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  1. I know what you mean. EVERYBODY likes sport, and it is on all year in some form or another. But Stargate has a surprising amount of fans and is just an all around rape-tastic show :P

    I have killer ideas for both but atm it seems like it's leaning towards sports.

  2. I read this yesterday. You know this guy is so totally going to get raped and shanked in prison by a large black man named Peaches :P

    I too thought girls could only get pregnant when they hit puberty. But about 20 years ago puberty hit alot later than it does now. but 9 years old is fucking ridiculous.

  3. All this hate for Sarah Palin as well. At least she knows what the Vice presidents job is!

    "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." - Karl Marx

    This ideology is supported by Obama with his redistribution of wealth. Obama is a socialist, and Karl Marx said that Communism will displace Capitalism after a transitional period of Socialism....

    The Federal and all state and territorial governments in my Country are controlled by socialists and they have no fucking clue what they are doing. There is still hope for America, DON'T VOTE OBAMA.

  4. Hey guys. For quite a while now I have been tossing around the idea of starting my own forum. I realize it is a big commitment and all the other stuff but what I have been agonizing over is the main subject of the forum.

    I have two subjects which I would love to do, those being sport and Stargate. I have awesome ideas for both and both, I know, are extremely popular.

    So my question for you fine people is, which forum would be better to create?

    Would I be better off creating a Stargate one and see if it can get placed as an affiliate on sci fi sites etc. Or would I be better off creating a sports website, where sports are a year round activity and there would be no lack of news?

    Remember I have awesome ideas for both these topics, (but I am no coder so I may need Chris' help :P).

    I am looking for personal opinions on which you would prefer to see AND which one you think would get more traffic.

    Sorry, If this is construed as some form of advertising I am sorry. It is meant solely to give me a better idea on which would be more successful.

    (And If I do get a successful forum up and running you better believe this will be one of the top affiliate sites regardless of it being a GTA site compared to a sci fi/sports site :P.)

  5. So... a state trooper who takes a stun-gun to a 10-year-old stepson & tries to scam workman's comp should be allowed

    to continue as a law enforcement officer? Well, why not, you're obviously endorsing a "community organizer" (he never

    did say exactly what that is) who's personal friend is a domestic terrorist involved in crimes Obama "didn't know about".

    Community organizer implies you know something about the people in the community, like your friend you know from

    the neighborhood.

    I'm not going to tie up your topic going into all the strikes Obama has against him but I think it's noteworthy that at

    less than 1 month from the elections the only "strike" against Palin is a controversial firing. Also noteworthy is that

    no charges were recommended & in an article (either Time or Newsweek) the same ex-brother-in-law actually endorsed

    Palin as VP.

    If you really like the guy, that's your opinion, but you really should listen to his acceptance speech from the DNC. Pay

    particular attention to his stuttering & confusion ("Breathalyzer" statement). This is just after a 3-week vacation on a

    privatre beach in Hawaii. I'm looking for an un-edited clip to post.

    Then there's Biden, one of the loudest voices opposed to our involvement in Iraq. But at the VP debate he called for a

    US occupation of Darfur, for the same reasons we went into Iraq. WTF?!?!

    I wasn't a particular fan of McCain but people really need to put some serious thought into their decision before picking


    I don't usually talk about politics on forums because I'm usually barraged with hate for my opinions, but I agree with you here mate.

    John McCain, a man who fought in Vietnam, a man who was captured by the enemy and tortured, a man who was offered a free pass home by his captors but instead said "First in, First out", in other words we go home in the ordered we're captured, who after saying this was tortured worse than before to the point where he has lost full motion in his shoulders, who has several military commendations including the Legion of Merit, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Vietnamese Legion of Honor.

    He is being constantly demonized because people unfairly pair him as a Bush continuation. This isn't true. He was for the war, yes, because he strongly believes that the people who claimed responsibility for 9/11 (Al Qaeda) should be wiped out for the score to be settled. BUT, he disagreed with the way the current administration went about carrying it out. The war, I feel, is necessary but has been mishandled terribly. It has been financed poorly and the troop deployment was shoddy until recently when the surge McCain was all for proved successful.

    If Iraq was left the way it was, Iran and more Al Qaeda operatives would keep up the terrorist threat in the region and be worse than everyone is claiming it is now. Everyone can hate Bush and call him a retard but what the Democrats aren't willing to acknowledge is that after 9/11 he has prevented any further planned terrorist attacks on US soil, keeping you all safe in your homes to continue criticizing him.


    Barrack Obama is a well articulated man... when he is reading off of a TelePrompter. When ever he has a speech or a rally he speaks very well because he has something to read so he doesn't really have to think, he just has to read. Have you noticed in the debates that he stutters more than usual, flip flops over his facts and doesn't seem as articulate anymore.

    As Urbanoutlaw said, his campaign and he himself call him a "community organizer". If you're a community organizer, you know about who is in your community. He started his political career in a terrorists living room, drinking coffee with a man who was hell bent on causing as much destruction to his own country as possible.

    Obama says he didn't know about Bill Ayers past until much later, I find that hard to believe. A man who studied at Columbia University and Harvard law school has to be pretty intelligent, right? He say that he was eight years old when Ayers and Weather Underground committed those terrorist attacks which were intended to kill. They placed bombs at a judges house and one was found unexploded under the family cars gas tank. You only place a bomb on a gas tank when you want the occupants to die horrifically.

    Obama would have no doubt heard of Weather Underground when he was older and going through college. Then to have coffee with its outspoken leader where other members of the terrorist group were also having coffee and the name Weather Underground was no doubt dropped and not put two and two together must make Obama the dumbest person to graduate from Harvard law school, which we know he isn't.

    Then there is Rev. Wright. The man who publicly and very vocally hates America, yet won't leave the place? A man who said that the AIDS virus was spread by the United States government to wipe out the black population and that the United States got what it deserved on 9/11 and that the Jews are evil white people. Obama sat in the pews (sp?) of this mans church for 20 years. He and his wife were married by Wright, his children were baptized by Wright and he was spiritually advised by Wright during those 20 years. Then, when it became politically necessary to do so, he denounced and rejected the man.

    He rejected the affiliation when his Presidential Campaign was in jeopardy, but, you don't go to the same church for 20 years if you don't believe what is being preached.

    Then there is this ACORN fiasco. ACORN is a voter registration organization renowned for flagrant voter fraud. In 2004 a worker for one affiliate was given crack cocaine in exchange for fraudulent registrations that included underage voters, dead voters and pillars of the community named Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy and Jive Turkey. Someone even registered a cat to vote. They were caught out in Nevada for registering Dallas Cowboy stars : /

    ACORN vote canvassers had pulled names and addresses from phone books and forged signatures. According to a local paper, "Large numbers of voter registration forms bore signatures all in the same apparent handwriting style" and "apparently the organization's canvassers broke rules to meet ACORN-set voter registration quotas to get paid." The fake registrants include dead people and underage kids. Also, there were 5000 more voter registrations in Indiana than voters.

    Now, the election this year hinges on swing states. The up-for-grabs free states which will undoubtedly decide the fate of your country, and in turn, the world, are ALL being investigated for voter fraud. Obama was hired to lead Project Vote efforts in Illinois. Under Obama's leadership, he trained ACORN members in Chicago. According to ACORN, Obama trained its Chicago members in leadership seminars; in turn, ACORN volunteers worked on his campaigns. Obama also sat on the boards of the Woods Fund with Bill Ayers which poured money into ACORN.

    All these alarmingly questionable affiliations are enough to make people think before voting for Obama, not to mention his other policies.


    Sarah Palin came on the scene and injected life into the GOP campaign and the Democrats couldn't handle it. They did everything in their power to discredit her. Three lead state Democratic legislators investigated this so called "troopergate" nonsense. These three Democrats have been seen countless times around the Obama headquarters in Anchorage Alaska. Bias much?

    Trooper Wooten abused his stepson, the workman's compensation and made threats against the Palin family. He was not fit to hold any position of authority when he used a tazer on his step son and despite the fact he was divorcing Palin's sister he undoubtedly needed to get fired at the very least. Charges should have been brought up against him for child abuse and defrauding workman's comp.

    People blame Bush for this financial crisis. McCain stated ages ago that there had to be an investigation and reform with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage handling. Nothing was done. The Democrats have had majority control of the House of Representatives for 2 years give or take. During that time they have had the power to do something about the impending financial crisis which McCain and countless others warned was coming. They didn't. Now that it happened, all they can do is point fingers at Bush and the Republicans. Everyone is to blame, not just Republicans. It was a joint effort by both Democrats and Republicans in ruining the economy, FOR EVERYONE.

    But what really amuses me is the amount of people I see around who praise Obama and vilify McCain. Both are human, both have their flaws, but only one of them has given more for America than the other. Only one has spilled blood, broken bones and left parts of himself in another Country for the freedoms everybody enjoys. The freedom's which give you the right to vilify him despite the incredible sacrifice he has given.

    The amount of Obama supporters I see who follow all the bias news stations like CNN, BBC and MSNBC, the newspapers like the New York Times and The Washington Post who have nothing but contempt for anything which criticizes Obama and say "Well If you follow any of the crap you hear in Faux Noise" [Fox News]

    Fox News is the only bipartisan news company out now and it has more viewers than CNN, MSNBC and CNBC COMBINED. It has anchors, reporters and journalists from all political parties. It even has a show SPECIFICALLY created to have a duality of opinions from both the Republicans and Democrats. The Liberal Democratic media can't stand that they don't have a monopoly over mainstream media and that the one network they don't have control over destroys everything they have combined. They have nothing but contempt for Bill O'Reilly. They hate how a Republican brings on these Democrats and berates them into an argument. In actuality, he is a REGISTERED INDEPENDENT.

    All this hate for McCain is astounding. The only person on either ticket who has physically given his blood sweat and tears and been tortured for your right to vote for Obama. Even if you don't wish to vote for him, keep this in mind. Think about what will make your country better. Not just vote for him for the sake of "not voting for another Bush" which is completely bullshit. Don't just vote for him because he talks about change and "he is the first African American" to run for the Presidency which would BE the change, and don't just vote for him because it is what everyone else is doing. ACTUALLY read into and do research into their political policies and promises and make your decision then, not vote for one for the sake of voting for one.

    Now I know I'm Australian and a lot of you may disregard everything I say about it because I have no say in what happens in your election. But I have been lurking around these forums for a while and have seen many topics where a person can state their opinion without being totally destroyed by other people (unlike other forums I am a part of), and I would love if I could be extended the same courtesy. Also, this wasn't meant to turn out this long, I'm so very sorry :P

  6. Just sounds like another conspiracy theorist looking for that little bit of gratification they are so desperately yearning for, after years of University and voicing other stupid opinions have failed to bring about the recognition they never got from their parents :yup:

    Oh and Hi, I'm new here :hi:

  7. Hey guys, my name is Steve. I'm from Australia and thought I'd stick my head in and have a look. I liked the place so I thought I'd register up and continue to grow the community.

    How's everybody going? A few things about me;

    I'm a scorpio. I like sports, all sports, there is not one sport I can think of that I don't like and if there is one I haven't tried I am always looking to give it a go. I like music, all types of music I'm into. I love playing video games, can't get enough of them. Also, I like boobies :yup:

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