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    Are there any save houses that store heli's?

    This is the link he has a /v/ stuck in the middle. I guess we all know what a zaspani is now? zaspani = macorules94 My brother and I noticed this must be modded since at time index 8:35 he saves this game as in the beginning. And yet has all this shit. But Joshua says that since he parked the heli on top of the garage it is prob. the area X Y and has extended up into the Z range. You could experiment by putting a heli on the garage in Dorherty? But don't bother watching the WHOLE video just leave it load and come back FF to index 7:20
  2. I've explored SA a little bit but to be honest I don't play the game much. I never completed it much past the dance contest or ever opening up another city. But I have watched my brother play and I did a play as player 2 a few times. I know there are many buildings that go unused in the game. The Pointy Building Zombotech The Federal Mint The prison Just to name a few. But I asked Josh if there is an FBI building he said no. So I ask you is there an FBI headquarters? And not to be the kind of guy to waste a perfect use of a thread please add any interesting buildings you have found unused in the game. I know the game is big and I am not talking about random shops but one of a kind buildings. ToonSkull
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    Did anything WEIRD happened to you?

    Nothing normal happens to me. Surrounded by weird things all the time --when something normal happens-- I get all freaked out by it. I have to keep a TV on or radio just drowned out the abnormal. Not that the abnormal is so bad it really is what we live for every day. I mean do you go to school or work on Monday and tell your friends how ordinary and normal your weekend was? I don't brag about my experiences --mostly because of my age-- people think you make crap up. But I do tend to pull the abnormal toward me like a magnet. It is my lifestyle or maybe genetic I don't know. Sure some of it is my fault, I mean if you go lurking in dark alleys don't you expect to get mugged? ToonSkull
  4. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    Not a flame or conversion. But the best you could possibly say is that you are agnostic (don't know if there is or isn't a God). Since you are not God, you don't know the sum of the whole universe and there lies the paradox of claiming to be an atheist. Many atheists will say, "There is no proof of God, Heaven or Hell". However since there is no proof there isn't you can't state for a scientific fact that God doesn't exist. Now if you claim to know for a fact that there is no God in the sum of the universe, you are claiming you have God-like powers (knowledge beyond mortal man) and proclaiming yourself to be God. And then you are saying you don't exist. The atheistic paradox, have a Merry Christmas and God bless you! ToonSkull
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    Favourite Pokemon?

    Devimon I couldn't get into Pokemon that much, I really preferred Digimon they kicked ass.
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    PS3/360 graphics comparison parodies

    I just couldn't resist one more shot at this. This is my personal review of the graphics comparison between consoles of the original game HALO by Bungie. Halo was produced originally for the PC but Microsoft made sure it was released on their new XBox console first back in 2001. While I enjoy playing this game, I still can't help but feel the graphics are nothing to rave about. Years later the game was finally released to the PC as "Halo Combat Evolved". Recently riots broke out at Microsoft when this game was re-released to the PS3. However the graphics seem to have suffered greatly due to the video quality or lack of proper video signal sync. Oddly enough while attending yard sales this past summer, we found the original game and console that Bungie blatantly stole from something called an "Intellivision" copyright 1979 and found the graphics... impressive... most impressive. Find yourself one of these Intellivision thingies!
  7. Say something, say anything, just say it.

  8. ToonSkull

    GTA IV Protection?

    Well even when my brother buys this one -- and I know he will. I won't be able to install it until a crack is made because my machine is running Linux Ubuntu. Not all games get ported to my OS so I have to run them through wine and although I own the game they -- Microsoft -- forces us to use their OS. I don't see that internet thingy working for the game sales either. While most PC users have internet not all do -- The Amish for example -- so while it will be a small margin the internet game check is a bad idea. It is also bypassed by a simple game crack. I remember my Dad was bugging out years ago when he was working for Blizzard on WC3 about the futile development of software protection. His big complaint to the suits was they paid big bucks to Securom to protect the game disks and have all the in-house programmers that can do it for them. The game would still get cracked but if the crakers don't know the style of protection it makes it much harder. Well the game itself will keep me from buying it since it is not backwards compatible to my graphics card. Meanwhile my bro Josh -- Jabhacksoul -- is taking donations through his paypal account to buy a new graphics card.
  9. Philippines... nice tropical weather. Care to trade with me in Michigan 32 no snow yet?

  10. ToonSkull

    PS3/360 graphics comparison parodies

    OK Mr. Pie, I happen to have the "inside information" on the graphics comparison and as you can see here is the side by side by side on ALL thr33 top Kon-Souls!! First off the PS3 Then there is the XBox 360 And lastly the Wii As you can tell the Wii has far better graphics and the superior controls come in real handy when playing GTA San Andreas. After all what little boy doesn't like grabbing a smooth cylinder shaped object and shaking it up and down as fast as he can? The Wii Fit jogging pad makes the game more realist when you run away from police and with the new Wii taser attachment kids can have hours of electrifying fun when the feel the pain of being shot or clubbed to death.
  11. ToonSkull

    "That's So Gay"

    Wow, that commercial is so gay! My Dad works with the US census (computer contract) every 10 years they count every one. He told me that they ask if you consider yourself black and what ethic background you come from. So even if you come from Cuba you can still think of yourself as black although others may think you are white. And for the most part blacks here in the US don't have a problem being called black. I think the term African American was invented by some white person who felt like being stupid that day. The only thing (being a student) I don't care much about is the month of February is "Black History Month" ugh!! Ok so are we going to have January designated Chinese History Month?? Then March as Mexican American History Month? Personally if I were black and worked very hard to achieve something (like the President elect) I would hate to be thought of as the first black ___________ to ever ________. That's why I believe black American awards is a crock. If you achieve something why must we single out the persons race? The first GAY astronaut, it sounds so wrong to me. Can we appreciate some ones accomplishments without the labels? -Rant done.
  12. ToonSkull

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    I wanted to use my own cut scenes in this production. However Josh says you guys cant put video access into the scm code. So I made this promo video instead. The video graphics are done using "The Movies" another video game/sim/tool. I know Tenpenny looks real young but that was the best I could do. You can age the actors but it didn't look right. If you want a higher resolution version you can see it here and even download it. But like I said there wont be graphics like this in our final product because it would bloat the size of our mod and they don't work with the scm code. Well that's what I have been up to how about you?
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    The PG-13 rating is the latest Hollyweird gimmick. I have noticed they open at the theater with the one the soccer moms will allow all the teens see. Then 6 months later they will hit the video stores with the UNRATED version. If you're a die hard fan you will want to see the teeny version and then wait to see all the additional footage on the DVD. I think they found they can make more cash if they don't pop a rated R on it. Although I am 14, I have never been told by any theater I cannot watch R flicks. They are out to make money too.
  14. |-|3££0 |\/|¥ ƒ3££0\/\/ |\/|0ÐÐ3®$ 1 4|\/| |-|3®3 70 74|{3 0\/3® ¥0µ® \/\/0®£Ð. Translation: Hello would you care for some tea?
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    RATE Person above you

    Avatar: 7/10 It's ok. Signature: 8/10 I like the animation. Person: This guy is a real suck up when he can't tell a Mod how much he hates the guy's guts and wants to date his sister.
  16. Halloween is approaching and the reason for North American kids to celebrate it varies from tooth decay to Mexico Day of the Dead or Party of the Dead. I like the idea (celtic) that it grows cold and the dead walking the Earth or Earthbound souls see us basking in the warmth of our homes. The idea is to place a gift (or treat) on the porch and these ghosts and spirits would pass you by and not invade your home. Maybe you are a skeptic and don't believe in an afterlife? Well I do believe in an afterlife and I have my own theories about it. I never been dead so I can only base theories or ideas. Now here is something for your viewing pleasure... Ghost orbs. This last one I took a picture of my Mom at 3am in the backyard (experimenting with people) the 2nd one I increased the gamma so you could see how many there are of them. Note to skeptics: I have written to Kodak the maker of my camera and they answered back, "Well what do you think they are?" DUH?! I don't care to hear half-ass answers from you unless you can prove it using the scientific method. Note to true believers: I don't care to hear how they are angelic ufo's sent by bigfoot because God spoke to you in a dream. My camera is a new digital Kodak, the lens is clear and clean. These don't show up in every flash photo I take. Some one suggested that I try other locations and I have some produce no orbs at all, some have 3 or 4 and others like ones with my mom in them 20 or more. People seem to be a key factor so far. What are they? I DON'T KNOW, and I don't care. But feel free to post your paranormal stories or photos here. HAVE FUN!
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    The PARAnormal - Ghosts, Cryptozoology, etc...

    This youtube visually shows orbs taken on video without a flash: Hey zero points for charisma, but that's ok since your mum wasn't such a great lay.
  18. ToonSkull

    The PARAnormal - Ghosts, Cryptozoology, etc...

    Sorry about that, I was thinking so close to Halloween and all... but just to let you know the pictures are legit I didn't doctor them (yeah for what that is worth today) and I am not a British cigarette. But like I said, I'd love to get an actual scientific answer but so far nobody has come forward with a study on digital cameras taking photos of light orbs or ghost orbs. On the other hand, the paranormal research group known as TAPS say they also refuse to investigate such a common phenomenon. I too believe in ghosts, they are lost souls waiting here for a reaper (shinigami) to show them the way. So anyone out there with some good paranormal stories of their own? Maybe you had an experience you just can't explain? Tell us about it, we want to hear it.
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    The Random Post Topic V2.0

    Hi my name is Vanessa a hot babe and I want you to see my webcam at: My FREE Naked Cam
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    RATE Person above you

    Avatar: 5 - I liked the kitten better and the SP character made sense. Signature: 5 - see above... Person: From everything he says, he sounds a lot like my older brother. I like the guy and he would really be cool to hang out with... if only he would stop shooting guys in the dick. That's just wrong.
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    Actually, there are people who use the internet for entirely legal purposes. Well i doubt that. Sometimes they don't even know what they are downloading is illegal. True. It is hard to tell. But if you are talking about music I can speak from first hand knowledge you are NOT hurting the artist only the record company. The pop artist makes the big bucks at concert and on tour. Playing the song on a radio station pays the artist around $ 0.00001 and sales (unless they are independent) are pennies too. Some pop artists have said this in interviews and I personally know an independent artist in my hometown she sells her CD on the various internet sites like CD Baby and ringtones. While she doesn't like the fact that some people are bootlegging her CD, she said, she understands the plight of some 3rd world countries like Romania. A woman from that country sent her fan mail and told her it was bootleg but the only way to get it. Went on to say she had to take out a loan with the bank just to buy a CD Player! She went on to tell me she get madder when pop artists steal her music and the overall song and just retune it so they don't get sued for copyright violation. My Mom is a big Bon Jovi fan going all the way back to the 80's. She has every one of his albums all purchased in the stores. But she probably gave him more money than ever before when her and Dad went to his concert in Detroit last Summer. Concert tickets is where the musicians money comes from. Not the tapes or CDs.
  22. ToonSkull

    Sexual Preference

    Lol, a little bit, weird isn't it? I mean, would you go and let this alien give you a blowjob? Imagine how odd that'd be... I don't think I'd wanna go into detail, it well... Feels disturbing. Well, from today, me and my friend have realized we've changed our opinion in women. I mean, back when me and him were young, like around 7 years old, we use to hate girls, we believed in cuties and stuff which looking back at, seems funny now. Heh, it does seem funny, but I guess immaturity had a part in it. But like from time as we grow, we started to see them turn to beautiful, young women, and they saw us grow into young men. It does make you think that it's been a really, really long time since you were a kid, and how you saw girls as. Now you see them as attractive beings, and of course they see us as attractive guys (Well, that will differ). I thought I'd share this, it seemed interesting to think of it, that is, if you're not a child anymore. I try not to have any "sexual hangups" as I understand it in Japan the Japanese think of sex as either a biological act and/or entertainment. The western/euro hangups about sex and certain sex acts being "taboo" is the big difference. In Japan there is no "taboo" no gay jokes, no big deal even about bondage. I guess my opinion about sex with an alien is I still think it would be akin to doing the neighbor's dog (assuming it knew how to talk and was attractive). I mean we are talking about another species, the holes and appendages might have some other uses. When I started the topic I had just watched the rerun of "Dr. Who" with Capt. Jack Harkness in the WWII plot. This is the one where the Doctor tells Rose that in Jack's time line people screw anything. In fact the whole human race goes out into space and starts doing every alien species they come across. The title of that episode was "The Doctor Dances". Maybe that is NASA's true objective? I would still have an issue with alien sex.
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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Oh no a fellow cosplayer!
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    what agrivates you topic

    People. Think of what a wonderful world it would be without them. Well before people came along the dinosaurs had a great time.