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  1. 1MK


    run with compatibility for Windows 98 or Windows XP.
  2. 1MK


    You need to download the new patch and you'll be able to choose weather you want to play GTA IV or Episodes From Liberty City when you launch GTA IV.
  3. 1MK

    GTA 4 Multiplayer

    It's hard for me to get onto GTA IV Multiplayer, there aren't many servers in my country and I can't get into most of the ones on the list :l
  4. 1MK

    3D mod help

    I'm not too good with the 3D model stuff but I think you've got to install certain scripts for 3DS Max to save them as .DFF files for GTA.
  5. 1MK

    Billboard Modding Help

    I don't think you can import .tga files with TXD Editor. I imported all of mine as .bmp and .png files.
  6. Yeah, you've got a good point there, it was hard for me too when it came to destroying those small boats, especially with the controller. It took a while, but I still managed to do it in the first shot, not in 120+ attempts. -.-
  7. 1MK


    Try running the installer in compatibility for Windows XP and for Windows 98. If you've already installed GTA IV and uninstalled it, check if all the previous files have been removed. Try closing all other applications in the background.
  8. The purpose of the LOD is to change the texture to another texture that looks exactly the same when you come closer towards it, but the new texture is higher resolution. You'll have to modify every LOD texture with the higher resolution images to see them clearer from far away. Also, having a draw distance that is too high could lag your game and GTA SA doesn't need to load each side like GTA 3 did.
  9. 1MK

    A very useful tool, it's called Google Translator.


  10. Like I said before, write to us in your own language or use Google Translator to help you with your English. BTW, if I understood you before, there's no need to smack your sister if you're having problems with GTA IV.
  11. 1MK

    GTA SA mods

    It'd be hard enough to import cars made for GTA SA on PC into the PS2 version and even more to convert cars from NFS to GTA SA and import them to the PS2 version.
  12. 1MK

    "Vivid Outburst"

    Good beat, but can be annoying.
  13. 1MK

    Shitload of problems...

    9400GT is okay, not great, but okay for GTA IV. BTW, the game runs like crap on anything. Try changing some settings in your nVidia Control Panel and try running the game in compatibility mode.
  14. 1MK

    GTA 4 crashes

    Yeah, a better graphics card would be better... but it probably crashes because the save is corrupt or you've got some mods installed.
  15. 1MK

    World Cup 2010

    Looks like Macedonia didn't make it in this year. But Italy is there, I'd be cheering for them.