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    Freefall Mission Help [Version 2]

    Firstly, this mission is easy enough if you maintain a straight flight path after lining yourself up with the corona. Secondly, by posting a savegame on here and asking someone to play a game for you is like asking someone else to eat your meals for you. If you encounter a tough mission then go take a break by playing some other game for a while or watching TV or something and then get back to the mission. Frustration does not help. Thirdly, you've used cheats 349 times in this savegame! Cheats also reduce the challenge of the game by making it easier. So before you use this savegame try to do the mission again. Anyways here you go, all done! GTASAsf3.rar
  2. The JD

    Rockstar Officially Announce GTA IV

    A new engine? Finally our prayers have been answered! BTW, any idea on the PC release date? If they release the PS3 and XBox 360 versions in October 2007, will it mean that us loyal PC fans will have to wait until 2008? Two more years for a new GTA? *Screams like Calculon - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!*
  3. The JD

    game crashes?

    It's probably the RAM and Graphics controller that are doing this. I'm not sure though. You might want to fiddle around with the display settings and see if anything helps.
  4. The JD

    press here!

    Ok... I can almost comprehend why you posted 3 random points that are bound to have been repeated before somewhere in this forum but pray do tell: What the heck is the title "Press Here!" all about?
  5. The JD

    Help With Modding

    Here you go: GTA San Andreas v2.00 Downgrader. This tool should change your GTA SA v2.00 into a v1.00. That should also clear the path for modding. You should make backups anyway just to be sure. Hope this helps. Have fun!
  6. The JD

    Would you?

    Hmm... 14 and 15 yr olds playing GTA eh? I could have sworn that I saw a mature rating on the game cover if not an AO. Anyways, my vote for the poll is No.
  7. The JD

    Graphic Card

    Have fun!
  8. The JD


    Nice one maggotkill. I was going to suggest the same thing. BTW, I just noticed this but is this topic in the right forum?
  9. The JD

    Graphic Card

    Gerard's right. Some people like Nvidia and some ATI. Both of them will run San Andreas perfectly. It's just a matter of finding the card that's right for you. (Damn, I sound like a matchmaker or something.) Anyways, don't worry about the card too much. Any good card will easily meet SA's requirements. If you can get a bit more RAM it would definitely help. Have fun experimenting. It's an experience to learn from.
  10. The JD

    Revenge Over Men (my series using SA)

    Welcome to the forums! I've downloaded the videos will give some feedback as soon as I've watched them.
  11. The JD

    Mr whoopee

    Chill dude! You'll just have to wait until someone finds a truck somewhere. No need to fly off the handle!
  12. The JD

    Mr whoopee

    You got v2.7? What version did you have before that and why the heck did you upgrade?
  13. Hi! This is a plea for help going out to all people who have heard of Danny Phantom, the amazing show by Butch Hartman (Creator of The Fairly OddParents) hosted on Nick. If you haven't heard about this show then here's a link for you to get a bit more informed: Danny Phantom (TV.com) Now that you're more knowledgable about the subject, I'd like to get down to the matter at hand. This show premiered on 3rd April, 2004 and so far it has had two extremely successful seasons. However, for reasons that are beyond comprehension, as of 24th January, 2006, the big guys over at Nickelodeon decided to cancel the show! So we, the loyal fans of the ghostboy, need your help! A few fans who really want to make a difference have started up a campaign to get Nick to keep the series going by showing them how much we love the show. If you'd like to help then please head over to Save The Phantom where, among other things, you will be able to sign a petition to save the show. If you're really interested in making a difference the site also gives you information and details on how to contact paraphernalia retailers and cable companies. Well, I hope I've managed to convince you to help save the show! Together, we can make a difference! Believe That! P.S: Here are a few more links in case you need more info: Danny Phantom - Nick Danny Phantom - IMDb Danny Phantom - Wikipedia Butch Hartman - IMDb Butch Hartman - Wikipedia
  14. The JD

    Graphic Card

    Hmm... first of all, you need a better graphics card! Personally I wouldn't go near Nvidia with a 10 foot pole but that's just me. Secondly, you need to get some more RAM. 512 MB is just way too less to run anything decently. Anyways, try reducing the resolution, the FX Quality and Anti-Aliasing in your advanced graphics settings in the game. Also turn on Frame Limiter. The slow-motion thing is probably being caused by your RAM so there's not much you can do but hope that the above steps cut it enough slack to keep up with the game. So yes you can play the game but you'll be missing out on the awesome experience that it could be if you used a better system!
  15. The JD

    Mr whoopee

    Well you could always use Edison Carter's LCS Cheat Device and spawn one... but the game will recognize the spawn as a cheat and bug you when you save your game after that!
  16. The JD

    Mr whoopee

    I don't think it is in LCS! I'm pretty sure that the only car bomb you ever had to install for a mission was in the one where you had to blow up the tunnel. No Mr. Whoopee involved only a van of some sorts.
  17. The JD

    Save Danny Phantom

    Wow, this is turning into a battle of the cartoons! Anyways, I love the Fairly OddParents and Dexter's Lab too but comparing them to Danny Phantom would be like comparing Futurama to the Simpsons. Danny Phantom is an awesome show and defintely deserves some more time on the airwaves! P.S: Don't forget to sign a petition even if you're in love with some other show! We need all the help we can get.
  18. The JD

    My LCS Firetruck Discovery

    Sweet! Time for even more carnage - with unpoppable tires!
  19. The JD

    Big Community Thread

    Thanks guys!
  20. The JD

    Big Community Thread

    Thanks for the member list, but it doesn't show the member numbers! Any help on that?
  21. The JD

    It was 01:02:03 04/05/06 earlier

    Dates schmates! I don't believe that the world will end on 6th June because it won't! It will end when the Zurgulons rally their forces and attack the earth to free me. Then I the greatest one of all will rise again. That's when I'll destroy you all for making me use a Dial-Up Connection in a small lead cube under Area 51! *Time to go take my crazy pills!
  22. The JD

    My attempt at a Halo master cheif skin

    Wow, you actually edited textures in paint? Well kudos to you!
  23. The JD

    txd editor

    Well it looks like the GTATools website is having some problems. Thew worst part is every other download link ofr the program somehow ends up at GTATools. I'll see if I have a copy stashed at home somewhere (I'm at school now!). If yes then I'll mail it to you or upload it. If not then you'll just have to wait till the site sorts out the problem.
  24. The JD

    Big Community Thread

    You're like me! I get tempted way too easily when it's studies that I'm supposed to be doing. BTW, I just noticed this but Chris is member no. 2. If you don't mind me asking, who's no. 1? Or am I being stupid by not noticing a list that's already been put up somewhere on this site?
  25. The JD

    txd editor

    How about you try our own downloads database here at TGTAP?