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  1. Well i can assure you we wont be changing hosts again and i highly doubt we will get hacked again, and if we do i have regular backups we can revert to

    anyway if your leaving why did you bother registering again and making a topic about it?

    and yeah you probably will be back next week :P

    loads of people do that on forums, bl0ss0m did it twice on GTABoards

  2. well i just got all the smilies added again :tongue:


    oh yeah what skin are you talking about, GreeyStyle is this darker one which is default and OrangeGreey which is the lighter one ;)

    for the mentally challenged greey is German for grey (or gray as you americans like to spell it :rolleyes: )

  3. You've probably noticed the ad banners on the site. (one here and one on the main site)

    Please click it and take a look around their site.

    If you buy something from there its gonna help support the site, they have a UK and Europe department too so people here can order too ;)

    If your wondering what the hell they are then i'll explain

    They manufacture 3d glasses, but these are no ordinary plastic ones. These are real ones made for playing games with.

    The glasses work with nearly all games on PC and PS2 or whatever console and they make it appear in fully 3d like its coming out of the screen. So if a cop is shooting at you then it will look like you yourself is actually getting shot!

    Any more questions just ask.

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