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  1. omg.

    you made the news.. :P


    go to image 10.

    Gay theft auto?

    The hormone-overloaded teenage boys who love the violent video game Grand Theft Auto were confronted with a new girl-friendly site, complete with rainbows and unicorns


    Lulz I r famous. I lol'd at their description too.

    To be fair I would assume they simple keep an eye on http://aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com/ and just post their faves. We got submitted there fairly early on in the day. We were within the first 60-70 sites on there this year.

    Back in 2006, we made #7 in their featured websites list which was pretty impressive.

    Still pretty cool we randomly get featured on NineMSN.com.au though. Pretty big news site in Australia is it not?

    It's a fairly big one yes. lol @ Gay Theft Auto :hurrhurr:

  2. Well, I've been given the green light to get a PS3, so YAY! :D

    Finally, I'm getting something I wanted since last year, but since my house went under renovation, I guess I couldn't get a chance to get a PS3. But now I finally am getting one. So I've just recently went to town to look for some offers, seems they have some pretty good bundles available. I'm hopefully going to get some good games like MGS4, Killzone 2, CoD: WaW or CoD 4 etc.

    So yeah, can't wait. I feel happy now that I'm getting it.

    I recommend you get every single one of those games. They are all epic. Playing the demo of Killzone 2 made me think the game wouldn't be that great, having bitten the bullet and bought it I must say the demo DID NOT give that game any justice.

  3. People who do that on the PS3 really piss me off. They act like they are awesome after grabbing a lot of ammo and hiding inside a building, after we have absolutely destroyed them out in the open like men :P

    We just kick them, or if there aren't enough of us who want to kick the person, we lead the fighting to some other location. Ignoring them entirely. They eventually get pissed off and come looking for us, at which point the raping once again continues until they leave. It's so satisfying when those people follow you and you kill them then tea bag them. They ALWAYS get the shits and leave.

    We had this one guy who just camped in this building and we had no idea where he was. When we figured it out, we let him use up his ammo so he had to come out to get some more. We had the respawn time set on for some ridiculously long period and the ENTIRE list of people caught up with him, killed him and a mass tea bagging ensued.

    Was very lulz :P

  4. What the hell are you doing!?? You're supposed to be in the corner!

    Dude clam down, I may have my head in a corner, but at least it's not up my ass like yours! :D

    How can it be in my own ass when it's buried in your mother's crotch???

  5. As I keep this in mind......
    Well I don't think it would be particularly cool really. But whatever. It's not against the rules, and it's fun and off topic forum so you can if you want. But it might end up getting locked anyway.

    I'm not gonna tell you not to make it because sometimes it's funny when everyone flames you for doing stupid stuff etc.

    So yeah it might end up being amusing to me if it's a big pile of fail.

    Post your about me page here, create a nice little collection to laugh at...... XD

    Discussion is fine, just not excessively, like 40 posts and 2 about me pages...

    I'll post mine later, still under construction...

    Chris is right, it is funny when you get flamed for being a twit. Try this, please, it will amuse me.

    Step 1. Click on member's name

    Step 2. ???

    Step 3. Profit

  6. Stuff like that sucks horribly HB. I had to do a reading at my Grandpa's funeral and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It hurt tremendously when he passed but seeing my Grandma at the funeral hurt more than anything :(

    Yeah, I hear ya. Seeing my grandpap that way didn't make it any better. I can't imagine what he went through or anyone in that situation.

    Seeing him hunched over her after she passed away just got me thinking about how at one point they were just starting their life, their family and now she's gone. It's so depressing.

    My grandma and grandpap were inseparable and now that she's gone my grandpap is just lost without her. I try to spend as much time as I can with him so he's not sitting in the living room alone when he would usually be sitting there with my grandma.

    How long has it been since your grandpa passed away?

    He died in May '07. I try to do the exact same thing you do and keep my Grandma company as much as I can. They were pretty much inseparable too, and seeing how devastated she was, it was absolutely heartbreaking. It makes me feel better when I see how happy she gets when we drop in to visit every week. She's a lot better now but you can still tell it hurts her to have lost him.

    Sincere condolences to you both. The best thing I can offer is that you eventually move on so hang in, every day it

    hurts a little less.

    I know what you mean about speaking at a funeral for someone close, I spoke at my father's funeral. Somehow I kept

    it together & got through it, but I was lousy company the next few days.

    Thanks mate. The thing with my reading was I had no knowledge of it until an hour before the actual funeral. I hate speaking in front of large crowds, and believe me, my grandpa had A LOT of friends, family and well wishers. It didn't bother me in the slightest speaking in front of a few hundred people because it wasn't about me, it was about him. So I sucked it up and it was easier than I thought it would be but it still was very hard at the same time.

  7. Stuff like that sucks horribly HB. I had to do a reading at my Grandpa's funeral and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It hurt tremendously when he passed but seeing my Grandma at the funeral hurt more than anything :(

  8. What the fluff was he doing with his t-shirt...?

    Touching his flat chested titty.

    You know Efron doesn't have a dick. He has a pussy. But he never gets a chance to see his vagina because he had so much penises shoved up in there.

    Excellent way to show our maturity. I'm not defending him. I don't hate him, I don't like him. I nothing him. But, are you just annoyed because girls want him and not you, even when he acts like a girl...?

  9. @ husky: lol you phail

    @MLL: LOL

    @ vercetti ghost: under the games option in the xmb you will find an option to partition your HDD to accommadate for a ps1 and ps2 memory card do that and you shopuld technically be able to save ps2 and ps1 games =] merry christmas

    You fail just as hard as Husky failed. He KNOWS that the PS3 has internal PS/PS2 memory cards. He SAID he doesn't want to shell out to get the adapter to put his saves from his PS2 memory card to his PS3. He WANTS to know if anybody anywhere knows where he can acquire/download a LCS game save file from the interwebs and put it onto his PS3. Thereby negating the need to purchase aforementioned adapter or beginning the game again.

  10. Oh yeah I saw a clip of Infamous, it looked pretty cool.

    @Ivan: I only played MGS once, fucking loved MGS2 but it's been so long since I played it I hardly remember the story, I'm sure it'll come back to me though. Never got round to playing MGS3, though was that even in the same storyline? I'll definitely be getting MGS4 anyway.

    HDMI-DVI cable came today so I'm actually online etc. Been playing GT5:P all day but am tired of that now so moving on to MotorStorm, once I get bored of that I'll move on to some FPS games.

    BTW, why the hell is the download speed so slow when doing game updates? It's crap, on 360 they're always well quick but this is ridiculous. When I was downloading GT5:P yesterday it seemed to be capped at around 130-140Kb/s, so as you can imagine it took hours to finish downloading. Sony really need to get some faster servers like MS have. Never usually hear people say positive things about MS but their servers are amazingly quick.

    Also, GT5:P took ages to install, it's only 2GB and it's not even a proper full game. Just seems a bit slow to me considering the raw power this console has.

    You can always download the MGS Database. Pretty much all the info regarding the series.

  11. Well I am a sucker for the humor featured in VC. Is it just me or was that almost completely missing in Gta4 ?

    - More humor

    - Return of the LoveFist

    -More weapons.. Be creative. I want the minigun back!

    -More mafia style.. Extortion, running shops.. protection ect.

    -RESPECT! When youre respected bigtime pimp (or however that will be in the next version) people need to respect you.. slight bowing when youre near them. I want people to really show respect. Storeowners suck up to you and such.

    - More clothes. I always like wearing really stylish suits and such.

    - More interaction with people. The phone idea in gta4 was great.. but add things like having people watch your car or somthing.

    - Intelligent COPS for the love of God. If a gang jumps you, and a cop walks by. Dont let him treat you like thin air untill you start defending yourself, then only to start shooting YOU. Cmon.. seriously!

    Some good ideas there man. Something I think would be cool is that you have a certain walking style/certain mannerisms when you wear certain types of clothing. Like, if they added a cool pimp outfit, you do this awesomely exaggerated strut and peds react to it. If you were wearing some hugely expensive fancy suit, you walk with this air of arrogance and that you're better than everyone else, which once again, the peds will react to.

    Little things like that would be cool, but my MAIN wish is that it returns to VC. I want a MASSIVE city like what they did with LC/NYC but bigger and modeled just like Miami. Imagine all the immigrants, illegals, beaches, swamp areas, skyscrapers, ghettos, mansions. The whole shebang. That and more mission variety. I dusted off my old VC and SA discs and gave them a run the other day and realized how much I missed the variety you had not just, drive here kill him, fly here kill him, run up these stairs and kill theseguys. It was fun for one run through but after it got old quickly.

  12. Unless something changes the PS3 has LA Noire to look forward to exclusively. Definitely one to look out for.

    I have been going back and forth between getting KZ2 or not. I wasn't really sold by the demo but I wasn't turned off the game by it either, so I don't know.

    GT5 should just be rape wrapped in insane resolution smothered in more rape. They have been working on it for God knows how long and it should be the most HD game around when it hits.

    A site which should pose helpful, I check it every now and then. http://www.ps3trophies.org/index.php

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