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    Favourite Alcoholic Drink

    Anything with an alcohol content really, but my favorites include Jägermeister and Jack Daniels among others. I'll give you that one, pretty tasty.
  2. ÐÅvïÐ

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi everyone, new member reporting for duty. As I'm sure most of you have noticed already, my name is David. I accidentally stumbled upon this site just an hour back. After giving the site layout a proper examination, as well as reading through some of the boards to get a firm grasp of what kind of community I'm dealing with, I decided to register. I must admit it is not often that I come across a community such as this one, only seen one of its kind before. I have yet to encounter any form of fuss while browsing the site. Either you keep that shit behind the scenes, or you are in fact a big happy family. Either way, I must complement you all for the great atmosphere that you've built up over the years. Be proud, very proud. That said, I hope I can find my place and fit in like all the rest. I look forward getting to know each and every one of you, until then. Peace! PS: Don't take the word Boss in my signature the wrong way, I'm not trying to be a pretentious asshole. It's the name of my black lab. David