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  1. ok thanks want i really want it let me know when its done its for gta san andreas ok :thumbsup:

    It will be a bit before I get the model made up a week or two at most.


    I am using this image and others I found on eBay to make the Blender model. Then I will hand the 3DS to my brother who will add texture and convert it to DFF for GTA. So it shouldn't be long before you are zipping about on your custom Yugioh Bike.

    Did you want this to replace the PCJ 600 or some other bike?

    --------------============<<<<<<<EDITED FOR NEW INFO>>>>>>>>>============--------------

    Here are screen shots of my progress on your bike. Still a bit rough but I wish I could find a top down view or head on shot.

    post-24009-1250424421_thumb.jpg post-24009-1250424442_thumb.jpg

    post-24009-1250424536_thumb.jpg post-24009-1250424553_thumb.jpg

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  2. Exactly. This is why my brother is a firm believer in fewer polys and better textures. I work in Blender and when the verticies (points) get higher than 14,000 in a single model I start to notice it big time. Blender heads like myself make movies and stills not meant for games.

    Your model looks incredibly smooth but if you are working with a game it is better to have an 8 point box. Also you might notice the default steering wheels are pentagon shaped? This is meant to reduce the poly count because the interior of a car in GTA isn't really important.

    If you wanted to fix the car it won't be easy. You would have to export it using Zmodeler or 3DS and carefully remove or reduce as many polys as you can.

    So to all the modders looking at making a cool car for this game, remember people won't like the fact you put so much detail into the model such as springs, shocks, and struts. They will like the paint job and the fact it loads quickly.

    EDIT: Here is an example, the PCJ600 has 1698 verts and 1720 faces in the highest resolution. I have come across some mods that have tons more than needed and most are internal items that would never show up in the game but the game must still calculate those useless ones.


  3. Actually I plan on making it as a hotel (much like the Jefferson motel, but not in a ghetto style of course) than as a hyped-up three-minute ride on a theme park. It'll be a whole new story based on the ride's backstory and the movie spinoff if I decide to do a conversion, although I don't mind coding it for now.

    I didn't know they made a movie... yep they sure did, I just did a search on IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0131620/

    Made for TV and 5.7 worth a look I suppose.

    From the screen shots, it looks like you have it a bit too small? Maybe you should a skydive or fly a plane over for a better view. Well I have to go see a man about a bike. :hi:

  4. Yes I remember going on this ride down in Florida. Not much to it. Mostly you wait in long lines and enter a spooky basement with generators. Bellhops have you board an elevator (which is the car). You are restrained and a lap bar goes down. The elevator goes up to a floor where they open the doors and a sort of movie runs about missing guests. Then the elevator dives bounces you up and down and the ride is over. There is more build up and hype than anything and it is basically a power tower that is in the dark.

    I don't see how you could make a full mod with such a weak plot as a falling elevator in a haunted hotel? Are you going to make ghosts?

  5. ok I got it. Now I wanna go back to regular SA. How?

    Run the install program as you did before. Select the exe and uninstall. But you will need to replace the audio SCRIPT with the backup copy you made. It is easier and quicker to uninstall than install.

    My brother made a whole separate folder and copied the game in there. So he has Tenpenny and the original to work with but not everyone has the HD space.

  6. ok i just bought the game today and i cant hear cj talk or anyone in the mission talk. I cant hear the phone ring or the car im driving. But i can hear the other cars and the peds whats wrong with my game???

    All the voice audio is in one BIG file called audio/SFX/SCRIPT and is a big file:

    Directory of M:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\audio\SFX










    9 File(s) 2,291,472,732 bytes

    Not trying to offend you, but I would suspect that you got an illegal "ripped" version if any of the files are not the sizes above.

  7. I have a glitch / bug. In the mission "Grey Exports", when I go into the warehouse, as soon as the door closes completely behind me, the screen goes completely blue and I can't see anything accept the HUD and the aiming crosshair.

    That is what the goofy goggles are for this mission gives you a silencer, knife and IR goggles.

    There are 2 men on the floor and 3 on the catwalk they are programmed with limited sight because it is so dark. You can sneak up from behind and kill them easy. My brother's idea of a "Splinter Cell" mission.

    Now about the audio issues. I fucked up there is no way to sugar coat it. A new smaller download is going to replace the old 57MB JOE it should be half the size. It wasn't XP, Vista or etc... It was me pure and simple.

    I am including Alci's GUI with SAAT (only 5MB and saves time looking) and my tutorial. I removed the massive SCRIPT file and this reduces the download for people greatly. So now people who download this new file will have the instructions to do the audio plain and clear. We will keep the Audio Fix files available over another week for anyone who downloaded the original JOE package. My brother JAB is going to upload this tonight before we go away for the weekend (camping trip). We should be back to address any questions by Sunday night.

    So here is the run down; if you want the latest version of JOE it will get posted in the normal places. The Audio Fix will remain and he has fixed several errors in the main.scm HOWEVER he won't guarantee the new main will work with the your current save files. So far he says the fixed scm is working with all his saved game files.

    BTW I was going to try the SAAT -i blah blah blah but the batch files or command lines take just as long as the GUI and will just fry some users brains.

    See you Sunday,


  8. OK, I reigned myself to re-installing the whole game, but I still can't get it to load the first mission. if anyone else has problams like mine could they let me know on here so I know whether it's just me.

    Hmmm.... I can take it next door to the neighbors house and install it on his Vista system and see what happens today. It is almost 6am and no one is up yet. He is a retired old guy that.... bought a computer because he thought he needed one. Doesn't even have internet. But it is a new Dell and I should be able to get a handle on the issue. I am running it on my Linux box for testing and other than it being slow and jerky in spots (just like my brother) the game is playing and Plug the Leak starts up ok. If you are using the SB to edit the main.scm then you could skip the first mission by changing the variable from $INTRO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS = 0 to $INTRO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS = 1.

    Since the first mission uses custom audio files, it may be the culprit. The second mission uses none.

  9. I personally am an Agnostic.

    (An agnostic is popularly defined as a person who holds to a middle ground between atheism and theism who also believes that the existence of God is a definite possibility but it is not within the realm of one’s knowledge.)

    @Azazel - Isn't Azazel the name of a satanic goat?

    Yep the old demon of the desert. That was my first clue he was bullshitting us... and I think the little troll still is just a flame bait.

    You see I actually have no problem with Agnostic. Because if you were to state "There is no God." then you claim to be an all knowing super human that knows the sum of the universe and all its parts. The best an atheist can say is "I don't belive a God or super creator exists based on my current knowledge.". However I find more and more that people who claim to be atheistic keep trying very hard to convince others that their belief system is "the way". They quote science and evolution and use that as stongly as Bible thumping Christians use the Bible. I view the Bible as a historical document. It is really up to the individual to decide what parts they chose to believe. As far as science and evolution go, I also sumize that if one believes in a God they must also believe that God can manipulate science and is not bound by physics but is metaphysical.

    I would be the first to say I have a strange belief system, but it is my system and nobody elses. My religous belief is as unque as my personality. I don't preach it, teach it, or tell people their beliefs are wrong. I just point out the logical problems that I see when people obviously are spouting random nonsense like "goat boy" up there.

  10. Generally, it is not nice to say F*** Off to anything especially they have not wronged you. However, you can say bullshit to religion because it would be a true statement. You can then back that up with REAL evidence longer than the bible itself.

    No offense to Connor or any other "atheist" in the forum. But I have been told many times by the atheist (not just here) that all my beliefs are wrong and I should believe they way they do. ??? Now if atheism isn't a religion based on science and evolution, I don't know what is. I halfway expect to see them pounding on my door telling me to join. :lolbounce:

    Although I am 15, I try to stay away from the vulgarities of the english language not because I believe it is a sin, but just bad grammar. Connor made the following statement;

    To be completely honest, any God, including Allah can go fuck themselves for all I care, they've done nothing to help me, even if he knocked on my door tomorrow, I'd tell him to fuck off or smite me down.

    If God (aka your creator) paid an atheist a visit and performed a miracle or ten, they would say magician or alien before they would use the G word. There would be no convincing an atheist, even after death they would just consider themselves to have gone insane.

    Which brings me to my final point on disbelief, if you don't believe in God or the politics of religion, Why hang out in a forum on belief? It makes little or no sense. You simply state your belief and move on. You don't cram it down others throats trying to make them atheistic as well. It becomes a religion which is the politcis of belief and a religion of its own.

    If you backtrack this thread for all my posts, I have NEVER told anyone they must believe "my way" or suffer in Hell. You don't even know much about my belief system other than I am raised by Christian parents. However that doesn't make me Christian. Although many have assumed as much.

  11. Well I said he wasn't Islamic. I don't believe he is Satanic either. I think since the profile said Utah... I suspect he's just a another moron uh did I leave a letter out? Apparently thinks he's a female, I don't believe that a minute.

    He is Bob for sure. See rule number one on my list.

  12. cum pun modurile in gta san andreas de exemplu acelea cu cleo3 mods straini in .....

    trans:I like how in GTA san andreas for example those with foreign cleo3 and mods

    Încercaţi să folosiţi un traducător, ştiu că cei de aici vorbesc alte limbi decât engleză. Eu doar vorbesc engleză şi prost la asta.

    Try using a translator, I know people here speak other languages than english. I only speak english and badly at that.

    Există multe tutoriale, în acest domeniu, dar ai nevoie pentru a utiliza un motor de translator pentru a citit-o, precum Google.

    There are many tutorials in this area but you might need to use a translator engine to read it like google.

    Sper sa se bucure de acest forum.

    Hope you enjoy this forum.

  13. It's corrupted because you played a save which was saved from 2.00, play a new game or download one save from here.

    I started new games loads of times but it still said save game corrupted...

    If you're running Vista it does the evil shadow files a virtual folder. If you are running XP you should be fine.

  14. Yeah, I'm sure Morrowind is MUCH bigger than San Andreas, considering it also has all of those interiors. It's hard to acctuly measure them though because it you walk alot faster on SanAndreas, and there is a lot of water to swim through. Also, there is no measiring tools on Morrowind so you couldn't really tell, unlike in San Andreas where you have the "Distance Travveled By Foot ect...".

    I think that TESIV Oblivion is probably more close to the size of San Andreas.

    Thanks for the quick replies, I know from using the Morrowind editor that it runs out to infinity in all directions. I don't know if the same could be said of SA. Both centers are x = 0, y = 0, z =0 with the main difference is the game engine GTA slowly load outlands while Morrowind has boarders you cross and get a loading screen (like the older GTAs).

    I found it very easy to make new stuff for Morrowind and wonder why GTA (knowing kids are going to mod it) never included an editor? Even my Unreal has an editor, but I never used that one.

    I am going to try my best to estimate that a Norn from Morrowind is the same height as a human ped in GTA SA and get back with some idea.


    To quote the editor help file from Morrowind.

    Exterior Cell

    The exterior cells are basically a grid that extends infinitely in all directions. Each exterior cell is 8192 units by 8192 units or 385 feet by 385 feet.

    All exterior cells are given a name, but it does not have to be unique. This is the name that will appear in the player’s map window as they walk around the world. Some cities and towns will exist over several cells, and we don’t want the name of the cell changing as they walk across the city. All exterior cells are named based on the region they are part of by default.

    All exterior cells are automatically given a grid number that represents their X,Y position from the center of the world. You will see this in the render window title as you select objects.

    Settings are also available for Weather Type, sleeping, and designation on the World Map using a colored border.

    So using the editor I found the cells in Morrowind run from -22 to 23 or 46 cells East to West 46 * 385 feet = 17710 feet or 3.3 miles.

    However many cells are just water or wilderness so I eliminated cells that had zero object count and found it to be -17 to 22 or 40 * 385 = 15400 feet or 2.91 miles wide. Using this method I found North and South to be filled -15 to 26 or 41 * 385 = 15785 feet or 2.98 miles long.

    Sad, but it looks like my own city of Bay City is much larger than Morrowind.

    Next I went looking for a scale for GTA San Andreas. I couldn't find an internet source so again I used the game system. When you start a new game you will appear by the bike in the alley. I took a reading of my stats -> achievements -> distance traveled = 5 feet. I walked up the alley to the East and traveled 70 feet more. Using the teleport coordinates from Sanny Builder I moved 41.0 units in a positive X direction.

    So according to that 1 grid unit is 1.8 feet? Which gives me a much bigger question. If CJ is supposed to be 5 to 6 feet tall then his model being 2 unit tall would make his height 3 and a half feet tall. So giving the height of the average human to be 5.5 feet tall I would call each unit a yard or 3 feet.

    San Andreas northeast most point is about 2900 and the southwest most point is -2900 or 17403 feet or 3.29 by 3.29 miles.

    So close but it looks like San Andreas wins by a few feet.

  15. I believe Morrowind Elder Scrolls III is much larger than GTA SA. But has anyone measured them or scaled them side by side or overlay?

    I know it would take CJ a few minutes to walk from Ganton to Las Venturas but I think it would take a lot longer to walk Seyda neen to the north most of Morrowind. I think it would be interesting to know how much bigger the map are to each other.

    Both work simular in nature, they both teleport you inside interiors that don't exist inside the given structures. Morrowind has the built in editor which is very cool imo so no need to download 3rd party tools.

    Like I said, it is just a nerdish question.

  16. Dude... you do know what shaders are, right? Well, probably you don't.. Of course they aren't going to give an option for leaving everything unshaded. What next? Wireframe?

    Yes, I know what pixel shading is and you can make a switch for it. Our Dad is a programmer that used to work for Blizzard but struck out his own and formed a firmware company. You obviously don't know and had you noticed my brother's posting I solved most of my pixel shader problems with 3D Analyze. Which tricks the program into thinking I have a pixel shader compliant card.

    Yes I would play a game in wireframe if it has a good game play.

    Money driven.. yeah right bro. Come on, they aren't going to spend tens of millions for nothing.

    Games need to be more than eye candy. If I want eye candy I can see fireworks displays. They don't cost as much.

    And tell me, what are the specs of your brothers setup? All hardware that wasn't EOL in february will be up to date. That of course doesn't mean a budget card will do much.. but they're all DX10 and shader model compliant.

    Onboard won't cut it though.

    My brother has posted this information above as well. ^^^

    @Husky: Yep, just using it to illustrate my point.