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  1. Thank you! sorry for the late reply was too busy to reply on my bday :P <3

  2. Did i reply to your happy bday message? If not then thank you :3 if so then here's a second thanks! Haha <3

  3. Thank yoooou :3 sorry for the late reply <3

  4. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply :P was too busy to reply on my bday

  5. guilty.by.association

    Happy birthday GBA!

    Thanks guys! I had a great day <3
  6. guilty.by.association

    2008 Award Winners

    Thanks everyone And congrats to everyone else
  7. guilty.by.association

    2008 Awards voting now closed

    Really mature way to look at it. You said in the past it's just a forum you don't care about awards.
  8. Your about me section obliges me to say harro

  9. guilty.by.association

    Picture Submission for Hottest Member

    Looking good Chris :M
  10. guilty.by.association

    Happy Birthday TNF :P

    Awww someone bet me to it! Happy birthday mate
  11. Sweet =D i'm looking forward to christmas, then its back to saving money! Going to america next year so that should be exciting :3

  12. YEAH APPROVE YOUR COMMENTS. where's the booby love :( haha im good =] cant wait for xmas tehe. Yay i'll play with your moobs all night long!

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    TGTAPFA 2008: Nomination Thread

    Haven't posted here much lately but i'll add my two cents Most Respected Member: Chris Most Original Username: Unnamed Noodle Best Personality: Sherman Best New Member: TNF Wow I added like nothing lol ah well better than doing none or writing down random usernames
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    The Anxiety Disorder Thread

    This a place for anyone with an Anxiety disorder to come and discuss it. Even if you don't have one feel free to talk about it. Here's some info to inform you all =] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anxiety_disorder It is broken up into several different Anxiety Disorders, the one I suffer is this one I started to develop my Anxiety Disorder August last year which means I have had it for just over a year. I have known since then that I over-react to things and develop extreme paranoia over really unnecessary things. I didn't realise it was so bad until it escalated 2 weeks ago. I was at a friends house with a group of people I haven't seen since i left school and I had a very severe Panic Attack. It was literally the worst thing i have ever experienced in my life. For the next 24 hours i was crying, shaking, vomiting and worrying. I realised my mental health was definitely not right. Like me, many people also suffer from depression as it goes hand in hand with Anxiety Disorders. I most likely inherited the problem from my mother who suffered from it for years. Life issues last August most likely "activated" it. With the disorders, people have other symptoms, one big one for me was the Insomnia. I have always had bad sleeping patterns but for the last year it's been very bad. Now i struggle to sleep if i am on my own. I usually cannot sleep until i am collapsing with tiredness. My condition has been so bad lately i cry over everything, i get so paranoid i vomit, i get really disoriented and distressed i start shaking and sweating. I haven't told many people IRL because I really don't want to be judged as a mental case when i'm definitely not. So there you go, anyone with an Anxiety Disorder i call you to come forward and discuss it and anyone who knows someone with one feel free to discuss too.
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    There was hardly anything to pick in the favourite section. You had like a million Marlboros and Camels. Where's the B&H at bro Lmao nah I put I quit and don't associate with smokers.
  16. I'm good :) indeed it has been ;p what about you? What have you been doing?

  17. Nobody else is my boob buddy <3 heh

  18. Woohoo! The boobie club is growing =D

  19. Mainly Oregon where I have a friend. Then we're going on a roadtrip through california to vegas =D


  21. Hey there i'm good thanks :) what about you?