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  1. lol I can't stand Kath & Kim.

  2. Narre Warren? I think I've been there before or somewhere around it, I definitely know the name though :P

    I am in the north-west area of Melbourne. Not to far from the airport D:

  3. Yeah, not to far from the CBD D:

  4. Eh nm, just doing to usual. Chattin on GTAG and listening to tunage.

    You live in Vic? You mind if I ask where abouts?

  5. I see you spying on my profile >: [

    Whats up?

  6. Looking forward to it :3

  7. v4 sounds good. I'm just doing the usual, working on a little radio station for GTA IV and chatting on GTAG D:

    I like the site, looks nice.

  8. lol wut?

    add me on msn

  9. Jebe se.

    jk. volim te, rappo :3

  10. Whatever, rapeo.

  11. I'm sorry but I have to break it to ya, I'm your supervisor.

  12. lol @ yours "Why hallo thar!"

    I'd tap it.

  13. There I posted a comment >: [

    Now come to Vic.