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  1. I miss

    - Police Motorbikes

    - Police Uniforms (although not finished so not sure if they are in there somewhere like you could get in Vice City)

    - Ambulance and Fire Truck Missions

    - Stadium Events

    - Motorbike Tricks like in Vice City

    - Being able to buy businesses and new houses

    - Car Customisation

    - I miss the ton of clothing and accessory options that San Andreas had.

    - Swimming underwater

    - Push Bikes and the races and missions you could do with them (Mount Chilad for example)

    - Flame Throwers

    But I have to say I think GTA4 is the new begining for GTA on the new consoles, just the same as GTA3 was for the ps2 when it was released. I think so much will come in the next lot of sequels to fill all our cravings for GTA that we probably dont have to worry. I think Rockstar has VERY big plans for the next lot of GTA games.

  2. Hello.

    I would first like to take this time to thank you for reading this post. Right now I guess your thinking Oh God not another police clan But this force is much better than any other gang going.

    Here are some reasons:

    > The force has a Specialised PS3 regiment!

    > Special Events (Kill 'em all, Patroll)

    > Meet new People!

    > Acctually Organized

    There are only a few reasons why you should consider joining us.

    We Plan on doing many games on GTA IV not just free roam.


    To recruit please Post with your PS3 Gamer tags.

    WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/cops-of-liberty/index.htm

    Msn: [email protected]

    Hi there I wouldnt mind joining up with you guys as this sounds pretty cool. My PSN is "diangelogrey".

    I am very interested in flying air support and stuff like that, but I love all aspects of the game.

  3. Howdy all

    I am new to the forums and thought I would post and see if there are many Australians here?

    I am interested in playing GTA4 multiplayer with people who want more then to just blast people at spawn points like I seem to find in Free Play pickup games and am very interested in getting into some good coop teams and stuff.

    I have the US release of GTA4 for PS3 and I am not sure if the servers work to regions like they do for games like Motorstorm. I guess considering the hours I am on if I can find a group of Australians to play with that would be a big bonus.

    If anyone would like to add me to there friends list my PSN is: diangelogrey

    I also have a headset as well albeit a pretty crap one.