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    Favourite Song

    1st:fave: Animal-the Mudmen 2nd fave:trashed and scattered-Avenged sevenfold 3rd fave:hell-Disturbed
  2. MetalInusan


    yep i like that i think i am gonna stick with that one.
  3. MetalInusan


    yeah i like it without it saying metalinusan or without tommy saying "carl think you can do that?",me i think it would look best if you got rid of the metalinusan and what tommy's saying
  4. yep,he's not in that mission oh wait a minute i know where he's from i have seen him in the game before the mission called "the meat business"the one where u take Rosie to the slaughter house to see Jhonny Sindacco,that dude is one of the Sindacco family mafia members i am pretty sure.
  5. MetalInusan


    i like version 2 better,but can you delete niko outta the billboard,but keep the porsche and the blood also can you make it so when tommy's saying "carl think u can do that?",can you make tommy saying in blood colored font "metalinusan" and have it painted on the billboard near tommys head?
  6. MetalInusan

    The Rant Topic

    iam just gonna rant about things i hate(beware iam gonna curse alot) people that are so pre-occupied to pay attention to your kids i mean hello and u wonder why your god damn pathetic sappy ass kids do drugs and alcohol so your sitting on your fat ass watching football(guys) or doing petty little shopping for jewlery u don't even need(girls)i mean come on your kids locked in his\her room huffing\snorting some fucking drug produced by some "gansta"on the street while getting depressed and sliting there wrist then grow into a 17 yearold crack addicted,insane emo,cigarettes companies i mean u fucking up the mind of all kids by your lil stupid jack ass comercials with talking smoking camels of course kids are gonna smoke because your fucking up there mind making them think its okay to smoke when its clearly not gonna help there idiotical minds and mothers and father u smoke infront of your stupid kids making them think its cool but ruining there health by second hand smoke did your kid ever wanna grow up and be a doctor of course not,no they wanna fucking smoke caz of u got them addicted when they were 2years old,people that rush into things i mean,god it ain't gonna fix anything u fucking moron its just gonna make it worst its better to take your time then fuck up some very good project or hobbie u worked so hard on for god damn 8 to 10 months then release some shitty product created by a shitty moduling program while giving it good ass comercial preveiws but when people go to get it its fucking crap caz u had to rush into the stupid moronic project
  7. MetalInusan

    Ultimate Animal Rivalry

    no i believe it did not,but i vote the gorilla will win GORILLA\MONKEYS RULE!
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    yep thats pretty much,what i wanted
  9. MetalInusan


    okay i let me refrase that caz i kinda f***ed it up a little,i meant,theres a billboard on the billboard it looks like a sheet of metal and CJ is standing on the left and tommy vercetti is standing on the right and there both painted into the billboard and there is a porsche 911 turbo from the year 2000 crashing into the bill board with claude from gta3 driving the porsche with niko standing on billboard getting hit by the porsche(the porsche is not painted into the billboard)and niko's blood splatting all over billboard with the liscene plate of the porshce saying "metalinusan"
  10. MetalInusan

    Tne Death Clock

    Well that just sucks. This will just give us a semi-fast answer as to if this thing is correct. oh haha,lol
  11. MetalInusan

    Controversial things that could be in GTA

    you people are f***ing sick you know that,why the hell would you want masturbation in a gta game,so what a bunch of 15-21 year old guys can jerk off virtually?(not trying to be rude)
  12. MetalInusan

    Tne Death Clock

    March 13,2009?
  13. Kinkorui terunja kuyta igmatyi hearu TGTAP! xD lmao
  14. MetalInusan

    What Really Pisses You Off?

    people that are always horny\perverted people that act tough when there weak people that tells lies in front of your face people who get in petty little arguments over the stupidest crap people that think there sport or them self is better then others people that is disrespectful to the opposite gender(even thought i do agree with girls most guys are idiots) annoying people When i am told what to do when people wake me up*looks at brother* and other things such as, going in the sun,when people don't die in car crashes,when your stuck waiting for a train to pass by for 15 minutes,when people complain about there own problems when you don't give f*** about,insane people
  15. MetalInusan

    Coke Vs Pepsi

    i just like pepsi better then coke
  16. MetalInusan

    Would you rather

    very weird poll but insanely funny
  17. MetalInusan

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Fight-Avenged Sevenfold
  18. MetalInusan

    Favourite Music Genre

    Heavy metal Death metal Goth metal Nu metal Metal (pretty much anything in the metal genre)
  19. MetalInusan

    Does anyone know who this song is by?

    i typed in the song,i got to results all thought i don't think neither are the bands but i came up with Hawthorne heights and Detroit badboys,but those bands are most likely the wrong bands
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    yeah iam looking for somewthing with a metal background with carl and tommy standing on each side CJ on left and tommy on right with a porsche 911 turbo(2000)poping outta the sheet of metal with blood splatting all over tommy and CJ think u can do that?thanks
  21. MetalInusan

    Should the Next GTA Remake Previous Maps?

    f*** no,yes vice city was good,and they never did make a SA stories,but i think they need to go to a new approach they would they could make more money anyways and besides in gta3 and Gta SA they keep talking about Carcer city on the radio so there they go,if there gonna make a new gta then make it Gta Carcer city caz they keep talking about it. besides i think its kinda to early to think about a new gta yet
  22. MetalInusan

    Cleo3 help

    So,i got a mod off of a Gta fansite that will make CJ turn into the pedestrians in the game by pressing "Y" near one, but in order for it to work i needed cleo3 so i went to the official site to get it,and i downloaded it and installed it,then it came up while installing,asking me where Sanny builder was located at,so i canceled the installation of cleo3 and went back onto the site and got Sanny and downloaded it and installed it properly,but it asked if i wanted to install cleo3 library so i clicked the lil check box and installed both of them but it installed cleo3 into the SA directory folder then i put the mod into the game as the instructions say to do,i started up my SA and the game keeps crashing every time i start it up,also when i took the mod out of the game it still kept crashing,so did i do something wrong in the installation? am i NOT supposed to put the cleo3 files in the SA directory? any help will be most thankful,Thanks Notes:i have SA v.2 downgraded into v1 And,I have a legit copy of SA
  23. MetalInusan

    Downgrade SA v2 -> v1

    wow i can't believe how many people are saying it comes up with an error i got the patch and its working awesome every mod i put into the game works great even complete save games this downgrader f***in rocks
  24. MetalInusan

    What are you currently playing?

    Gta:SA(PC) Simcity 4(PC) bully(PS2) True Crime:Streets of LA(PS2) Yea,i know my games are boring ones but i like them(just don't care for the action ones like half life and halo)so lol just kidding
  25. this should be in the SA save games section in the downloads page on this site not in the forums.