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  1. you and your mate was playin alone in a team right?

    it could have been one guy or two that have played the tdm in your team, but when they got some score then they left the game.

    that means that they dont get the cash, the cash stays in the team.

    / Easy-A

  2. with this settings i got 41.000 on one single deathmatch !! i'm on the top 15 place on deathmatch not '''overall'' but ''BY SCORE''.

    I take:

    Happiness Island

    60 MIns

    AA ON

    assault Rifles

    Blips all

    weather midday clear

    Respawn time 1 sec

    Respawn distance NEAR

  3. Do you wanna play Deathmatch with me ?

    I'm a profesional player, doesn't matter AA ON or OFF, i'm good on both.

    Just add me if you're good, don't wanna play with N00bs.

    btw i'm rank 8 soon nine.

    PSN: Easy-A :)

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