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  1. Nice one on the Women's Rights thread, you held your ground well :) You made some great points, and you totally owned that guy. Rock on! Thanks for speaking your mind :)

  2. I might send you a PSN request later, if that's ok. I've just noticed a bunch of PSN names I haven't added here yet.

  3. Yeah you did :)

    I actually have nothing else to say so I'm going to end my comment without even asking a question. It's up to you whether you reply or not... :P

  4. Thank you! sorry for the late reply was too busy to reply on my bday :P <3

  5. Did i reply to your happy bday message? If not then thank you :3 if so then here's a second thanks! Haha <3

  6. Thank yoooou :3 sorry for the late reply <3

  7. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply :P was too busy to reply on my bday

  8. Oh shit I'm sorry too =[

    Happy birthday and stop shootin' =P

  9. Happy B'day missy, Guess I'm a bit late, hope you enjoyed it :)

  10. yeah...

    Happy birthday, love you.

  11. Happy birthday! Have a good one etc.

  12. Thanks everyone And congrats to everyone else
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