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  1. Thank you! sorry for the late reply was too busy to reply on my bday :P <3

  2. Did i reply to your happy bday message? If not then thank you :3 if so then here's a second thanks! Haha <3

  3. Thank yoooou :3 sorry for the late reply <3

  4. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply :P was too busy to reply on my bday

  5. Your about me section obliges me to say harro

  6. Sweet =D i'm looking forward to christmas, then its back to saving money! Going to america next year so that should be exciting :3

  7. YEAH APPROVE YOUR COMMENTS. where's the booby love :( haha im good =] cant wait for xmas tehe. Yay i'll play with your moobs all night long!

  8. I'm good :) indeed it has been ;p what about you? What have you been doing?

  9. Nobody else is my boob buddy <3 heh

  10. Woohoo! The boobie club is growing =D

  11. Mainly Oregon where I have a friend. Then we're going on a roadtrip through california to vegas =D


  13. Hey there i'm good thanks :) what about you?

  14. Wooo i'm totally scared ;p

  15. Im goooood ;p went to concert last night it was awesome =D HOUSE OF BOOOBZ! haha I still work at the supermarket :( i'm looking for a new job tho =]

  16. Haha yeah that would be awesome ;0


  17. Bastard! I'm too coo for schoo ;p noo where have yoo been!? i havent been on aim in ages cause nobodys ever online ;( miss you too! <3

  18. Hey foxy i miss you. Come back om msn :)

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