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  1. yeah thats right

    btw i just removed that referral mod and put a different one on that works without a shop too, this time the referral link takes you to the forums main page and stores a cookie on there computer, then if they signup you get the referral added

  2. Hey

    I've added the referal mod, now if you refer a member it will show up in your profile and elsewhere on the boards.

    Once we get the shop mod installed you will get money for each referral (they have to be active though)

    When people register they can type in your name manually or if you give them a link like this http://forums.thegtaplace.com/index.php?refer=Chris (obviously replace Chris with your username)

    when you give a person this link and they click it it will automatically fill in the referrer field with your name.

    If you have already referred some members and want them to show up please PM me with the names of the members you referred ( i will check with them ) and i'll edit it so it says you referred them


  3. My Computer Specs:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/ SP1

    60GB HDD

    Intel Pentium 4

    1.70GHz CPU (1703Mhz)

    512MB RAM

    nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440 with AGP8X and Video Capture

    Creative SoundBlaster Live!

    Other Stuff:

    Standard Floppy Disk Drive

    Pioneer DVD-ROM

    Yamaha CRW-F1E CD Re-writer

    IOMEGA Zip 100 Drive

    6 USB Ports (two 2.0's and four 1.1's)

    I also have a 40GB HDD with Win2K Pro on it ;)

  4. they dont have weapons at all, not even a shop.

    The gangs organize flame wars themselves and hold them in The Pit (thats there version of our WarZone). They work there extremely well as they have very big gangs, and smaller ones, with great layouts and experienced members

    biggamer can tell you more, he is an active member there ;)

    i'm not :P

  5. yeah i know you will stay, i know quite a lot of people will stay, i think everyones annoyed with the hacker, everyones now lost there posts and had to re-register

    hopeully this forum will pick up where it left of and we can be a popular forum again ^_^

  6. Hi everyone

    I've seen alot of you guys are starting to leave the forums already for some absurd reasons

    your leaving becuase its inactive

    No. You leaving will make it inactive. If you stay and post more people are gonna join becuase they see its active and is a good place to join

    your leaving becuase you dont like the ad

    Why. look, all major forums have ads to keep them running, just take a look at gtaforums or gtad. It helps support the site so i can keep it running for you guys, im not doing it for myself, im doing it for you guys

    Your leaving becuase there isnt a shop

    A shop is still in concideration so it doesnt mean you have to leave becuase there isnt one yet, im waiting for IBShop 2 to be released so we can have the best shop and be unique from other forums OK

    Your leaving becuase there arent many members yet

    Well obviously becuase we only restarted a few days ago, people are gonna join when they see what an awesome forum this is. If you stay more and more people will join becuase they see its popular and want to be part of the community

    You're leaving because of all the shop changes, host changes, hack attacks, etc. I'll admit this has been really annoying, but it's not gonna happen again. Finally we have settled on an awesome host, and if we get hacked again... well, we have backups.

    So please if you decided to leave, dont, please reconsider staying here and we'll make it a better place for all of us.

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