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  1. As it was trending… YSK the subtle difference in spelling & pronunciation makes a difference #lightning #lightening http://t.co/UwVP8KxGJt

  2. BBC News - In pictures: Lightning storms hit UK http://t.co/pNDzUmgLe6

  3. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes: http://t.co/RJ2nffHIeE via @YouTube This should be required viewing for all internet users.

  4. Congrats #Germany, well deserved win. Great #WorldCup for the most part too, nice to see a European team finally win it in South America.

  5. #GER 7-1 #BRA. Unbelievable. Chances of #NEDvsARG tomorrow giving us that many again?

  6. Take a shot of your favourite drink every time a pundit/commentator refers to #GER as a "well-oiled machine"

  7. Wow, @GeoChallengeApp 1.2.3 update approved in under 1 day. Only 6 hours - fastest ever. Wish Apple were always this quick! #iosreviewtime

  8. Agree with @LewisHamilton that is literally the worst trophy I have ever seen, Silverstone used to have the best!? #F1

  9. Dirty game, shitty ref. #BRA #COL - Injured Neymar out of World Cup http://t.co/EPrWa6hjxH

  10. RT @Wimbledon: WATCH: Shot of the.. tournament? year? @NickKyrgios hits a "tweener" winner. #Wimbledon http://t.co/12W675AcUY

  11. RT @JeremyClarkson: Well done Liverpool. You beat England.

  12. Put a throwaway £2 bet on #CHI beating #ESP and didn't see that happening. Wish I put more on, Chile were amazing. #WorldCup #SpainvsChile

  13. #F1 legend Michael Schumacher 'out of coma' http://t.co/EreO1Orw99

  14. RT @AndrewBloch: That awkward moment when The Guardian accidentally tweet a photo of an aid worker's sex toy... http://t.co/FZXKqmmC6i

  15. RT @GeoChallengeApp: Update v1.2.2 is out! Now available in Spanish, Swedish & Turkish + new quizzes incl. #WorldCup2014 flags challenge ht…

  16. RT @AussieGrit: Bloody fantastic @danielricciardo GP winner get in there!!!1st of many....

  17. Platinum'd Watch Dogs. My first on #PS4. Fun game apart from the stupid drinking minigame. http://t.co/wxIOIVZSxu

  18. What It Would Be Like If England Actually Won The World Cup http://t.co/XRpVFLup33 / Buzzfeed actually posted something funny

  19. RT @RockstarGames: Wow. The Terminator 2 truck chase seen remade shot-for-shot in #GTAOnline by @Droopy1943 http://t.co/PAyibgHhzo

  20. Really excited for #iOS8 and #OSX! Looks like I need to learn #Swift too.

  21. RT @getstache: We’re live! Stache — a smarter way to bookmark web pages for Mac and iOS is now available! http://t.co/qkvKwrmpGe

  22. *Crosses @EE off potential ISP to switch to* // What it takes to get @EE to enable Porn on Broadband http://t.co/Tai9X6ML5H via @alecmuffett

    1. BlackListedB


      Why go 3G or 4G for free pron anywayz?! haha

  23. #F1 Legend Sir Jack Brabham Dies Aged 88 http://t.co/GGqVzrZmIE

  24. RT @GeoChallengeApp: GeoChallenge 1.2 is now available on the @AppStore with loads of improvements and new quizzes, check it out! https://t…

  25. New Christopher Nolan film :D // Interstellar -- Trailer -- Official Warner Bros.: http://t.co/u90IcDvucq via @YouTube

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