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  1. I have Google set as Homepage then I have gmail and then off my firefox bookmarks I have a long list of forums. Blender Underground Forum would be the first after leaving Google. But TGTAP is the very next stop.
  2. ToonSkull

    Fuck pizza instead of girls

    I couldn't find the term for sex with food, but I am sure they have made one.
  3. ToonSkull

    Today's games built just to sell video cards

    Yes, I know what pixel shading is and you can make a switch for it. Our Dad is a programmer that used to work for Blizzard but struck out his own and formed a firmware company. You obviously don't know and had you noticed my brother's posting I solved most of my pixel shader problems with 3D Analyze. Which tricks the program into thinking I have a pixel shader compliant card. Yes I would play a game in wireframe if it has a good game play. Games need to be more than eye candy. If I want eye candy I can see fireworks displays. They don't cost as much. My brother has posted this information above as well. ^^^ @Husky: Yep, just using it to illustrate my point.
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    Downloads for vista

    I use Linux myself, but that's another story... Vista is the mean OS. It plays tricks on you. If you install the game (any game) to C:\Program Files\etc... Then you can't change it. You will have to reinstall to the Desktop or someplace Vista doesn't care about. Done that already? I believe (remember I am not a Vista user) C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ is where you will find "shadow copies" of your files.
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    I Need Help !

    You will find a text file inside the data folder called handling.cfg make a backup copy and open the original with notepad (no word wrap) For reference, you can use: http://projectcerbera.com/gta/sa/tutorials/handling#bike For easy editing: http://projectcerbera.com/tools/cfgstudio2/ Now the easiest thing to do is simply tell the game engine that the bikes are cars. The original looks like this; ;------- bikes BIKE 500.0 0.8 1.8 1.2 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 190.0 50.0 R P 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.15 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 10102 1 1 MOPED 350.0 1.1 1.7 1.2 0.0 0.0 -0.1 103 2.0 0.9 0.49 3 190.0 30.0 R P 14.0 0.50 0 35.0 1.0 0.15 0.1 0.11 10000 0.12 -0.17 0.5 0.0 10003 1 1 DIRTBIKE 500.0 1.2 1.8 1.5 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 190.0 50.0 R P 19.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.15 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 10003 1 1 ANGEL 800.0 1.2 2.2 1.5 0.0 0.15 0.0 103 1.2 0.86 0.52 4 190.0 45.0 R P 12.0 0.55 0 35.0 0.65 0.20 0.3 0.24 10000 0.09 -0.11 0.55 0.0 10103 1 1 FREEWAY 800.0 1.1 2.2 1.5 0.0 0.1 0.0 103 1.2 0.82 0.51 4 190.0 40.0 R P 10.0 0.55 0 35.0 0.65 0.20 0.3 0.24 10000 0.09 -0.11 0.55 0.0 10103 1 1 Up at the top the 5th flag is bike = 1 (reading right to left) ;------- bikes BIKE 500.0 0.8 1.8 1.2 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 190.0 50.0 R P 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.15 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 00102 1 1 MOPED 350.0 1.1 1.7 1.2 0.0 0.0 -0.1 103 2.0 0.9 0.49 3 190.0 30.0 R P 14.0 0.50 0 35.0 1.0 0.15 0.1 0.11 10000 0.12 -0.17 0.5 0.0 00003 1 1 DIRTBIKE 500.0 1.2 1.8 1.5 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 190.0 50.0 R P 19.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.15 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 00003 1 1 ANGEL 800.0 1.2 2.2 1.5 0.0 0.15 0.0 103 1.2 0.86 0.52 4 190.0 45.0 R P 12.0 0.55 0 35.0 0.65 0.20 0.3 0.24 10000 0.09 -0.11 0.55 0.0 00103 1 1 FREEWAY 800.0 1.1 2.2 1.5 0.0 0.1 0.0 103 1.2 0.82 0.51 4 190.0 40.0 R P 10.0 0.55 0 35.0 0.65 0.20 0.3 0.24 10000 0.09 -0.11 0.55 0.0 00103 1 1 Now the bikes are cars and you can't fall off a car. HAVE FUN!
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    Fuck pizza instead of girls

    Necrozoophilia is the term. Scary they have a term for it. http://www.necroerotic.com/Necro_Related_Items.html
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    What are you watching right now?

    Torchwood on BBCA waiting for the next episode "Children of the Earth" prt3. This weekend is "Planet of the Dead" Doctor Who.
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    Today's games built just to sell video cards

    Yes I do blame the developers. They bend to the dollars of Nvidia, ATI and Radeon etc.. They can make pixel shading an option but don't. A perfect example of this is "Battle Field Heroes" a free online, free to play game. But corporate influence shows that they are money driven and not working on how to make a better game or in the users best interests. After a loooong download, if your card in not pixel shader compliant the generic error message pops up there is something wrong. Researching the issue you are left on your own to find that you are missing the needed pixel shader and you should buy the Nvidia card hosted on the web page. I don't expect people to stay in the stone age but this; "I bought a Bates 3000 and 15 minutes ago they upgraded to the Bates 4000 and in six months the 9000 will hit the shelves." -- Reference to "Onion News" movie. is for the birds. @maj212; I do too. I play a lot of online web games and I can play my Guildwars without graphic hassles. But there may be a day where I plug into GW and find out I need the newest video card. I am 15 and I am not hurting for money. I just don't like how the greedy corporations play people like fools.
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    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Sorry for the double posting, but I got the JOE Installer working. Now all we need to wait for is my brother to finish his mod. We were testing "Zombotech" mission and it was randomly crashing so he is busy working on that. This will be my last update I will let Joshua know to keep you posted from now on.
  10. Happy belated Birthday! I didn't get on yesterday to say it.

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    Your Religion / Beliefs

    @ Lord of GTA, You're welcome. @Huck, Thanks! @Ivan, Jesus loves you and I love you too bro! Since Azazel is not coming back in here... I outta here! Peace and chicken grease.
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    Vice city texturizing confusion

    My brother uses Zmodeler for all his cars. Version 1 was free but since they came out with shareware version 2 it is now hard to find version 1.07b This is the only way to texture a 3D model. If you are talking about an in game trainer that colors the cars in the game? Then THIS ONE has a garage editor.
  13. ToonSkull

    Problem with San Andreas +151 Trainer

    If you're referring to the game, I've had it installed it to the desktop. If you're referring to the trainer, I tried extracting it everywhere including the desktop. Didn't work. Yes to both. I never used Crazy Trainer myself, I will download it later on my brother's PC and have a look. In the meanwhile... My brother uses the "Ultimate Trainer" by ThaKilla (located in the downloads on this site) he says the only problem with it is an ocx is wrongly ID as a virus. KewlButtonz.ocx is a key logger to read custom hotkeys you use in the game only. Malewarebytes software says it is 100% safe but others will tell you it is virus or key logger. I have used it and it does everything.
  14. ToonSkull

    Problem with San Andreas +151 Trainer

    OUCH! Vista plays nasty tricks on you and makes shadow copies of files. I don't have or use Vista but my Dad is a tech and ends up going on and on about it. He showed me that anything you try to delete from Program Files is not and it makes backups and clones. Try installing directly to your desktop sometimes this works.
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    No. But who did you have in mind... Big Smoke?
  16. ToonSkull

    Modding guides

    Sannybuilder.com This little wonder mods all. Guide included in the help file.
  17. ToonSkull

    Downgrading from v3.00

    At present, I am not aware of any downgrade for 3.0. Sorry. I know they sell it online, but the only patches available will be looking for ver 2.0. I don't know how different your 3.0 is from 2.0 but keep hanging in there and maybe someone will get one made.
  18. ToonSkull

    Linux Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu was my first choice after leaving XP behind. I like Kubuntu better, it is a Ubuntu distro with the KDE. Comes with Konqor browser and yes you can play GTA SA in Wine but it is a bit of a chore to set it up. A lot will depend on your choice of Video Graphics Adapter. Nvidia, Radeon, and most mainstream graphics are covered but crappy IGP and off brands like VIA you might as well stick to XP or Vista. The way I switched was simple I downloaded the CD iso burnt it and gave it a spin. You can have it dual boot and choose between Windows or Kubuntu at boot menu. After a while I got to wondering what I was keeping XP around for and tossed it out. Now there is lots of HD space and I don't get viruses. What little software doesn't run under Wine I try it out on my brother's XP machine. You will either love it or hate it there is no middle road with this OS. I have 512MB RAM, 128MB Nvidia 80GB HD and 300GB slave with DVD burner.
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    Can someone help me with Mission Builder.

    I was wondering about that since the animation just isn't there. The swimming mod must look odd too. So far the only thing I modded on my Vice City is one of the girls in the Pole Position. I replaced the overweight stripper at the biker's table with a construction worker. Now those two bikers really do look sad. Other than that I am just playing around with it.
  20. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    Okay once more children... I am going to explain this in the most simple terms so you can understand. Would you call David Koresh is the perfect example of Christians? He said he was a born-again Christian in the Southern Baptist Church and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. How about Jim Jones? Who lead a whole church in Guyana and sponsored the largest mass suicides in history. Adolph Hitler? These are NOT good examples of Christians. Just as terrorists are not good examples of Islam. I admit I am surprised "The Lord of GTA" is Muslim. The few I know are not permitted to play this game due to the violence and prostitution. But I guess the same could be said of some strict Christian homes. My parents are not strict, but I am not about to imitate the game either. Islamic teachings are very strict against many things we call "guilty pleasures". They have more commandments to live by than I care to mention. The Quran is very clear that there must be "no compulsion in religion" 2:256 Do you have Muslims pounding on your door like the Jehova Witness? No. They welcome anyone into their religion and don't force it upon you. I am not Muslim but happy to call these people my friends. Please view the following if you desire to learn more: http://www.religionfacts.com/islam/beliefs/other.htm
  21. ToonSkull

    GTAForums is possibly GONE FOREVER...

    I don't get it, aren't there like a billion or more GTA forums to join? What is so special about the "GTAforum.com" is it the name? I like it here I can make all these cool smileys: Ok I did a Google on GTA forum and got 17.5 million hits so what if some aren't in English. Look at me I barely speak English. Well my brother is just ticked he can't get on there today. But I don't even have an account with them. THE GTA PLACE FOREVER!
  22. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    Excuse me Super Mod, I thought we aren't supposed to argue in this topic? As Chris said, or you will be suspended. I am not Islamic but I have friends who are and I take serious offense to this stereotypical remark. Just because the Mafia are Catholics doesn't make all Catholics Mafia members. I may not agree with Azazel's remarks, hell my friends who are Islamic are more likely to disagree with him. But to bash an entire religion because one man push your button is not what the topic is meant. Chris can correct me if I am wrong, but I assume this topic was meant to share ideas and belief. Not to beat people over the head with their own version of the Bible. This is why I ignored Connor in the first place, he is looking to debate and with me there is no debate. Finally I wish to address the person known as Azazel. I don't know if you will ever be back to read this but what the Hell are you doing joining a GTA FORUM! My friends refuse to play the game because of their religious devotion. The kids aren't allowed on the internet so you must be an ADULT or a kid playing at being Islamic. The first big hint is the name you chose. No true muslim would use it. Azazel the goat demon from the desert?!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azazel If you come back you might want to address the Quran with certain verses. My copy (yes I own a copy) my friend gave me as a gift, says even Christians such as myself and the Jews will go to heaven; "Those who believe and those who are Jews and the Sabaeans and the Christians, all who believe in God and the Last Day and act rightly will feel no fear and will know no sorrow." Quran, 5:69 Sorry about that it doesn't say anything about atheists. Ah, I am probably spinning my wheels here, but I am NOT HERE to debate my beliefs. But a good follower of Islam won't come pounding on your door forcing the religion on you. That is also against their beliefs and why I say Azazel is a one post wonder. I doubt he will come back here. To everyone who flamed Azazel, I find it disappointing that many of you are older than me and obviously under educated.
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    Being a virgin

    I am still a virgin and I am 15, I am not really interested in getting involved with child support at this point in my life. I tend to believe (like it or not) our parents influence that more than we think. My mom and dad are in their 40's but got met as virgins got married and just calibrated their 19th anniversary. I believe relationships last longer when you don't have the comparison. My Aunt is divorced and neither were virgins when they met. He was very abusive and they had 2 kids. She dated and had another boy but to this day she is 40 and unmarried. This is just my observations in my family and I am certain there are exception to this rule. Take your time, make plans and don't let peer pressure decide for you.
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    Can someone help me with Mission Builder.

    My english is any better and that's the only language I speak. I am new to coding myself and if you are modding Vice City, I assume you downloaded Sanny Builder? The real problem with modding is trying to read the script language. But my brother and I have Sanny Builder and I can't find any wall climbing or swimming mods.
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    Any filmmakers out there?

    Yeah like JAB said, I twisted his arm to do VO's for my series but the DVD's are sold out right now and I don't want to do another production run. The few I have left are being kept, but I imagine in years to come you might could find a bootleg copy of my work somewhere. My inspiration is Ed Wood.