help the board, or wrote a tutorial or just made really good posts or something

    We give out negative karma if you do the complete opposite so new members know who the forum idiots are

  3. I added a country flags mod which shows the flag in your posts under your avatar and stuff

    to change it goto My Controls --> Edit Profile

    the more 'popular' countries have animated flags

    if your country doesnt have an animated flag sorry i dont know where to get them, if you know where i can get it then give it to me and i'll use that one

    You dont have to put your country if you dont want to

    For UK'ers: It does have United Kingdom but it also has England, Scotland and Wales, it doesnt matter what you put

  4. that would be extremely hard to do, your gonna have to know Java to be able to code such a program, i dont know anybody who has a substantial knowledge of Java

    The Jagex staff have worked incredibly hard on RS over the years and I imagine doing something similar in GTA style would be just as hard

    Nonetheless it would be awesome if someone did make a game like that, it would certainly be very popular

  5. I have made a tutorial for those of you who are new to making videos. it is a step by step guide on how to capture stunts from your game and put them all into a video.

    For this guide I was using Fraps 1.9d as the video capture program, i think it is one of the best programs available (for free). Fraps.com. Get version 1.9d not 2 becuase in version 2 the captures are watermarked with the fraps logo so your vid wont look good.

    Click here to download Fraps 1.9D

    Since the majority of users have Win XP we will use Windows Movie Maker in the tutorial.

    Anyway here we go.

    1. Open up Fraps and set the key to press to capture video, i use F9.

    2. Start up GTA3/Vice City

    This step is important: Go into the options of VC and change the screen resolution to 640x480, this is becuase Fraps' maximum resolution is 640x480, if you have VC's resolution any higher it will not capture the whole screen

    Now start playing (you'll notice the frame rate in the corner). Do some decent stunts and press F1 to view a replay.

    Press F9 (or whatever key you're using) when viewing it to record the stunt as a .avi on your comp (it will be saved in the directory you installed Fraps).

    3. Repeat this many times until you have a sufficient amount of stunts to put together in a video.

    4. Choose a decent song. You will use this as the background music. Open up Windows Movie Maker and put the song there.

    You may also want to make some images to go at the start of the video as an intro. Add them too.

    5. next you need to add the stunts you captured to it, cut them if you need to, and put them in any order you want. Hopefully there will be enough for it to go throughout the whole song.

    6. When you think you have it already you need to save it. If its quite long you may want to save it at a lower quality becuase the file will be quite big. otherwise choose any quality you want.

    When its saved you may want to Zip the file to make it smaller.

    7. Now you just need to upload it somewhere. Find a suitable place (I might be able to host it) and give everyone the link.

    Your done!

    if i have missed anything or you need any more help, post below, also post your comments too :D

  6. I've added two addons for the shop mod, they are User Shops and Clan hack

    the user shops is self explanitory, it lets you buy your own shop which you can sell items in

    the clan hack is where you can buy a gang and invite members to join, its a much easier way of controlling the gangs as you only invite who you want to invite, you have complete control over it

    Now i've never used these mods before so I dont know an awful lot about them so if you have any problems i will do my best to help but i cant promise i can help

  7. that happened to me once but when i restarted my comp it was fixed

    i think it must be something wrong with your keyboard settings though

    for the symbols you want goto Start > Programs > Accessories and open up Character map and you can find the Alt codes for them

    press Alt + #### to get them

    you have to press the left Alt button and the numbers on the number pad ;)

  8. We now have IBShop installed, with a bank too

    but we dont have any items yet so please be patient while we get that sorted. Bank interest will be payed every midnight GMT so if you arent in GMT timezone (e.g if your -6 hours then it will be added at 6pm)

    we are also getting the clan hack installed so you can manage your gangs. We may also add User Shops so you can open your very own sho but we arent sure bout that one.

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