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  1. Well you have a Nvidia graphics card, you can download the latest drivers from here. i hope they improve the performance.
  2. Lonewᶲlf


    I Smoke but not regularly. Only one or two cigarettes a week i guess. Marlboro Lights.
  3. Lonewᶲlf

    What are you listening to right now?

    Don McLean - Everyday
  4. Lonewᶲlf

    What are you watching right now?

    I'm watching Oceans Eleven on Z-Studios.
  5. Lonewᶲlf

    TIME Magazine: GTA IV top game of 2008

    And its well deserved indeed. Cheers Rockstar Games.
  6. Lonewᶲlf

    What are some good Xbox 360 Games?

    Well get Assasins Creed. Though the game play is repetitive but still the amazing graphics and sharp textures and a decent story make you forget that. I see it as a Medieval Hitman game, speaking of which you could try Hitman 4 might be a little old but its awesome. I think these two might be multi-platform so if you want exclusives I'd recommend Halo 3, Gears 2. And you might wanna try Fable 2, i haven't played it yet but have heard that its pretty cool.
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    Christmas Wishlist

    Christ Man! That is something, 1080 HD resolution ftw! I hope your Parents get you that.
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    Christmas Wishlist

    Well... A PS3...30600 PKR. A XBOX 360...15600 PKR (The old one broke ) Thats about it i guess
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    Happy bday chris82 and Lonewolf !

    Thank You Everyone I had a wonderful time. Got lots of cash, (they said we don't know what you want so go buy it your self lol) Thanks to Mom and Dad for arranging that huge dinner, (chinese rice, soup and noodles) and after that a huge pizza And once again Thank You All
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    Happy bday chris82 and Lonewolf !

    Thanks friend
  11. Lonewᶲlf

    Happy bday chris82 and Lonewolf !

    Happy B'Day mate. Have a great one.
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    I like to stalk people.

    Wow thats some writing mate. You should write novels or short stories
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    GTA IV PC not delayed in India

    Wow! Just 499 INR? that's pretty great.
  14. Lonewᶲlf

    GTA IV PC Readme Leaked

    Yeah looks quite legit to me too. Look at those graphic options, quite handy for us with crappy computers
  15. Lonewᶲlf

    So True...........

    lol! good one specially like no.1, 2, 4 and 9 and btw not being bossy or anything but shouldn't this be in the Fun and Off Topic Section?
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    What phone do you have?

    Sony Ericsson W810i got it for about a year now.
  17. Lonewᶲlf

    TGTAP turns six years old today!

    Congrats to TGTAP, one of the best GTA fansites ever!
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    lol yeah most articles are funny as hell. Encyclopedia Dramatica is good too apart from the gratuitous adult content.
  19. Lonewᶲlf

    What are you listening to right now?

    Genesis - In too deep
  20. Lonewᶲlf

    my system with gta iv wtf?

    Just pass the minimum but damn, all the recommended requirements fail.
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    Some pictures i took

    Is there a war in Pakistan? Yeah sadly Pakistan has been declared a war zone by the Red Cross. But its only going on in the Northern areas, particularly near the Afghanistan Border.
  22. Lonewᶲlf

    Some pictures i took

    Mosque at Sunset An Antique door at my Uncle's Mansion A Rose, People don't belive i took this from a phone A Graveyard in the Mountains. Small Waterfall Comments are welcome. And PS: This is my very first topic since i got here
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    Happy Birthday Righty!

    Happy B'day ! Have a good one
  24. Thanks mate. Yeah it is indeed shitty. And thanks for the Friend Invitation :) Happily Accepted.

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    Some pictures i took

    New pics ! Though I haven't posted on flickr yet. This place goes first A Place Near my Hometown. Village door More Distant Mountains and Fields Close-up What do you think folks?