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  1. If I could play as a Side character I would choose luigie or sonny ferelli i'm sure those Two would have good storylines and good backgrounds. The missions would be Amazing as well. If You was luigie You could work for Salvatore leone and if You was sonny You could work for money like tommy did.

  2. I think You should have a speedometer so You can see how fast You are going . You should also be able to buy stuff for Your safehouses and have be able to recruit more People to Your gang and gang members should be more Intelligant .

    When You commit a crime and get busted by the Police they should try to handcuff You like they do in real life and if You shoot someone You sometimes dont get a wanted star so they should work on that as well. I also think that this time the wanted level should go beyond six stars. Police should do drive bys on Your car as well if they need to.

    You should be able to access more buildings and buy more properties where You can get Missions from You should also have the ability to find and recruit People for a buisness and after You have completed an asset You should unlock a mystery vehicle like You did in vice city with the Zebra Cab.