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  1. How can I open/view a .dff file?
  2. DT-boy

    Vice City Trivia

    1. C - Colt. 45 (M1911) 2. B - Knife 3. - Escobar International Airport, behind that surfing billboard thing 4. A - Mac-10 5. - Packer, Topfun Where does the Minigun spawn? Wich weapon hasn't got any icon (on the HUD)? Where do u meet Earnest Kelly?
  3. DT-boy

    Car Converting Tutorial?

    Hi, is there any GTA III cars to VC converting tutorial???
  4. DT-boy

    the vcs airliner

    yea... its very easy... the only problem that u cant exit. If we could summon it with the Cheat Device that would be cool
  5. DT-boy

    y not 100%?

    you mean Gonzalez
  6. DT-boy

    y not 100%?

    Hello there! Can somebody tell me what is the "Driver" side mission on thegtaplace checklist? Thx and sry for my bad english
  7. DT-boy

    Car Converting Tutorial?

    Well, I have to give it a try EDIT: How to do that?
  8. DT-boy

    Car Converting Tutorial?

    Thank you! That was really great help! Seriously... Any better tips?
  9. DT-boy

    What is this?

    Can somebody tell me wtf is this???
  10. DT-boy

    What is this?

    I checked it on my pc game and for both weapons the 2nd hud shows up. If I remember good, i checked my ps2 game too, but it was the same. I think the 1st hud is for the xbox version or i dunno
  11. DT-boy

    What is this?

    Wow! Check out the picture I uploaded and the other one in the weapons section! Why would R* make 2 huds for the same weapon???