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  1. i didnt back them up no, but i extracted the files and tried to overwrite that file but it didnt work. so i dont know if there is anything else to do about it. i just dont want to start from beginning. i hate thata stupid fakin shit like this can happen ;)

  2. yeah thats my problem. i tried to do that but i cant. thos cars were in a single file . u think i need to install with SAMI right?

    but thats the thing i diodnt use sami to install them they were like in a single file u execute it and it installs all the new cars... :rolleyes:

  3. i downloaded this big pack of cars, that changes every vehicle in the game couse i was bored with the default.

    everything was pretty ok until i got to san fierro. there's a mission called mike torrino ( the pimp club)

    so i get to the airport and shoot out the bad guys and get to the car where mike should be, but as i changed all the cars in the game

    i cant finish the mission becouse i cant get in the car. the original car for the mission was burrito i think, a van so i tried to overwrite the

    Vehicles.ide and handling.cfg with the original game car but all it did was shrink the new car a bit smaller. so i can't move on with the game.

    assistance would be greatly apreciated.

    thanx a lot ;)

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