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    Shower in the morning

    I try not to shower for the fear that I might accidentally clean too much of myself away. Hey! It's my dirt and I wear it proudly. In all reality, I like to save on water. I take my showers late at night and only ever other day. In the morning I use Axe body spray.
  2. ToonSkull

    custome mission.

    Sounds like you have bigger psychotic issues than I do. How long have you been talking to Frank the invisible rabbit? There are some interesting points to be made here; You have no desire to learn, people are in this place to learn from each other. This makes your "request" undesirable to them. Basic psychobable 101 You should have asked some one to "take you on as an apprentice" to complete your quest. Believe me it doesn't take "years" to learn. My brother does it and he isn't as smart as me. Since again you are not willing to learn, people who know won't teach. Does this statement mean you don't even own a copy of Vice City for the PC? Yeah, we all should get a free copy of WoW and full year of online access just because we want it. While I don't play Silkroad or WoW, I have all the Guildwars. It cost me about $120 to buy them all. My own money not my parents, but I have unlimited access to all the areas. You can get started with as little as $30 or less. But all MMORPGS are going to cost you money one way or another. MMORPGS won't last forever either, someday in the future the company that runs it will shut down and go out of business. If people don't like Silkroad they will just quit playing it. There are no GM's in Guildwars. I have had no problems with bots but we are not allowed to use bots. Your posting sounds very much like the letter of an angry child who is bent on proving something to a group who doesn't even know or care you exist. I am sorry you feel the way you do, but you will get over it. If you don't I would suggest medication, rest and intensive psychotherapy.
  3. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Hello, As promised an update on our progress; I have been using pdescobar's audio Script guide to reduced the size of our audio. Now most of you who use SAAT to edit your audio know, the SCRIPT audio file is about 304MB and when you replace audio it tends to get bigger or smaller. Since our mod doesn't require a lot of the mission audio banks I went through bank by bank and blanked the ones with original mission dialog. What this means, I replaced a great deal of files with a short silence of 2.38 KB each. This alone has reduced the file greatly in size. It is about 80MB now but I am still looking for other items to blank out. One of the largest banks is the first "Place names for crime reports". But this one is needed if we are inside a police car. You only need to worry about this size issue if you are planning on getting the JOE distribution. However it will be the easy install. The PRO distro contains roughly around 10MB of audio files you must inject into your scipt using SAAT. I of course suggest you use Alci's GUI to do that. Now as for my brother Joshua, he regrets NOT adding his info text and subtitles to his missions prior to finishing them. He is still plugging away at the American.GXT file. It is not so much that you must type word for word the dialog but you must place it at the right spot and display it long enough to be read. From my point of view the missions are vastly improved when you know your objectives. In the PRO distro Josh has all the scripts playable in main.scm and has also separated them individually so you don't have to load everything to study how just one mission functions. Also I got his permission to post his mission list: Mission 01. Plug the Leak 02. Catch CJ 03. INFO - Cut Scene explains Donut Shop and CRASH cars. 04. Cleaning the Hood - ALT version demo how to mod R* missions. 05. King of the Hill 06. Gray Exports 07. Double Boom! 08. Path of the Snake 09. Search for the Truth 10. Epsilon Cult 11. Hostage Hotel 12. Zombotech 13. Derby Madness 14. Chinese Steak 15. Jefferson Airplane 16. Flying Elvis 17. Donuts From Hell 18. Court Room Riot 19. Death of CJ 20. Finale - A surprise playable ending. A. Donuts - Pick up Hernandez and Pulaski at Donut Shop B. Coffee - Dismiss Hernandez and Pulaski A note from Josh (Jabhacksoul): I fully intend to have it done and uploaded this summer, I fell behind so bad at school... ok I have less credits than my brother who is in the 10th grade and I am in the 12th. My Dad is more understanding than Mom who wanted to ship me off to the army. I lost my girl (she was hot) to another guy (the emo freak) and got real depressed and blew off a lot of activities. But I am over that now. My Mom wants me to get a part-time job and work the summer like I did last summer. Dad says, Whatever... I think I will do whatever. Actually I will be helping my Dad around the house and that means more time on the PC. Over 50% of the list above is 100% completed. Because we farted up the script using the Tenpenny mesh in place of Carl Johnson I still have a bug with Tenpenny eating at the restaurants. Since the missions are not depending on you eating I am not going to worry about it. But if pretzel boy shows his ugly head just run to the nearest save game point and it should fix it. reason for edit: I had mission 8 and 9 flipped.
  4. ToonSkull

    Downgrader patch not working

    There is a version 3 it was released as a download (d2d) STEAM version and as far as I know the downgrade doesn't work on it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/12120/ Sadly people are actually paying $19.99 for it when my brother picked up his PC version 2 for only $10 last year at Walmart. Yeah, I really want to pay to download something at twice the price and have no backup disks??? wtf He paid the $45 when it first came out on the Xbox, but waited for the PC version to drop in price. Vincent
  5. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Yep, the last mission he had me try it but I couldn't beat it. It is exactly the same just reversed roles and kind of a check point race style with CJ chasing you and Sweet flopping around on the ladder. You're going to love his cut scene at the end. I better not say too much, but I mean it's a given that has to be the final mission. There are other missions that cross-over, we explain why Tenpenny was so hot to tip Carl off about Gray Imports. The 5th mission will explain it. We show how he got involved with Truth, and of course there is that assassination mission on the Federal Witness. Instead of recruting gang members or other cops. You can drive to Jims Rings and pick up Hernandez and Pulaski. They will shoot at anything that poses a "threat" even cops. You can't take them on missions unless they are part of the mission storyline. They are both dead after a certain point in the story. We both hope this mod pack will both entertain and educate people on how to make missions of their own. I know there are a lot of mods "out there" but it just seems to be lack of good storyline. Well right now I am playing VC Stories on my PS2 (rental game) so I better go finish.
  6. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Tennpenny didn't do that - He ordered it, so it would be a pretty boring mission. Yep, he hired some Ballas to kill Sweet but they missed. But most people haven't seen the 20 minute video that Rockstar made to promote the game. I know I didn't see it until Josh started his mod. I think there are still some copies floating around YouTube. I don't know of any "official" versions available from Rockstar. I just popped in to tell you that Josh is working on the GTX aka the subtitles. Which is kind of a slow process he has to type it into the GTX editor save it run the game and see if the text shows up in the correct places. All the missions are done and playable but kind of dumb if you don't have the popup boxes giving you instructions or the people saying the correct thing at the right moment. His "King of the Hill" mission was giving him grief not showing you how much money you made when you beat the mission. Little crap like that can make a mod look like you just don't care. He wanted to have his save game filenames custom so far they all save as "In the Beginning" which I told him is ok he is just nit picking. I will try to keep you posted each FRIDAY from here on out as progress reports until the release. The release is going to be 2 types a PRO and a JOE. The JOE release is going to be a huge download but the easiest to install. The PRO will be smallest but require you to compile your files. See ya next Friday!
  7. ToonSkull

    havin fun

    My cousin has GTA IV on his Xbox 360 and I can tell you this much. Your guys can get stuck so easy, driving sucks, the land mass is small. Yes I know it is supposed to be just Liberty City again but once you experience a vast landscape like SA how couldn't you expect more? Their are people who will tell you that we should compare SA and IV because they are so different. IMO the only reason they release this and many games to PC is to sell high end graphics cards. Even SA starts up with Nvidia "the ONLY way to play". But I am lost how is this modding?
  8. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    I might be a bit bias being so close to his project and all but I was thinking it was so good I might actually play the game someday. Seriously I haven't even finish Vice City. I mean I know the whole storyline from him ALWAYS playing the games to death but I think I beat GTA III once and that's about it. Good place I chose hang out huh?
  9. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Sorry for the slowness of this project but my brother is working on the last few missions. He decided he wanted the "complete vision" and not a rush job. He had a few set backs, bugs, poor grades at school, new PC, etc.. We're both off for the summer and I promise you won't be disappointed by this package. He has 19 or 20 missions I think. Again to explain it, this is the story from the view if you were Tenpenny. In a way I am responsible for getting this started. We were just talking about what the heck Tenpenny was up to when he wasn't hassling CJ? Our story starts just prior to CJ arrival at the airport. As for my part in all of this I snaggged a few of Samuel L Jacksons famous movie lines to make it a bit more entertaining. I also wrote some plots but had no part of the coding. Joshua gets that headache. I told him to just release a "lite" version but he wants everyone to get the big picture. ETA is unknown at this time but is not a dead project.
  10. ToonSkull

    Died after twelve hours of sex

    He should have had a penile implant instead. He could have won the bet and lived to talk about it!
  11. ToonSkull

    Pirate Bay Trial

    Well it appears most people here agree that TPB is nothing more than a torrent search engine and should not be punished for that. My Grandma uses TPB to download DVD's (the woman is a movie junkie) and I was talking to her about it. She has been a victim of some rip-off sites, where she paid $40 to download unlimited DVDs but found the site list contains only 100 titles or less (most are pure crap). She wanted to know if there was any plans to come after the users of the site. I don't think they can, they would need a lot more lawyers. I believe this act might not be to get TPB out of service, as much as, to scare the users who have placed torrents to download or those who download. Personally I don't use TPB, never downloaded a torrent. I wonder how the companies feel about the other places, I do use like playlist.com? I can listen to music on the site for free (much like web radio) and any idiot can start the recorder and have a wmv made as they listen. So how can they blame TPB for all their loss? Why not just sue the whole internet? It would make about as much sense. I noticed one person commented on the artists income. I know how my aunt feels about her music. All singers make their money from live concerts. If they made money off their record deals and radio they wouldn't be charging $350 for front row seats. My aunt has two country CD's and would love the fame alone because then people would want to see her in person at concerts. My uncle played in a bar band and did 4 hours a night for $50 per member. So unless you can download front row seats off TPB for free, I don't see how this is hurting any artist. Actors are paid for the movie in advance, so downloading the DVD can't hurt them either. I make it a point to try to buy all my music that I like. I have all of Weird Al on my mp3 player but I also own the CD's. However there is always that song no matter how hard you try it just doesn't exist on any CD. That's about the only time I end up downloading it. I am not trying to sound all self righteous or anything, it would be nice if all the software, music, books, and entertainment was free. But it never will be.
  12. ToonSkull

    Pirate Bay Trial

    I love tossing gasoline on an open campfire but.... Let me state this is NOT the forum to be talking about warez. I am talking about a trial that took place in Sweden over the last 2 weeks. Read News Here for more information. Here are the facts that I wish to discuss; the prosecution wants them to get 1 year in jail and pay fines amounting in millions of US dollars in damages. Do you think it is fair or a miscarriage of justice? The website owners claim it to be nothing more than a search engine like Google but seeks out only torrents. However it waves the pirate flag and the name itself is a dead give away as to the type of user they want to attract. Even if they are found guilty and go to jail that won't stop torrents from flooding the internet so I really guess I don't see any point to this trial other than wanting to claim other people's money. Express yourself, but please don't get banned talking about stupid crap.
  13. ToonSkull

    Reasons you love TGTAP

    Yet.. you censor it yourself? Seriously... nobody's going to care. fuck. shit. bollocks. bestial porn. etc. We're a GTA forum, and our eye's wont melt if we see 'swears'... Which is another reason I love it here. Personally I like "bloody hell" myself but they don't consider that to be cursing here. I guess the feature is one of those things that I like to know is available if I desire to use it. Like seat belts in cars or helmets on motorcycles.
  14. ToonSkull

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    Oh excuse me since you must have such a wonderful spell checker it does uncommon names. However James Marshall Hendrix, died in London under circumstances which have never been fully explained. His girlfriend Monika Dannemann was the one who publicly claimed that Hendrix was alive when placed in the back of the ambulance. Police and ambulance statements said that there was no one but Hendrix in the flat, and not only was he dead when they arrived on the scene, but had been dead for some time. BBC TV program 24 Hours, stated that they believed Hendrix had committed suicide. Dannemann said that Hendrix had taken a few of her sleeping pills and had drank some red wine before going to bed. Later after her death, her boyfriend, Uli Jon Roth, always said he suspected foul play. There are numerous people who have contrived "murder conspiracy" theories but the bottom line was Hendrix died not of drug overdose but an idiot who didn't know how to position a body. Everything I told you above is a matter of what "sources" you prefer to believe and let's face it, you only ask for sources to be able to shoot the sources down. Go buy your own bullets.
  15. ToonSkull

    Reasons you love TGTAP

    I am a forum junkie pure and simple... I like the smileys and you can say what the f**k you like without being censored, there are some geeks in here that seem to fall into the same pile as me. Oh yeah my brother kinda dragged me in here, I think everyone knows that I never actually finished a full game of any GTA. So yeah, it must be the special people here. I got up 5am with nothing else to do, we have 150 channels and there is nothing but paid commercials on every one. Who actually watches those? I was thinking about playing Guild Wars but it isn't much fun without someone I know online and Josh sleeps in until 6:45. I think I will check out my other forums...
  16. ToonSkull

    Awsum/funny stuff you do at school.

    Three of us used crazy super glue to attach a chair to the wall while the teacher was outside the room. The funny thing was it took him about 5 minutes to notice it. He got a little chuckle out of it yanked it off the wall and said, "Cut it out!" looking directly at me.
  17. ToonSkull

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    No. If the person is lying on their side or back they can vomit in their state and not wake up. People lying on their side can and will roll onto their back. Always place the body face down and cock the head off to one side.
  18. ToonSkull

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    Jimmy Hendrix was another great guitarist. It pisses me off every time they say he died from a drug overdose. The truth is the paramedics arrived and strapped him face up on the stretcher. He vomited in the back of the ambulance and choked to death on his own vomit. The paramedics killed him but they saved the hospital from embarrassment by saying drug overdose. If you ever have a friend who is stoned or drunk fall asleep make sure they are face down you could save their life. RIP Jimmy
  19. ToonSkull

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    Adrian Belew is the best. I see a lot of groups being mentioned but "groups" are not Guitarists. He has played for many groups and vocalists as their choice guitarist. I like this Japanese commercial he appeared in:
  20. ToonSkull

    Any female players?

    I still go by the acumen that all the people you meet online are one man named Bob who is 35 and lives in his parents basement. Hi Bob stop trying to pick yourself up on the internet. You know you are alone here. Just you and empty space and you are but a thought.
  21. ToonSkull

    What do I need to make my room a gaming setup?

    Six G's!? Gimme the money and I could remodel six bedrooms for that! But if you have the room -- you never gave us dimensions -- I'd skip the LCD crap and go with a projector. I'd keep a small monitor for use but the projectors -a good one- can project a large clear picture. I'd go to my uncle for the audio setup since he owns a music store and recording studio he knows a lot about audio and how to set up a quality sound system. So my advice is to find someone with audio knowledge. For the amount being spent I would have all 3 pop consoles -not the Wii- and a kick-ass PC. PC's always need upgrades, and upgrades get cheaper as time goes by, so I would hold off on anything other than the necessities of what you are currently playing. My taste on OS is Linux and I couldn't even imagine spending much more than 2 thousand on a bedroom makeover. Of course, you are talking to a guy who has a handcrafted coffin as his bed. My bedroom is done in the Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne style. Good luck, from what I have read about you, your mom is gonna freak.
  22. ToonSkull

    2008 Awards voting now closed

    Aren't you supposed to be the only girl members of this forum? It seems like a no brainer. Unless someone else voted for Bob -- read rule number 1 -- and I know I didn't vote for anyone. All my votes went to Bob.
  23. ToonSkull

    SERIOUS Virus Threat HELP!

    Also another good free fix is "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" I used it to get rid of "Anti Virus 2009" on my brother's PC. Bottom line here is if you didn't install the program the it is a Trojan Virus pretending to be your installed virus system. When you hit the registration and pay them the CA$H they won't do anything but rob you of your money. It just makes you want to go running around punching them in the face.
  24. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    It is my brother's project, he and I are working on exams this week at school. You can get updated on the project status here on his about me page. I did all the audio and worked out some of the mission plots. He did the coding 100%. I told him he should just release the thing as a beta version but long story short he found some bugs so my brother (Mr. Perfection) is still polishing it with a diaper. He has roughly 15 or more missions + sides but I can beat this in a very short time. He mainly wants people to know how to code new missions because there is a serious lack of mission addon packs. There seems to be tons of addons if you want CJ to piss purple in a snowbank but no real new missions. I think I will talk to him when he gets home tonight about a prerelease or something.
  25. ToonSkull

    Best Debater

    chris82 is a good master debater.