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  1. i havent been on my pc because i think it has a trojan, when i start it up it says go in with recovry mode recovery mode with promting and normally

    so i click normally i've tried all 3

    and a blue screen pops up, it tells me to delete anti-virus, WHEn i can't even start my pc up...

  2. So i was playing ocarina of time. I was walking threw here, it says something about spiders that fall from roof, so i was like MEH. im good i can win.

    so one jumps on link, in real life i jumped So high that i started laughing from how scared i got.


  3. Um, I don't have a clue what the fuck you just said...but...If you wanna make a website, you're best starting out getting some free hosting from somewhere like byethost.com or 110mb.com, then checking out the html lessons on w3schools.com or if you want just something to create a wesbite automatically, they sometimes have something you can do it with on one of those hosting providers I just gave you.

    110mb doesnt work..

  4. There's like a new one posted everyday. Most already exist as well.

    I realise this is an equally useless topic so if anyone has a good idea of what to do then post a post in this topic saying what to do.

    The person who comes up with the best idea of what to do in this topic wins a free lifetime membership to the "I like to dress up like a princess" club.

    Wondering how TGTAP struck up such a sweet deal? Well, we didn't. I stole rockstarrem's membership card.

    THE WATCH THE RICKROLL v.2 song and play obamasworld club


  5. Now when it comes out, someone needs to rip the script & make a conversion for GTA4 or SA.

    Can tell already this won't work for me on a small format. I just couldn't get into the topdown GTAs

    I can always hope for one last GTA on the PS2 (not holding my breath).

    AHAHAHa, i told you.

    Not a real way to be mature and actually earn credit throughout the community. I didn't really watch, want to play the game for myself (:

    yeah thats true. LOL

  6. Map parts are mainly DATA mods, placing things like buildings & trees already in the game. Some add models like

    the Statue of Liberty or new buildings, you install those like you do a car but there's no DATA entries to edit. Save

    copies of the original files but there's not much to go wrong in map mods. They're a good place to learn your way

    around modding.

    Good luck.

    npt rally helping.

  7. Well yeah. Turn off all of Vista's "security features" because although they probably do their job quite well, they're a pain in the ass to people like me who actually know wtf they're doing on their PC.

    Sigh sigh sigh..

    My computers in my house:


    my laptop: windows vista >:)[home edition i think]

    My computer: WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL EDITION = thats me.

    Windows 98' edition = PWNAGE.

    windows 2000 mellineuim edition = MEH.

    me = NERD

  8. 1. The owner of the forum logs on everyday, [we achive that!]

    2. The Forum is active... witch means people are on everyday and forum isn't deserted [WE ACHIVE THAT!]

    3. There are nice/great mods/admins, and great help for grand theft auto things. [also, we achive that!]

    So im going' to say this once, But this is one of the most perfect websites out there for grand theft auto.

  9. im thinking of a new grand-theft-auto. Something that will have teh man CLAUDE in it. But, it reveals his voice.. Or im thinking like Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City.




    -psp [LOL]

    Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City.

    Im thinking it will behmm .. lets say claude left Liberty city, but is returning [GRAPHics are the same ones as gta 3.]

    And the down is in Destroya/ destroyed.

    All the gangs are down, even the leone' joey was killed. And the hole mafia was gone/desserted, so you work your ways up to get the job as the don' They'll still be called the leones but in the end you become the don'


    in missions CJ

    [lets just say he returns :D]

    You no a 100%-pro modder could do that. [mission editor.]

    My other i dea is

    GTA 3 REMIX VERSION 2. [same version

    but gta 4 graphics

    and same missions and stuff

  10. oh man :(...


    .... if anyone can't elp.. me...

    can anyone give me a savegame that i can have a gangwar [which Sir, Claude Speed said that tenpenny's mission or sweet is done or whatever that possibilities that i can start a gang war with other gangs... ] [not all territories have been owned yet..] something like.. i can try with this gang war stuffs... :)

    Would give you mine but i accidently deleted it, i had one at start of GANg wars.

  11. ahh, I see. well, My friend, i don't see if anyone can help you. but, i suggest you do some practice for low rider.

    and for the mission to kill jeffery, Practice shooting and driving a motorcycle.

    [i killed jeffery at the start of the mission with my pwning skills before we go to the ballas at basket ball court]

    But so get a great ammount of machine gun ammo, make sure when turning corners you slow down, that tends to make me crash heheh.

    So yeah..

    Also To start a gang war you do a mission for tenpenny or sweet sweet i think, uhm you go to this place the map will be divided into parts [green = grove] [yellow = what ever there called] [purple = ballas]

    you kill the ballas around when the map has those colours, and then... theres 3 waves per place.

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