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    the second gta for psp

    I for one would love to go back to Vice City. Except they should make the timeline after San Andreas and LCS. E.g: Ken Rosenberg flees Leone in SA and goes back to VC, Donald Love should have taken over Avery's business and I would love to see Mercedes and Col. Cortez again. Just my $0.20
  2. The JD

    fave car in GTA

    GTA VC: Infernus GTA SA: Bullet My All Time Favourite: GTA LCS: Thunder-Rodd
  3. The JD

    New Buildings and Places

    Actually, I was merely quoting someone who posted earlier.
  4. The JD

    GTA Vice City Stories.

    Vice City with all the features available in San Andreas would be awesome. I'm talking about stuff like more planes, more bikes, cars, swimming etc. Also the timeline thing was good. They could make it like Ken Rosenberg went back to VC after running from Leone. Anyways, I would totally love to have VC on the PSP(Thats because I own one [V 1.50])
  5. The JD

    New Buildings and Places

    First of all I seriously hope they get a better engine for the next GTA game. Interiors would be cool. I guesss a world where you can keep going north and eventually end up south would be cool as well(Round World). Another thing to go with the jet ski's would be a mod shop in the water, like a Pay'n'Spray except with NO2, colour selection and other stuff.
  6. The JD

    Install help...

    I had a simliar problem with my GTA DVD. Before sending off for a new disc, it might be worth your while to make a virtual DVD-Image of your DVD using Nero, Alcohol 120%, UltraIO or any othert program. Once you've done that, mount it using Alcohol or Daemon Tools and Install it from the virtual drive. This method worked for me. I think it's because the damage to the disk is really minimal and any errors could be automaticaly corrected when the software makes a virtual image of it.
  7. The JD

    New Design - Happy Easter

    You misunderstood. I do like the new design. I was merely quoting an earlier reference from the April Fools gag about how some people said that Rockstar's Source code was "Amateur".
  8. The JD

    New Design - Happy Easter

    Yea, the new design does look good. Kudos to all those whose efforts paid for it. BTW wheelman101, it looks better than the official R* website because R* use, and I quote, "Amateur" source code, remember!
  9. The JD

    Draw Distance Refresh Bug

    I did use an installer. I used the San Andreas Mod Installer (SAMI). Also how can I have installed too many mods. A mod just replaces the textures of an already existing object. The game should be able to load them up just as it did the old textures. Secondly, almost all of my mods were downloaded from this sitre and I don't think that they are infected in any way. Lastly, if I messed up the DrawDistance, how do I fix it? Can someone post the working files that contain Draw Distance Information?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure GTA Chicago was an April Fool's gag.
  11. Hi! I recently downloaded a GTA SA Vehicle Spawner that spawns vehicles in the game. Its done in VB and works only on an EU exe i.e. the cracked one by Hoodlum or someone... All you have to do is, start the game, alt + tab out and then enter a vehicle ID in the box, hit soawn and your good to go! Problem is... all I've been able to spawn is the Hydra as it's vehicle ID is default in the text box. Does anyone have the ID Nos. to the vehicles in SA??? Thanks. P.S: The Hydra's ID is 520