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  1. guilty.by.association

    Happy Birthday Chris!

  2. guilty.by.association

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Where the fuck have I beeeeen? Happy Birthday mate! =D
  3. ;)

    Theyre not much of a threat really, gtag is pimpin

  4. Hahah :)

    I don't use this site much.

    What about you eh? Admin betrayal. =D

  5. guilty.by.association

    The Anxiety Disorder Thread

    Yeah i read it. It's important for people to unify and shit. I don't know anyone else IRL with anxiety problems but it's good to be able to feel like you're not alone.
  6. guilty.by.association

    Love & Relationships Thread

    Yeah, nah it's the last thing he'd do. To be completely honest i know he's liked other people in the past, a couple of other people he knew. Nothing serious just a crush kind of thing. We were really rocky at the time and he made the decision to stay with me instead of breaking it off and going after other people. I have left him in the past, and he never decided to date other people. It's been me that's hurt him. We will get through it, it just sucks that fate has thrown all these problems in at a really bad time.
  7. guilty.by.association

    Love & Relationships Thread

    I had a talk to him, he's sorry and trying to help me. And no he's not cheating on me, he's not that kind of guy, plus he doesn't even converse with other chicks lol. I think things will work out, he's just really into his gaming and his close group of guy mates. They're all like that. I'm going to give things a go and see how things are for a while then re-assess the situation. We have been together since we were 13 and we've been through so much together. I would literally saw off my leg to save the relationship. Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it. The anxiety disorder thread sounds like a good idea. A place to get shit out. I wouldn't wish that kind of disorder on anyone, it has literally ruined my life for the past year. I'll start it now.
  8. guilty.by.association

    Love & Relationships Thread

    Well im not going to create a male version of this topic so ill just post this here. I found out a week ago that I have an anxiety disorder. It's really bad and humiliating (there's a bit of info on wikipedia). I've had it for a year but it's worsened in the last couple of weeks. Anyway, my boyfriend promised to help me through it and stand by me, but lately he's just changed, he's not there for me and isn't supporting me much at all, just tonight it got quite bad and I asked if we could talk, he said he would ring soon as he was busy, 40 mins later her rings and i get out of bed to talk to him. I start to confide in him about how i'm feeling and he almost completely switches off and starts ignoring me, he's the only one i've got and he constantly puts the computer before me, instead of listening to me and helping me he'd rather play games or visit forums, I asked him to put it aside for 5 mins to talk to me and he said no and kept going. He eventually texted me to say "right i'm going" and hung up on me. I wasn't smothering him either, i'd given up trying to talk to him and he decided to hang up. I really don't know what to do I feel rejected and blocked out by the one person you'd think would want to help me through my problem. It's caused my mental and physical health to deteriorate rapidly in the past week and I don't know what I can do if my partner of 3 and a half years refuses to help me.
  9. Cool :)

    How have you been?


  10. guilty.by.association

    your dreams

    I didn't find any topic like this and if there is one then don't bite my dick head off. So post dreams that you have. The other night I dreamed that Chris was a pimp and I was one of his hoes. I'm not even kidding. Last night I dreamed I had lesbian sex with some chick. It was so fucked up. What about you?
  11. Usually i just have toast and milo but today im going to do something nice and cooking bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatos and hash browns. :) what about you?

  12. Im good :) going to go down to the supermarket soon and buy some things for breakfast :)

  13. Hey there :) how are you?

  14. Yeah so did I when i was at school lol "study periods" rofl. My year finishes in December :( but then i have to finish next year cause I wont pass this year lol fail.

  15. Ive been alright thanks :) what have you been upto? Hows school?

  16. guilty.by.association

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Ahh the beauties of being a woman. Speaking of which, brb cooking
  17. guilty.by.association

    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    Write a story about meeee TNF
  18. YESS BOOOOOOBIES :D haha how are you


  19. Gooood :) haha what about you

  20. guilty.by.association

    Big Community Thread

    Im so pissed off. I went to a party to catch up with people i havent seen since i left school and i had my first panic attack. It's one of the most horrifying things ive ever been through. I never want to go through that again
  21. guilty.by.association

    Big Community Thread

    LOL, don't worry, I know how to take a joke...unlike most people here. I'm pretty bored right now...and kinda horny. Ehh, I might just go to sleep. Lol buddy you couldn't take a joke if it slapped you in the face. @UN: What's wrong?
  22. guilty.by.association

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Lol you guys are saying that cause she's barely wearing anything. Put it away lads ; )
  23. guilty.by.association

    Big Community Thread

    Highschool is awesome but gay at the same time. Depends on each country though I guess. Oh and stay at school until you're fully finished, even if you hate it. Leaving early screws things up.