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  1. Why do I bother? Geek (noun) a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, gaming, etc. Formerly, the term referred to a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken, bat, snake or bugs.

    I have bit the head off more kittens than you could imagine. How many has Chris82 done? :tongue:

  2. I know what you are saying. Who the Hell is Barfy and why did I nominate and vote for him. Simple, I searched this forum for a member who hasn't been online for years. He was obviously the BEST member of the year for NOT showing up. Think about it --- he never once flamed, spammed, or was banned all year long. A logical choice.

  3. This is not the first time a kid jacked his parents car. It happened a loooong time ago I was watching it on a David Letterman repeat. He was pulled over by a cop and the kid got a shot on Letterman. So they can't blame GTA SA if it happened years ago. Now years later, the same thing happens and everyone is shaking a finger at video games and poor parents.

    As far as the Wii-knee this means I MUST get a Wii now so I can jump on that class action suit and get paid $150 in damages after the lawyers keep the millions they make from it. :unsure: Lawyer are good when cooked with salt.

  4. Kill your parents family as they sleep at night... oh Hell go for the entire neighborhood. Are you reading this Husky's Mom? There is nothing quite like a nice sadistic rampage through a quiet suburban neighborhood to excite the press to the plight of a gamers abducted console. Cook and eat your sister that will be icing on the cake... Take hostages and be sure to let the police know you mean business by killing a hostage as soon as they begin to negotiate. Now this method might not get your console back but you will die knowing your name will live on throughout history and that you made a statement and took a stand.


    You could go over to your friends house and watch his porn tapes and play his console. But I still like option A.

  5. Day 1

    My first day in the city of Los Santos I got up and got ready for my new job down at Binco. Moments after I left my apartment I heard the loud wail of police sirens and was run down by a black man in a Greenwood. Just prior to blacking out I could make out the personal plate read GROVE4L and then woke up in the hospital. The police didn't seem interested in my statement and even ticketed me $50 for crossing against the light.

    Day 4

    I am out of the hospital and my sister loaned me the use of her car to get around much safer. No sooner than leaving the driveway a black man approached my driver's side door. He looked somewhat familiar so I paused as he opened the door and threw me from the car announcing in loud voice, "Yeah you getting jacked!". I filed another report with the police but I am beginning to have my doubts about their abilities.

    Day 5

    Since losing my job at Binco I am now seeking work. My sister has not called, I suppose she is mad about the car. The police gave her a hard time about it being involved in some drive-by shootings. I am now riding the bus to seek out employment. At noon I was sitting in a Burger Shot filling out an application and eating a $2 burger. That same black man appeared inside apparently wounded and ordered several meals. I was just about to approach him when he pulled out a gun a shot the clerk. Then he began shooting customers and thanking them as he robbed their corpse. I quickly took cover and the sick insane man left.

    Day 6

    I am leaving Los Santos and I didn't bother reporting what happened at the Burger Shot to the police. Let them figure it out, if they can. I am going to a small rural town in the countryside. To seek work, peace and quiet. Maybe the quiet life on a farm is just the ticket.

  6. ...

    Long distance relationships can work, my friend had a boyfriend in Florida and she is in London. They talk on the phone but they are strangley perfect for each other. But what is more important is that he makes her very happy. Its also not the case for her "hey why not go out and meet people". She has confidence issues and isn't allowed out much, so this is the best thing for her.

    I don't care much for 'match makers' my Mom does that to the extreme. If she finds out you are single and looking then she has a list of single losers for you. I know people who I won't name since he might read it here... gee did I say that? Well has confidence issues or low self esteem and I think should be a bit more forward with meeting people. But I won't resort to pushing people at him even if I thought they are a good match. Ah, he needs to mature a bit anyways if he was a bottle of wine he'd still be grape juice! :rofl2:

  7. Wow...!!

    This so cool.

    Thanks Dude.

    Now be ready for my trainer assisted by Jab :coolthumbup:

    Something my brother didn't say about all this, any games that use bars instead of values are very very difficult to train. He demo the money cheat because that deals with an exact value unlike other games like The Sims 2 that shows things in a graphic or some bars. Those things are very tough.

    Have Fun making a trainer!