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  1. no the skins you have arent as good quality as the one i linked the one i linked was made by plumbars and it is their final version, the lady in the back really pisses me off, they also had previous versions http://spc.keiby.com/index.php?view=articl...t&Itemid=60

    the skins you gave seem to be vice city conversions, their tires are too big and their low quality

    but the one int he first post was their FINAL version for san fierro, so if someone can remove that chacarcter from the back seat cause that lady in the back seat really pisses me off...

    ant about the handling, no i never modded handling.cfg, this is .dff and .txd change only, and i noticed the vehicles control differently, when i tried some rancher (copcarru) .dff and .txd changes of a hummer the car rolled over on a dime, it controlled really differently

    Well sorry...Im just trying to be helpful. The cars dont have big tyres in my game. Maybe I have a certain mod installed? (rhetorical Question)

  2. Hey guys....for some reason any custom cars that I add the game will not work in transfender...you can enter but as soon as you click colors, etc, it quits out of transfender. Hope you understand what im trying to say here. Also I have added all the required lines of code to vehicles.ide, carcols.dat, carmods.dat etc.

    Also they are cars that worked before (perennial, bravura, etc)

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