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    I wonder if they plan to do that whole surreal drug educed thing where he is told on the phone that his life is just a video game. What I like about the game is the whole plot is taken from the Norse Mythology.
  2. ToonSkull

    I feel like I just got Bitch Slapped!

    Oh Boo Hoo cry me river. :'( I told Josh this looked fake to me. But I agree that anything you do can be called illegal. Example; Wearing a seat belt is good for you and law makers made it a law to wear it. You don't get to vote on this law because it is for "the common good". Salt is bad for your health so will the law makers force us to stop eating salt? Yes, if they can make money from it. The seat belt fine in my state is $75 per person not properly seat belted (lap belt and shoulder harness) in your car. That's $300 per car!! During the "click it or ticket" month I heard the cop at my school saying they raked in thousands of dollars in tickets. It is NOT about keeping you safe, it is always about money. IF Ben said it (and he might have) I would agree with him completely. I know for a fact this appears in wiki and reuters 'Grand Theft' maker blames hackers for sex scenes - Reuters on 13 July 2005. I am guilty of making changes to theirs and other software breaking the copyright law and they can go get stuffed if they don't like my improvements. Reuters Link
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    Zmodeler exporting problem

    The Hollower made this cool GTA import/export for the Blender, but so far the script only works with GTA 3 and VC that I know. It seems to me since the script is just a text file written in Python. Someone real smart could and should update it for SA. The DFF couldn't have changed that much? Blender is FREE and it has Windows, Linux and MAC versions. Here is an example of what Blender can do:
  4. ToonSkull

    MEd problem

    I don't know but I think that is the default. There is a texture option as I remember, it causes the editor to lag real bad because you are loading ALL the textures and well not even the game does that. If you have a high end computer with a great deal of RAM for both the video and the PC memory then I guess you could turn on the textures. But at the moment I can't remember how that is done.
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    This is an interesting gray area. My brother and I have no pirated games. However we do install the NoCD hacks (I must using Linux and all) but Josh does it just to save wear on the DVD or CD. Also I listen to music on the internet at the playlist.com site. Now there is a real gray area, I listen to the shared music while playing my MMORPGS. I didn't pay to listen to the music, I don't burn the music but the music is there to listen to and enjoy. My brother recently modded his Xbox and installed his entire library of 109 games to the HDD. He still has the disks so it is not piracy. But many of our actions are considered illicit or even illegal. My Grandma got in trouble from her ISP for downloading DVD's now she is seeking a new ISP, I buy DVD's because most movies I want are cheap and I prefer the better copy. Then another gray area that this and other sites like it activly take part in Reverse Engineering of PC Games. Also called modifying or modding. I am all for modding any game, the benefit is you get more active shelf life and the game is more popular. Many modders will disagree saying the games are meant to be changed. But all you need to do is read the EULA of any software program such as Rockstar's EULA: So you see by law, all the modders owe Rockstar for distributing the portions of GTA in part. Bottom line is Rockstar knows we are good for business so they turn a blind eye and allow us to carry on. It wouldn't help sales to hear in the press Rockstar launches major suit against customers. Yes we reverse engineer the software and redistribute in part the models, audio, and scm files. So there are no black and white issues of piracy just shades of gray.
  6. ToonSkull

    Biggest Rip Offs

    $22.00 (15.33 Euros or 12.16 Pounds) for a foam rubber brick at an Anime Convention I attended this past summer. It was a foam rubber brick 10 x 10 x 10 inches (25 cm) from the video game Mario Bros.
  7. ToonSkull

    Windows Error Messages - Funny

    Insufficient Memory
  8. ToonSkull

    Photoshop CS4!

    I don't think Linux is that hard, I am 14 and installed it in one day on my machine. I went to the Ubuntu download page and got the iso burnt it to a CD and installed it with great ease. Neckbeards??? Hmmm... I guess once I am old enough to grow one. I have nothing against Windows or this Adobe Photoshop except the god awful price. I take that back I have nothing against Windows XP... Vista is another story. I don't use the Gimp anyways, I just know my brother loves it and you can't beat that price.
  9. ToonSkull

    Heaviest Drinkable Liquid

    Aw, crap! You're no fun not wanting to drink mercury... I would think something along the lines of syrup comes to mind. In fact, the small village of Shepherd about 50 miles West of me, has an annual Maple Syrup Festival where they eat lots of pancakes covered in syrup. I remember they once had a contest to see who could down an entire bottle in the least amount of time. Diabetes and kidney dialysis springs to mind... You might want to try corn syrup it is cheaper.
  10. ToonSkull

    Photoshop CS4!

    My brother uses a program called the Gimp, I have it on my machine (Linux) but I understand it also runs a Windows based port. He uses the Gimp a lot, so why pay hundreds of dollars for Photo Shop?
  11. ToonSkull

    How do I make som quick money?

    This is funny but go to the Pig Pen (strip club) and jump up on stage in front of the dancer. DON'T TOUCH HER!! But stand close enough and CJ will pick up her $100 tips. I left it play like this for about an hour or so and when I got back I had $40000. If you stand to close you will get shot by the bouncers. What's cool is 1. it is not a cheat 2. You can do this from the start and Q. If you let it run all day you can acquire a lot of wealth!
  12. ToonSkull

    Americans are NOT stupid...

    I live in a Polish, German and Catholic dominated community here in the the US. I got a good belly laugh out of the video and we cannot take things so seriously. We tell pollock jokes at school even though 75% of the last names end with ski because we all know that polish can't spell toboggan. I live here and yes we love to make ethnic jokes. But keep the black jokes down to a minimum (no sense of humor). So to all my American friends, "If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!". About this video, I am certain it was done in good ethnic parody. They most likely edited the footage to get the worst answers. But sadly yes that is true of I would have to say more than half the US intelligence straight out of high school. Also I detect a southern accent in most people interviewed. Not knocking the south my Grandma came from Texas a college graduate but the education suffers in the south due to the economy. The average person in the US is not good at geometry, geography, history, and world politics. The good news is the "average person" doesn't actually take an active part in running our country. We leave it to the retard we elected twice!!
  13. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    here in my country, as far as i know, divorce and annulment is prohibited. but yeah, if that was the only reason why the protestants seceded from Roman Catholic church, it is very immature. I guess you'd have to as a Brit but from what history tells us King Henry the 8th got the title King when his brother died. His brother was married to a Spanish Queen which was an aranged marrage to bring the countries together. Henry had to accept her as his wife even though she was his brother's widow. He fell in lust or love for a girl named Anne which he had two children by the son was a still birth and a girl who went on to become Queen. Henry accused his new Queen Anne of being unfaithful and had her beheaded for treason. Like I said in my earlier post Christians seem to confuse politics with religion.
  14. ToonSkull

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    cuz we're silly. Are you just saying that because you're ugly? I get a real kick out of people like my Aunt who says, you're asking for trouble anyone who let's you post your picture or name and address on the internet. Then her own 17 year old daughter has a MySpace page with her cell phone number available. I sell DVD's on my website how else are people going to get me the checks (unless they go through PayPal) but still I am a 14 year old into video distribution, not some lusty busty overweight teen with her cell posted!! Why not post a picture of yourself? Uglier the better!
  15. ToonSkull

    Sexual Preference

    I am straight but haven't done the deed. I have a question for all who wish to answer, if we found alien life and it was attractive would you consider cross species sex? Think hard before you answer, they might not be male or female or they could be both or neither... Just something hypothetical.
  16. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    The Protestant separated off from the Catholics when a monk by the name of Martin Luther "protested" and formed the German Lutheran Church. He also got married. Later King Henry the 8th desired to divorce his brother's wife and wed a new Queen. He rejected the church of Rome and founded the Church of England making it legal to get divorced. Funny sometimes what makes a whole new religion system.
  17. ToonSkull

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    I am a Vincentologist meaning I am a religion unto myself. I am raised in a Christian home but my father says it is up to the individual to find his or her own salvation. I firmly believe in the afterlife. No offense to the atheists out there but to believe there is no God is stating you are God because you "know it all" and the beginning of all wisdom is "I know nothing". The best you can say is you don't know if God exists and leave it at that. But to "debunk" God is just an impossible task... unless you know his phone number. Now as to all the major faiths such as Christian, Muslim, and Jew you are involved in mixing your current politics into your religion. That is why I separate myself from those major faith centers. The Christians for the most part (in my opinion) don't understand the teachings of Christ or even the basic root structure of their religion. While the Muslims seem to be a polar opposite (no not evil) they understand their root religion and teachings and refuse to be flexible to the point that it causes health issues and social problems. The Jews seem to be somewhere in the middle, with many orthodox clinging to old tradition and modern era practically abandoning the faith. I never expect any of the major faiths to get along or agree on their beliefs. I have ideas and theories instead, you can alter an idea as time passes but it is much harder to say you believe in something one day and change your belief the next. As I said before, I firmly believe in an afterlife and that will never change. But how you get to your afterlife is up to you the individual. In the meanwhile, have fun!
  18. ToonSkull

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Operating Systems: Linux Ubuntu Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Processor Speed: 2.40GHz Memory: DDR 512MB Maximum Memory: 2.0GB HDD Capacity: 500GB Audio Description: Integrated Audio AC '97 Audio Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 4000 Power: 160 Watt Should be a real challenge. Not that I plan to use this program on my machine, but with a video card upgrade it might work. I end up using wine to run most the windows programs.
  19. ToonSkull

    GCSE Results

    Over here we have MEAP testing up to the 9th grade then after you graduate the 12th grade you must pay to go to college. I plan to just finish with a high school education. I can always go to college later on loans and grants if I really want to but I don't have any major job goals in my future.
  20. ToonSkull

    Economy Crash - Discuss

    I thought that it had already happened and I just slept through the whole thing. Seriously, the whole national debt is a fraud. How can you borrow money from yourself? The US banks don't have money (think about it) they have paper that represents money which is no longer based on our gold or they have data in PC's that state you own the bank X amount and the bank holds X amount that belongs to you. There are comericals on TV and radio trying to trick people into selling their gold jewerly. Gold is money, which makes me think Fort Knox must be empty. This country has been using Christmas Holiday far too long as a crutch to boost the economy. This year maybe worst than last year's Christmas season. My brother and I had a nice family Christmas with a minimum of presents. Dad gave us $150 each to go shopping after Christmas and take advantage of markdowns. Then in May he gave us $300 each and said George Bush thinks it will stimulate the economy. Didn't seem to do much but I enjoyed spending it. If this Christmas shopping day aka (Black Sunday) is any idea of the shape of our economy then we are spinning around the drain and just waiting.
  21. ToonSkull

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    No open questions?? Q: What is the billboard "True Grime - Street Cleaners" making a parody? It can be found in various locations.
  22. ToonSkull

    How was Google before...

    We have Google set as the home page for the following reasons: It has no commercials. When you get on the internet you are ready to search. Due to fact#1 it loads quicker than other search engines. We can now customize our Google front page. Google is rarely unavailable I dont change my webpage at all. Well I do update the news and links but overall I try to continue with what works on my pages. Google hasn't changed much and it works. If it isn't broke why fix it? Long ago Yahoo was top dog I don't even use their email anymore, and the last time I was at yahoo it looked cluttered.
  23. ToonSkull

    2012: The Year The Internet Ends

    I don't know how the Apocalypse got drug up into this, but the Myans never said the world would end. The Myan calendar just stops there and many doom sayers with a book to sell visit George Norry on his radio show and sell the idea that the Myan's "knew something". But as to blocking the internet; US Congress passed the CDA in 1996 (anyone ever hear of it??) No? The Communications Decency Act of 1996 was a law passed that basically made it illegal to transmit pornography on US servers and illegal to download pornography on US computers. Yeah that worked!! It has been a law written in some book for over 12 years and just as effective as the FBI and Interpol warnings on your DVDs. They cannot police something that doesn't belong to them. Next we are told that BIG BAD WOLF INC. is about to start selling us chunks of the internet on a PPV basis? WTF??? Some people are so gullible... My ISP is in business to make money and they aren't going to do that by limited service. Long ago my Dad paid $10 per month for dial up access. As the internet grew his company grew too. Now I am on a LAN over a wireless satellite network. I think he pays about $40 per month now. So they are going to tell my Dad that he must do PPV to see certain sites? I don't think so. His company and others will drop the ISP and bypass them. Today many ISP such as dial up access providers (like Net Zero) are offering it for $10 per month or less. There will always be some ISP that will offer you more for less. I am sure there are companies out there looking for suckers to invest in the newest flavor of the internet. This is not it.
  24. ToonSkull

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    umm... "Sin City" ??? 100% Correct!
  25. ToonSkull

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    True Q: What other name was the Rockstar Officials planning to use instead of "San Andreas"?