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  1. Multiplayer has to be glitched. I use the cover system frequently with a good weapon and somehow get shot while behind cover. Also I get killed with one shot, while other people don't? I was shooting at someone for ages, when I behind cover to reload, and I get killed by one shot, BEHIND cover. Its so stupid and dumb. Also I use the map alot (obviously) and theres no one else near me when i get shot while behind cover!

  2. Hey guys. Im now up to the point where you choose Derricks or Francis' fate. Which is the one better to kill? Does one killed, the game award you with something? I feel its better to kill Francis' but I don't know.

    Also is it better to choose the Deal or choose Revenge? Which one fits in the best and gives the best experience? ( as in which one would make the story a 'good' story and give me the best cinematic experience instead of being a fansy pansy ending? (ie happy ending lol)

  3. Hey guys im new here in these forums, unlike other forums I couldn't see an introduction area, so I just decided I would start posting. Anyway Im wondering how Multiplayer in GTA IV works? Im not new to GTA series but only got GTA 4 two weeks ago and I have almost finished the game. Anyway is there 2-player multiplayer? how do I play a deathmatch with people over the net? Do I need to join a party or something? sorry if this post sounds really dumb, didnt know which would be the best way to type it.

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