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Status Updates posted by _Ray

  1. Pretty good PC, just wouldn't recommend an NVIDIA chipset. Besides, thought you hated them! XD

  2. Just didn't really have any meaning to it. But I forgot I only delete ones I don't like. That one was actually fine. :)

  3. Mr. KITT. Never thought I'd see you here. Well, good to see you anyway. :)

  4. Obviously hates Ronald Reagan.

  5. Flight Simulator Rocks!!!

  6. Spasmodically insane.

  7. I should make a Strawberry Shortcake Billboard for Vice City :D

  8. AIM and AOL are really the same thing.

    Do you know what AIM stands for?

    AOL Instant Messager

  9. Rated him 4 stars. Would do 4.5, but can't Oh well.... :(

    Yeah, man, Vercetti Thug's a great guy :)

  10. I put it in my profile. LOL'd hard.

  11. Really, it looks good

  12. Interesting Signature..... :)

  13. Funny how he wants to mod VC, but says his favorite game is SA. Laggynoob is a Goodguy though.


  14. Any suggestions as to what I should include in V2? (Not model related)

  15. Just kidding, lol

  16. Historic Moment.

    Pepsi Factory Version 1.0.1 Released to TGTAP.

    2/14/09 at 4:30PM

  17. lol. People hater.

  18. Older than I am.....

  19. Nice to you if your good, but can make your life a living hell if you get on her bad side.

  20. Certainly is helpful, and knows a lot about computers....

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