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  1. Not too bad mate. Been really busy with the missus, school and work. How bout you?

  2. LOL nah... she's taking the piss :)

  3. Not much, going to class right now. Cya :P

  4. Hmm?? Her name is Jessica Chobot. She is a host on IGN if you didn't know. I don't really understand your question :P

  5. I know right! Chobot is like the perfect woman :P

  6. lol, thanks man. Jessica Chobot = Goddess <3 :P

  7. He acted like a douche and I called him on it. I haven't done it for a while because he hasn't given me anything to work with (that I've seen anyway) and I've been busy :P

  8. Hmm, didn't know that. I have the wallpaper around here somewhere if you want it.

  9. Nah, I found it randomly on the net. I probably should take that thing about made my own sig because that was for the one before hand :P

  10. Oh you will have a great time.

  11. I've spent a good part of the last couple of days pwning him. His level of retardation is quite large, I think it has enveloped him completely.

  12. It is after all a 'Wishlist'!

    I wish the PS3 had some DLC LOL

  13. LMFAO! Go to the DLC wishlist topic. He reported one of my posts :D

  14. Needs to be done. I'm one of many who dislike him but seem to be the most vocal. He's calmed down a little and hasn't given me much more ammo. I'll leave it awhile and see what he presents me ;)

  15. I just work with what they give me :P

  16. LOL, it appears I have pleased people with my humorous and frank assertion of a member, as per your siggy :P

  17. You're welcome for the LOL, that was its intention :P

  18. Yo man, I remember you from the WH! You coming back anytime?

  19. What is up, my like minded individual?

  20. And I yours. I keep clicking 5 stars but it doesn't go any higher than 4 :(

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