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  1. Hi guys

    i just built my own computer in anticipation of gta iv and any other new games lol ( im coming from a p4 with onboard graphics).

    My current specs are

    Amd Athlon 6000+ 3.0Ghz dual core processor

    4GB Kingston HypereX ram at 800Mhz

    22" monitor running at 1680 X 1050

    and a crappy lil 256mb onboard gpu

    I am planning on getting a new graphics card asap and money isnt really a problem.

    I know ill be able to play it on some level of quality once i get a new card but...

    I wanted to know what card you guys thought would be best.

    9800Gt would be nice but i know the ati radoen 4850 is a lot more powerful and the 4870 is insane.

    All i get is mixed opinions about which card i should buy and a few snarky comments that ati cards will break within a yr.

    Let me know what you guys think and you will be the deciding factor.

    PS: i wanna be able to max this game out.


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